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Thread: Forests
02/09/2019 07:30:57

Hi Julian ,

Well what a cracking set of stamps ! I haven’t bought any modem GB stamps for many years & really like these & like you Alex I’m seriously intending to buy a set even though they’re not all 1st class ( I’m never convinced anyone would ever use one of the higher value stamps ) .

Yes like you I score them 5 , 5 & 5 !!

Unlike the ugly “curious customs set “

I might also try to pick up a set of the birds of prey that was recently issued .

Sadly it’s been at least a year since I received any modern commem stamp on a posted item ( excluding Xmas & eBay items which often have much older stamps being used by sellers with excess .

Well done Royal Mail .


Thread: SG MS1501 Comm. or Mach/def.
29/07/2019 18:01:22

Hi Kim ,

Yes I agree with NEIL as they are probably always commemorating something although I’m not sure about not being sold over the counter ? I seem to remember buying GB’s Roland hill M/S over the counter .

They of course are a real money spinner as are booklet panes offering stamps possibly by different printers , colour shades & perforation & being found only in a one off configuration being next to a different value stamp etc .

I like them! I particularly the Czech ones often perf or imperf and then of course sheetlets of some of Czechoslovakia’s lovely ART stamps .

I recently came across a box of Russian m/sheets which seemed to be mass produced for many occasions which I’m not so keen on .

And like you say they do take up a lot of pages / stock books , but do look nice which is what it’s all about .


Thread: Perforation error on the 22p Flame red
22/06/2019 07:20:31

Hi Fred , Well quite a curiosity, especially as it’s from a sheet . You would think the post office staff or someone at the printers would’ve noticed and rejected them .

I’ve come across a few minor perf shifts but haven’t seen any fetch serious money . Interesting though & thanks .

On a similar topic I found a machin guillotined on the four sides ( on piece ) . Normally you see the sides cut in coils of stamps but I’ve only found one cut 4 sided .

I’ll have a look to see if I have anything similar tucked away .


Thread: Meet the "FIB'S"
22/06/2019 07:09:28

Hi Fred ,

Thanks for that information and pictures very interesting . I’m wondering are these UM stamps , and whether the thickness of the gum applied could’ve caused a change in fluorescence?

So as there are 3 types of paper it would be interesting to know why 3 were used and if any of them were scarce ! There must be other little bits of information to find about various stamps all of which adds to the enjoyment and a chance discovery of something unknown about previously .

Most of my wildings are used / soaked off and I’ve found they sometimes absorb fluorescence from other stamps & paper present in the box used for soaking off which would make it difficult to tell them apart .

It will prompt me to go back to the bags of wildings and to have another look at them under UV & see if I can spot any differences .


Thread: SG727 Issue date
02/06/2019 09:29:16

Hi Kim ,

Just a thought ; I would keep machins in a separate section( pages ) and then you can work on those as and when you find the various stamps & then the commems will be fairly straight forward to put in according to date .

But that’s just me - I tried putting in the decimal machins in date wise and you soon find that some are only found in booklets , change of phosphor colours , printer etc etc . It’s interesting to a point and indeed some people specialised in them . It would be interesting to know the current total count to date ?


01/06/2019 13:27:10

Hi Kim ,

I’ve just had a look at the catalogue & it appears that this stamp only differs from 1968 original by a slightly different head as such I suspect that having changed it they just filtered into circulation as post offices ran out & hence they didn’t really know exactly what day it was officially “ issued”.

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of different decimal machins some of which differ only slightly from the original issue and so I expect this will happen again as you work your way through years .

Happy collecting !


Thread: Forgery machin
14/05/2019 13:46:15

Hi all ,

I thought some of you would be interested in a stamp I recently got on an envelope .

It’s a forgery : things to notice are the design is composed of lines rather than dots , the whole image is rather fuzzy . The 2nd figure is poorly done & many of the letters are not sharp or clear, particularly the O in front of the queens throat . Also there are no phosphor bands .




Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 14/05/2019 13:48:02

Thread: Seeing a watermark - Pro tips?
10/05/2019 15:57:55

Oh dear Carmen I am sorry about that - I’m not sure where Gillian came from, I expect I’d been reading another “post” from Gillian and the name fixed in my brain . My memory isn’t as good as it was .

The error quote was from a reference to a post next to yours on the 9th re “should I feel guilty” and unfairly assumed you may have read it .




09/05/2019 20:43:14

Hi Gillian ,

I do agree , that lighter fluid (available in most pound shops ) is much quicker & identifies more watermarks especially if the stamps are not completely flat ie with hinge remains . I rarely use the electronic detector - luckily I didn’t pay full price for it .

Someone also recommended that if a stamp is on cover or old postcard , holding the cover at an angle to a light source (like you would if you were looking for phosphor strips) can show the watermark especially if you know which wmk it is likely to be . Useful when looking for inv & s/w wmks . It saves soaking the stamp off .

Havent tried pure citrus , I might just for interest sake .

I still cant believe that someone hasnt worked out an App on a smart phone to do it !

One thing I would find useful is a colour identifier for early QV , EDVII & especially GV stamps .

I thought I’d found a Cyprus green 1/2d stamp but without paying £++ to find out from RPS I’ll never know .

The post about error today was excellent, well done !




Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 09/05/2019 20:44:29

Thread: "Via Andes" on Chilean cover.
27/03/2019 08:07:34

Hi Billy ,

I presume it’s by air ? Over the mountains to Chile first ??

Not really sure .


Thread: Finally started to sort GB stamps.
27/03/2019 08:04:30

Hi Gillian ,

Great fun it’s always nice to start putting a new collection in .

Next is HOW your going to display them and what mounts to use ?



Thread: Separating strips of stamps
27/03/2019 08:01:44

Hi Scott ,

Nice stamps , to be honest almost all modern GB I would think will not increase in value much more than their face value over the next 10yrs + unless there happens to be a scarce one or a HV special issue .

So splitting them up won’t devalue them ( are you planning to sell them ?) I would just put them in your album in a way that appeals to you .

Now if you have QV or EDVII mint stamps in strip or blocks then that would increase their value , so if you have a corner block of penny blacks don’t cut them apart !

Have fun


Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 27/03/2019 08:15:05

Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 27/03/2019 08:15:52

Thread: Austria stamp vs reprint
02/02/2019 11:34:01

Hi ,

I need some help re the Austria 10k 1910 stamp .

I want to buy one to complete the set / page & as the cv is £200+ it is will be more than I usually spend on a single stamp !

However I’ve had a search on eBay & it seems there are reprints which look remarkably like the original apart from “Nachdrucke” ( probably removable ) on the back & I’m wondering how else can I tell that a stamp I buy is an original & not a reprint .

Many thanks


Thread: Cancelled mint stamps
29/01/2019 12:54:17

Hi George & Alex,

Yes like you I asked for stamps to be cancelled at the counter and they also refused . I have put large amounts /value of stamps on a stiffened letter and sent it Special delivery to myself , then they will cancel it at the counter and then it has to go through the postal service .

However if you ask for a light cancel or just catching a corner you risk a BIRO happy postman adding to it for good measure . Also having cancelled it at the counter the ink is still wet before it’s put in to a sack which resulted some less desirable smudged postmarks .

Soaking off stamps from fdcs is another option and often cheaper if bought a year or so later . Ideally it’s better to get a plain circle fdc cancel rather than a fancy decorative one .

I’ve found some nice fdcs which were put on plain envelopes, again less desirable and cheaper to buy .

As mentioned a Fdc type clean stamp is better than a gap or a heavy postmark .

Just my thoughts


Thread: Austria stamps
18/01/2019 16:20:42

Well that is interesting thank you both . I couldn’t quite read enough of it and didn’t think of googling it .

And so by “local “ I presume they would only have been used in “ that area” or could someone have used the stamps in another area & has postal validity ?.

I’ve never seen them before & they will be a nice extra to my Austria album .

Do you know if they have much value & scarcity as I couldn’t find them in the catalogue .



18/01/2019 07:47:00

Hi ,

Can anyone please help me identify the overprint on these Austrian stamps please .

I’ve looked through the Michel catalogue and can’t find them but I may have missed them as there’s a lot of pages !

Any ideas ?




Thread: Seeing a watermark - Pro tips?
15/01/2019 11:17:33

Hi Carmen ,

I’m wondering have also tried a watermark detector that works on pressure ?

Sometimes I try both ways & the detector sees wmks that the fluid doesn’t , I don’t know why .

Good luck


Thread: Vatican Stamp Engravers
11/01/2019 16:05:16

Hi Geoff ,

I’ll ask my brother and see what he uses for Vatican stamps and let you know .


Ps I think still my favourites are the well known Slania & Toth ( Austria stamps )

11/01/2019 05:42:56

Hi Geoff ,

I think the catalogues usually print who the engravers are for each set of stamps and then I guess you just have to google their name ? I found this website quite interesting and might be useful .



Thread: QV stamps
09/01/2019 13:45:19

Hi ,

Can someone explain to me what causes the larger QV definitives ,

Winged stamps ? And why were so many trimmed for use ?



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