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Thread: Philately-Related Christmas Presents
08/01/2019 23:41:38

I also meant to ask where the stamp from German-occupied Poland should be placed - in Poland or on a special page for stamps from occupied countries?


08/01/2019 15:38:57

I had a Great Britain Stamp Album on my wish list for Christmas 2018. I'm not sure if there was anything else on the list. I got what I think is a GB stamp album, but it had very few pages in it and those were blank - not squared like most stamp album pages. I also got what was supposed to be a starter kit - a stock book and some stamps - no hinges. Any advice welcome.

I haven't looked at all the stamps yet, but one caught my attention. It had General Gouvernement on the front, also an eagle. I Googled it and it seems that it's from Poland from when the Germans were occupying Poland.

A funny extra note to a previous post about my little sister buying me stamps - I found an old birthday card - sent in recent years - on which she had written that she had found some stamps in the house and had given them to me for Christmas, only to be told they were mine In the first place!

Happy New Year to all!


Thread: What do you collect?
19/12/2018 12:06:56

Speaking of people not writing letters anymore, have you noticed that you can buy plenty of envelopes, but not writing paper? At least, that's how it is in this town.

I don't so much collect certain stamps as find stamps from certain countries coming into my possession, with the majority being from Japan, the USA and Italy. I'm thinking I should have put stamp albums with blank pages on my Christmas wish list and used those for those countries. At the moment I'm using an old album of my son's for the overflows. It's one of those ring binders where you can add extra blank pages.


Thread: What happens when you soak a stamp off a red envelope!
24/11/2018 21:13:33

Hi Carmen!

Aha, a fellow believer - wonderful. Your job sounds wonderful too and is also very necessary.

I spend most of my time looking after my family - we have three adult offspring all on the autistic spectrum and all living at home, as well as another who lives in his own place whom we see occasionally but particularly when a birthday is happening and when he has to fly somewhere as the international airport is 5 minutes drive from here.

We are members at Antrim Baptist Church where God's Word is faithfully preached. We have a team of people who deal with child protection issues and also deliver training in these fields to those involved in working with children and young people in the church. I'm not sure if the training covers issues related to vulnerable adults. I must enquire some time. I also spend one morning a week volunteering in a charity shop which was set up by a couple from the church working as missionaries in Mozambique. Amongst other things the money raised has funded the provision of wheelchairs to disabled people out there - adults and children. I mentioned the shop in a thread I started a couple of years ago about selling stamps there.

I also spend time on other for a. That's why you'll only see me on here occasionally.


08/11/2018 14:14:09

Nearly didn't get in there - the website tried to tell me I wasn't using a valid email address, but I tried again, this time successfully.

What church and what do you do - apologies for being nosy!

Naughty girl - Lee Israel that is. Looks as though it would be an interesting film, as would the book.


26/10/2018 19:49:42
Posted by Carmen on 16/10/2018 10:55:03:

Indeed... I can just imagine some guy somewhere in his grave in Sweden thinking, "what's all this nonsense I hear about a rarity called a 'Treskilling Yellow'? All I did was soak it off that bright yellow envelope that card was sent to me in..."


Wait... maybe you should try to sell it for millions as a "rare South African 30c Pink"! laugh

Edited By Carmen on 16/10/2018 10:56:33

Lol Carmen!

26/10/2018 19:43:36
Posted by Trevor Bishop 1 on 25/09/2018 16:13:04:

Hi Gillian , Oh dear , lucky it wasn't a valuable one . I haven’t found a way to take off stamps from red envelopes safely .

A while back I soaked off quite a few German stamps all in one bowl , only to find that many of the envelopes had NON colourfast lining to them which I hardly noticed until a nice pink stain stained all the white bits of the stamps . I’m a lot more careful now.


Pretty much same as what happened with mine, Trev. I didn't even think about the envelope being red or the possibility of the colour leaking.


14/10/2018 23:00:49

Well, I've learned my lesson and I have at least a couple of other stamps the same as that one.


25/09/2018 11:57:03

I guess I'll need to be careful the next time I soak a stamp off a red envelope!



Thread: Philatelic Christmas presents
08/09/2018 21:37:24

To be honest I don't know Belfast very well and am hardly ever there, but I see from a Google search that The Belfast Stamp Shop is in High Street.

Enjoy your trip!


16/08/2018 19:48:35

Well, since you’re just a youngster to me, Carmen, I consider myself pardonned for my memory not being jogged lol. Thank you!


28/07/2018 23:06:25

LOL. We no longer exchange presents, Carmen. She's in Surrey and I'm here in Northern Ireland. I'd be better dropping hints to my own family. Her daughter and her boyfriend were visiting here today before heading back home after a holiday. She would have enjoyed that story about the stamps, but I forgot about it until now. Even her talking about her cats playing with the Christmas tree didn't jolt my memory.


Edited By Gillian Hutchinson on 28/07/2018 23:06:59

09/07/2018 13:00:19

I don't get this - 0 replies are indicated for this thread, which was started in 2011, but a last post is indicated in 2018 with no way to read it. Can someone explain please?

The op reminded me of a small, but appreciated philatelic Christmas present my sister gave me when we were kids - she a few years younger than me. It was a small packet of stamps for stamp collectors - usually enthusiastic young stamp collectors like myself. She wrapped it in just enough wrapping paper to cover the packet and set it on the Christmas tree, but alas, when all the presents had been handed out on Christmas Day, there was no sign of the small packet from my sister to me and she got quite upset at its disappearance, insisting that there definitely was another parcel from her to me. Thankfully she found it, after a lot of rummaging on the floor under the tree.

I did appreciate that small packet of stamps, but the philatelic Christmas gift I would like now would be a GB Stamp Album for my growing collection.


Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
19/06/2018 19:14:06

Yes, I am in the UK, Collectra. Spain is even better than the UK from where you are, and excellent with an indoor aerial. Did you ever think to study to get a licence so you can transmit?


Thread: A new method for self-adhesive stamp removal...
01/06/2018 09:44:17

Ok, my results were as follows - unfortunately I don't know which countries produced which results, but some came off the envelopes perfectly; some were left with that crumbly effect, which will probably need further attention; some came off easily, but remained sticky, and some came off, but became flimsy and curled up as a result. I was wondering if there is some kind of protective backing on a stamp that keeps it from doing this?


29/05/2018 22:32:28

Ok, last time I tried removing stamps from envelopes, I just used very hot water - don’t worry, they’re probably low value stamps - and no washing up liquid. I’ll have to come back to this later, so will finish off for now, in case I get signed out!




Edited By Gillian Hutchinson on 29/05/2018 22:32:58

03/05/2018 14:43:51

Posted by Billy Broadland on 20/03/2018 19:39:52:

Gillian, if I have any stamp on piece nowadays that I think may be a problem to soak off, I leave it on.

Having, over the years, messed up several stamps by trying to remove them, I now just neatly trim them and put them in a stamp amount.

Perhaps this doesn't meet with the approval of the traditionalists but it at least stops me getting frustrated.

Sounds reasonable, Billy, especially if your stamp collecting is for your interest only. Trouble is, it’s not always easy to tell if a stamp is going to be self-adhesive.


Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
12/04/2018 11:39:11

Collectra, my husband's call sign is GI4FUM. Do you ever hear anyone from our part of the world? I am GI8MIV, but not nearly as active as he is.


Thread: A new method for self-adhesive stamp removal...
19/03/2018 23:03:26

Well, I tried the dish soap method, but it didn't work, maybe because I overlooked the scrub gently and rinse parts of your instructions. What did you use for scrubbing?

Often a self-adhesive stamp will end up torn in the process of trying to remove it completely from the envelope and I'm wondering if I should just abandon them if they show any signs of resistance to being removed.


13/03/2018 11:34:44

I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets the one item I went into the supermarket for, Carmen - I think I can forgive myself at aged 69, but it is annoying.

That's a good tip about the dish soap - I don't think you mentioned hot water. The problem I have with self-adhesive stamps is that I don't know they're self-adhesive until I try to remove them from the envelope they're on. Sometimes they come off easily enough, but frequently they leave a layer of tiny balls of paper which was once part of the envelope. I don't have any 'ancients' in my stamps waiting to be removed from envelopes, so should be safe enough using the dish soap method.

Thanks for passing on the tip!


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