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Thread: KuK Feldpost Stamps
28/10/2018 07:31:19

Hi Scott ,

Just got home & I have found the stamps you are showing on page 146 of my SG 2009 Austria catalogue .

They are catalogued at £7.25 mint in 2009 ( no used value ) .

There are 100’s of other KUK stamps to collect .



25/10/2018 18:28:31

Hi Scott ,

I’ve found a lot of KUK stamps are in the back of the Austria specialised catalogue . Sorry I don’t have mine with me at the moment to check if these particular stamps are there .



Thread: GB colour variety ?
14/10/2018 11:55:40

Hi ,

Following on from the previous picture I’ve started to sort through a big bag of similar castle stamps & have noticed several colour differences and positioning of the head & lettering .

Does anyone know of any specialist collector information on these castle stamps as would make an interesting aside study ?



Thread: What happens when you soak a stamp off a red envelope!
25/09/2018 16:13:04

Hi Gillian , Oh dear , lucky it wasn't a valuable one . I haven’t found a way to take off stamps from red envelopes safely .

A while back I soaked off quite a few German stamps all in one bowl , only to find that many of the envelopes had NON colourfast lining to them which I hardly noticed until a nice pink stain stained all the white bits of the stamps . I’m a lot more careful now.


Thread: GB colour variety ?
12/07/2018 18:43:18


Sorry its been a while but I thought I'd share this colour variety / difference I've come across .

It seems to be the same stamp "printing" ( not Enschede ) and would think this not just a lighter amount of ink used .

I'm guessing they are different engraving "re etched " from the Stoneham cat" but would the colour vary quite so much ? Or is it a true change in colour

Any thoughts ?



Thread: Austria stamps
16/05/2018 07:39:49

Hi Alex ,

Excellent - thank you that's very interesting .


15/05/2018 07:35:18

Hi ,

I'm wondering if someone can help with this ;

The original newspaper stamp should be imperf blue as in the stamp top right , however I have just come across a green one which I'm wondering is part of a wrapper ?

And there is also a perforated stamp which isn't mentioned at all in SG catalogue . Is this a trial ? Private perforation for some reason or just a mistake ?




Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 15/05/2018 07:35:56

Thread: Sweden stamp unusual colour
04/05/2018 10:32:03

img_4083.jpgHi all,

Further to my colour changes in Sweden stamps previous comment , I've come across a few stamps where 2 types of ink are being used for the same stamp . The purple colour is almost radiant & infact react to UV also show through to the back . It seems strange that Facit catalogue don't appear to mention it even in the "specialist "catalogue . I'm assuming this isn't an "error " .

Any ideas folks ?


Thread: A new method for self-adhesive stamp removal...
03/05/2018 16:48:41

Hi ,

An interesting thread - I tried the hot water & washing liquid on GB stamps but it was not ideal tho I could scrape away enough of the paper on the back perhaps to reuse an unfranked stamp but not one to collect . Lighter fluid on the back & a sharp knife helps to peel it off but then leaves a sticky stamp !

I found Australian stamps very hard to get off & as you say it's better to just cut around them .

I have a few old Austrian stamps which are impossible to get off tho VERY hot water released a few with the risk of thinning / damaging the stamp I gave up on that . I think it's some kind of " cow gum " Anyone any thought in that ? .

I guess the PO's are just trying to stop stamps being reused and as has been said many times before they just need to cancel them properly.

All post from Germany arrives with beautiful cds cancels - I wonder what the German collectors would say if the postmen started to use biro ? There'd be an outcry !!

Enough rambling , back to work



Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 03/05/2018 16:49:25

Thread: Phosphor Bands
16/04/2018 05:09:44

Hi Carmen ,

Yes I agree with you they often come in new "exciting tempting new colours" even metallic Gold colour . Interestingly I thought that the only value they never brought out ( under 50p) was the 21p tho they they did issue a 20.5p stamp!! I can't remember why?

I've moved on now to attractive stamps & engravers most recently Monaco , some very nice stamps .

Oh and postmarks & postal history covers .


Thread: Biro pen calcelations
14/04/2018 08:53:27

Hi , I know many of you have similar vandalised stamps received but this made me chuckle . Clearly no " mental awareness " going on here which is perhaps why they're supporting it ? The biro looks to have been added after the slogan , really was it necessary ? img_4047.jpg

Thread: Smilers
12/04/2018 11:09:46

Hi ,

In my opinion for what it's worth I'd say there are NO modern GB stamps are worth investing in ( perhaps imperf stamp pairs) , bearing in mind the CV's are are not really what there value is. And then you have to sell them to someone in the future who still collects stamps .

Smiler collectors are limited in numbers I would say & even the very first Smiler sheets cv£400 + have sold for under £40 . I would say buy what you collect & if you want to chance your arm at investment I would probably go for scarce QV or HV or errors .

I have bought stamps much cheaper at auction in bulk and made a few pounds maybe £20-100 over time but not really what I would call enough to supplement my pension .

Some of the big eBay sellers I'm sure make bigger money if you've got the time .

But that's only my thoughts .

Good luck finding one cheap


Thread: Phosphor Bands
03/04/2018 20:26:04

Hi Carmen ,

Adminware .ca is a good place to start which will give you as much as you'd want to know . If you're really keen you could try the Deegam ultimate catalogue I think now produced as a CD rom is VERY detailed including which direction the stamps were printed , printing types , phosphors , etc etc etc . The post office have now sneakily thought to put one unusual machin only available in expensive Prestige booklets knowing fans HAVE TO buy them . I sort of got interesting in them for a while & then got bored . I think there are a few imperf machins which are worth £100's . You need a UV light or two to really study them .

Each to their own , I'll stick to engravers ,Postmarks , & Postal Stationery of any type .


03/04/2018 11:13:53

Hi , It depends how off centre it is - sometimes they can be be offset so that they appear at the side . They can also be shifted up/down so that they don't reach the edge of the stamp ( short bands) . In fact phosphor bands appear in many varieties for which you need the MACHIN bible .

It's a complex subject but interesting .


Thread: Advice on this Malaya stamp would be appreciated
28/03/2018 04:54:10

Hi there ,

I would think unless this is a recognised & catalogued flaw in the printing it would be all too easy to cause this effect artificially and could have been produced in its life by accident . Perhaps close inspection by binocular microscope could tell whether the paper surface itself had been damaged in that area . However I've seen similar effects when a stamp has lightly attached itself to the front of the stamp perhaps if it has gum still present & then when you pull it off it leaves a similar "bald" patch .

Unless anyone knows differently I would think it's unlikely to be of any great value .

I hope this is useful .


Thread: Delcampe Auctions
27/03/2018 08:30:43

Hi ,

I'm sorry I've never used Delcampe as I can find everything I need on eBay & if you wait long enough at a very reasonable price ( I reckon on 10% or less of cv) for example a Berlin Goethe set cv £225 for £8 !! Although I'm not sure I'd find high value difficult to find items , specialist items there which Delcampe may have .

This brings me to another point ; now that the world and his wife is trying to make a living buying and selling on eBay I wonder isn't it time that that CV's were rewritten ?

Years ago when your only chance to buy a given stamp was at your local stamp shop at 30%+ of cv and SG could just justify their prices . However now for most stamps their are 100's of them for sale on eBay so by the laws supply and demand their VALUE is what people can sell / buy them for which now is much less & hence aren't the REAL value much less. So I'm thinking people buying stamps for investment ( not me ) must be getting a bit worried . Especially when I see a m/s with a cv of £3500 go for £200 . Of course there are always the scarce stamps which always fetch a premium .

Sorry not strictly an answer to your question but it was something I thought might be relevant to auction sites thread.


Thread: 2015 refresh Smilers Greetings Stamps
14/03/2018 18:19:55

Hi Paul ,

I've just had a quick search on eBay & there appears to be plenty of single stamps from smiler sheets available for sale . I would imagine once the seller starts to break up a sheet then the added value of a complete sheet is lost & so the value of a single stamp wouldn't be much more than that of a single UM stamp from a sheet . I may be wrong on the last point though as I guess the smilers stamps will be a little scarcer .



Thread: German stamps query
21/02/2018 01:47:45


That's great thanks ... very interesting .

Sideways pictures , the original picture I take is vertical however when added to my photo album it turns my images sideways I'm not sure why . I tried taking them sideways & then some turn out upright & some upside down .

A quirk of the system ? I use an iPhone to take them which might be the reason.


20/02/2018 20:44:14

Hi again ,

Does anyone know if this is a stamp ? It has a value "3" but the expedition suggests a cinderella stamp. Does someone know please ?




Thread: Trev Bishop
16/02/2018 16:26:32

Thanks for the Link Alex .

I really like the engravings of some of their stamps and some of FDC envelopes have some lovely designs - I'll try & put some photos on the forum . Czech stamps used to be really cheap almost worthless and so I was able to buy some bulk auction lots , however I've recently noticed ( on eBay) that prices are creeping up especially the earlier items . Also SG's prices have gone up significantly .

I just remembered Pofis was the Czech catalogue ( in Czech ) but I'm not sure how recent is the newest edition .

The newly formed Czech Republic stamps seem difficult to find in quantity & certainly quite a bit more expensive than the old Czechoslovakia .

Anyway plenty to keep me busy .


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