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Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
02/07/2020 12:16:10

Very interesting, Geoff. I had a look at your website - you have an amazing amount of material. I can see you've put a lot of work into the site.



Thread: Remember Stamp Hinges?
19/06/2020 15:37:34

I use stamp hinges and have used both Stanley Gibbons and WH Smith ones inn the past. Unfortunately they quickly hardened and it became impossible to separate them. Then someone kindly sent me some hinges, which were neither Stanley Gibbons or WH Smith and which have been brilliant. Unfortunately I threw out the packet once I put them into a tin and I forget the name of them. I notice that they don't seem to have as much gum on them than the others I've used. Keeping them in a tin also helps.


Thread: Identifying a Stamp's Country of Issue
31/05/2020 21:22:53

Thanks Fred. The new one was taken with my mobile phone and added from there, so I'll maybe use that from now on. I know very well the importance of good presentation so it was very annoying when the other image appeared in duplicate and inverted.

Stay safe!


05/05/2020 12:05:10

The photograph of the stamp in question was the right way up on my device. I don't know why it inverted when I put it in my album on this forum and I don't know why that happened twice. Stuff like that happens to me sometimes.

Happily, a missing page from my son's album turned up, which had examples of different scripts according to their countries, so now I shouldn't have any difficulty identifying what country a stamp is from.

My confusion about the name on the stamp arose from having stamps from China with the name printed on them in English. I'm not letting it bother me, I was just interested to know. I'll put them in the album page marked China.


17/04/2020 21:17:30

Yes indeed Fred. I actually wrote a reply to your post of 04/04, but I mustn't have sent it. I had followed your very helpful instructions on adding photos to my photo album. Result - image of an upside down stamp.

I'm glad you were able to identify the stamp - hope you didn't need to stand on your head! Just wondering, why was the country of origin not mentioned on the stamp?

Many thanks for your help!


04/04/2020 21:39:40

Thanks for all your replies guys - sorry I didn't respond until now. I checked the link you sent, Fred but couldn't find the stamp. The script would appear to be Asian, but I couldn't find a country to match it. I just wondered if the stamp was from a time of occupation by another country?

I took a photograph of the stamp but have forgotten how to add it to my album and I really don't have time to hunt for the instructions.


Thread: How times have changed !
08/03/2020 14:29:30

Hi Fred, I'm surprised there hasn't been an outcry before now about the lack of increase in our so called bonus. It would barely pay for stamps for Christmas cards.

Yes, forgery proof is what I was thinking of.

As regards stamps that don't come away easily from their envelopes, I usually don't discover which stamps these are until they have been through the soaking process, but I guess I could give up doing this successfully if other stamps come off easily. I know certain countries use self-adhesive stamps exclusively, but I don't always think to check that.


Thread: Identifying a Stamp's Country of Issue
22/02/2020 23:56:12

Can anyone tell me how to identify a stamp's country of issue when that country uses a different writing system to ours? I have a stamp like that, but have no idea which country it is from. I thought there was a guide to this in one of my albums, but I haven't been able to find it.


Thread: Where's that Carmen got to ?
06/02/2020 09:50:25

I did get a response, Fred. Carmen is fine, just stepping back from the forum for a while to concentrate on preparing for her husband's retirement in less than two years. She's also cutting back on stamp spending. She says she will be back.


02/02/2020 09:21:55

I emailed her last night - no reply just yet. Hope she's ok.


Thread: How times have changed !
14/01/2020 10:00:57
Posted by Fred Sellars on 20/12/2019 10:37:41:

Good morning Gillian,

I see you was burning the midnight (almost) oil last night, it's nice to know we are both singing from the same hymn sheet with regards to self adhesive stamps, who knows! Perhaps in the near future to stop the stamps from curling rather than made of paper they may be made of plastic similar to the Monopoly money we have today.

Talking of Monopoly money reminds me of the Christmas bonus awarded to pensioners back in 1972 for £10, then (due to inflation) it was worth £135 in spending power, sadly, today you can't buy a packet of cigarettes with it.

Times are a'changin but not always for the better,TTFN, Fred

Ha ha Fred! I might have known someone would notice the time at which I was writing!

I read or heard somewhere that there was a problem with that 'Monopoly' money - I've forgotten exactly what. It reminds me how the new pound coins were supposed to be theft-proof but aren't actually.

So the £10 Christmas bonus goes back to 1972? Maybe further? That's incredible. You'd think we'd be due way more than that by now.

As far as the self-adhesives go, I think I might opt for trimming around close to the edge of the stamp after soaking doesn't remove the stamp easily. I doubt those that produce the stamps have no thought for the poor philately enthusiasts trying to remove them from envelopes.


19/12/2019 23:48:28

Good to know we won't run out of stamps to collect any time soon and hopefully forums like this one will continue to provide a place for friendly discussion about our favourite hobby.

I don't like those self-adhesive stamps either, but it's difficult to distinguish them from non-adhesive stamps. They often tear when I'm trying to remove the part of the envelope they're stuck to, especially when that will peel off but only partly. When it does peel off successfully the stamp often curls up.


Thread: Champlain Celebration
30/11/2019 09:17:54

Very interesting - a lot went on there for sure! It was very peaceful when we visited in 1983.

Sorry I didn't reply to your post sooner - don't know how I managed not to.


Thread: How times have changed !
02/11/2019 23:36:51

If postage stamps are going to become a thing of the past, does this mean that stamp forums like this one will follow suit? We'd have to think of something else to bond over!


Thread: Curious Customs
03/10/2019 11:29:48
Posted by Neil Barrett 3 on 22/07/2019 09:12:41:

Y'know Gillian - there are plenty in Derry who would glare (or worse) at you for calling them British... It's the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

That location is often referred to here in Northern Ireland as Derry/Londonderry, with some people just calling it 'Stroke City'. Looking back over the thread, I can't see where I read that Julian thought it was somewhere other than Northern Ireland.


Thread: Should I feel Guilty?
01/09/2019 00:01:47

Well, I don't really have the time or expertise to figure out which stamps might be valuable. We haven't had many donated over the years we've been open and I don't know that my little offering will sell.. I did bring them in, but noticed that one of the stamps had been slightly torn, so I just brought them home again. Believe it or not, I haven't got around to replacing the damaged stamp so that I can bring the packets back in!

Your cross-stitch project sounds wonderful and very impressive. I don't think I would have the patience.


Thread: Champlain Celebration
06/08/2019 14:29:03

Sorry, the link doesn't appear to work. Maybe try copying and pasting? I see the article appeared in the August 2017 issue of the Stamp Magazine and there was a thread then about it. I gather from that thread that you might be the one to answer my query, Carmen!

Thanks in advance!


06/08/2019 14:25:32

I am referring to this, Carmen:


17/07/2019 09:49:40

Is this whom Lake Champlain was named after? My husband and I spent a memorable weekend with my mother's cousin and her husband in a pretty cottage beside this beautiful lake in 1983.


Edited By Gillian Hutchinson on 17/07/2019 09:51:06

Thread: Curious Customs
17/07/2019 09:43:20

Hi Julian and everyone else - welcome back Julian! Just to inform you, Londonderry is in Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom and therefore British!


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