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Thread: Cancelled mint stamps
12/06/2019 22:51:34

As of late i have noticed a tendancy for sellers to advertise DY panes that are guillotined for first day covers as

if actually from DY booklets.

If i was to take a normal stamp and trim the perfs would it be acceptable to advertise them as imperf ?

To suggest that cto's are' beautifully' designed , someone has a vivid imagination.

Yes by some ones description to an attitude towards CTO's as being snobbish, i stand up and declare to the world i am a snob.

They are only fit for wallpaper.

Thread: SG727 Issue date
07/06/2019 11:33:09

Well your problem of dateing should now be easier as todays stamps come with a date printed in the margin .

considering that same value stamps are printed several times a year.

I guess a collector would have to have a warehouse to store his/her collection in.

Thread: Today's cancelled envelope
07/06/2019 11:11:02

I personally would not jump to a conclusion like that as i have had similar mailings to me where the end of the envelope is damaged.

Cheap envelopes add to the problem.

I would be more inclined to suspect the automated handling machines to cause the damage.

More to the point of my reply is to comment on the way the cancellation of stamps is done.

Again i would suggest that the handling machines are not doing there job.

So when the posty delivers he has to mark the stamp so it cannot be reused, and nobody EVER reuses an unmarked stamp do they !

As of late i find THE BIRO to be a preferred way of damaging a stamp to render it unusable, to me it is also uncollectible.

Have you not noticed that if you buy stamps from Tallents House that they use prepaid envelopes ?

The post office do not even use there own product,,, unbelievable is it not.

Tried to show a jpeg pic of the envelope to prove my point but this site has no easy way of doing it.

Thread: A new method for self-adhesive stamp removal...
17/05/2019 09:55:15

as kids we would write secret messages on paper using citric acid orange/lemon juice.

when it dried it was invisible, when warmed up the message became visible.

i suppose my point is what is the long term effect on your precious stamps ?

Your stamps your

17/05/2019 09:38:47

The lighter liquid i use is NAPTHA , it is on the tin.

No oil additives included or implied by the description on the container.

It's a proven method, to me a t least with over 40 years of use,

at least i know i am not soaking my stamps in citric acids

with what long term damage is unknown.

Remember 'rust 'spots on old stamps and album pages ? I understand they are acid based causes.

Would not put to much trust in podcasts , to much fake news .

05/05/2019 14:43:44

For a while now i have had to buy barcoded minisheets from third party sellers.

How do i buy barcoded minisheets direct ?

Thread: A new method for self-adhesive stamp removal...
23/03/2019 16:11:10

No, Ronson is just the name for lighter fuel which i have used for years to enhance watermarks but through experimentation have found it to be good to lift self adhesive stamps of the u.k.

i lift u.k stamps that have pva/ dex gum by floating on luke warm water.

The time needed for a successful lift relies entirely on the paper the stamp is stuck to.

Patience becomes a virtue, try it out on stamps that are of no use to you.

I never wash them, not sure if this will damage the surface paper,postmark or stamp colour if you do

so to be sure i take the slow way and float them, experience will tell you if your way is good or not.

Regards Ken

15/03/2019 17:19:38

seem's a dumb way to lift a stamp off paper.

lemon juice = acid , not a good idea for paper.

whats wrong with the old way of using good old Ronson lighter fuel?

works for me every time , even saves the adhesive.

so you need to have a backing paper to store them on..

Thread: Inherited a collection
15/03/2019 17:14:00

to assess the real value i would suggest contacting a reputable dealer.

it's the only way of getting a real value and direction to progress your interest.

from what you have written it would seem that most of the collection is damaged this would render the value to a very. very low value.

i am not a dealer so again to get an impartial value contact a reputable dealer, there are plenty to conatact.

i personally would find this situation very exciting

Thread: Giving up collecting British stamps
12/10/2016 12:58:43

Hi John,

It is not often i write to a blog, in this case you got me thinking.

I can agree with you that we are sparse on lighthouses and Korea, but why would the U.K issue stamps for Korea?

When it comes to transport, well, when i did my GB catalogue research i found well over 40 stamps pertaining to transport in one way or another in the last ten years.

If you discount cars, trains,ships and planes and the tardis i could agree with you.

Which begs the question , what do you mean by 'transport' ?, i feel your understanding is very different to mine.

I wonder if it is fair to question the Post Office for the lack of Korean stamps .

Five lighthouses in the last 18 years is not that good .

Given the P.O's penchant for creating stamp issues for revenue i am sure if you tell them of your displeasure they will immediately print out several issues if you can show a large enough market..

Cynical collector i am.

12/02/2014 22:42:19

John does have a valid point, RM is using us as a cash cow.

Stamp collecting is all things to all people.

My collection is GB QE II and comprises umnh.

i make no apology for my choice.

The point is that when the issues from the early fifties were reasonable in price with fewer commemoratives, on average every two months.

We now have an explosion of comms which seem nothing more than cynical revenue exercise by RM.

To complete some definitive 'sets' since 1993 this could only be achieved by buying the Prestige Booklet

and since SA stamps have been introduced 'sets' can only be completed by buying the relevant booklet !

I , as others, feel that we are being used and as i do not like that feeling, will be winding down my collection to concentrate on aspects that cannot be so greedily exploited.

2014 will not see me buying any more comms !

p.s CTO used? don't make me laugh, as teenager these came from Hungary ..Checkoslavakia African Republic and now from Great Britain.

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