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Thread: Thunderbirds stamps
29/08/2018 21:50:37


Thread: Stamp cancellation by pen
22/08/2018 21:36:28

The US also do pen cancels, sadly...

However, I have discovered one person in a penpal group on Facebook ignoring any marks on stamps and using them for postage (the stamps I came across were the Mr. Men issue and you could clearly see part of the Mr Tickle postmark abruptly ending at the cliff edge of the stamp, not on the surrounding envelope - I challenged her and she replied saying that the stamp was brand new, plus that her post office dont do mint stamps). At least some of her letters like this, with the pre-used stamps, have been getting letters to their destinations again.

Thread: Thunderbirds stamps
22/08/2018 21:18:52

For some reason, I have the 41p 4 in my purse, loose and keeping company 5 x 20p stamps.

Thread: 1st September - World Letter Writing Day
30/08/2017 14:50:43

I've only just discovered that Friday will be World Letter Writing Day. Sounds like a great idea - write a letter. Many people complain about lack of used modern commemoratives so why not try to do something about this.

Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
09/08/2017 20:52:48

I used Stingray + 20p for the postcard (of a UNESCO World Heritage Site) off to the US. Last night I also wrote a postcard to a penfriend, and two penpal letters.

I love Postcrossing because you do not know who you'll receive postcards from - a surprise. Also, when I click the Request Address button, I feel pleased I can make a stranger's day by sending them a nice postcard (I usually have a range of postcards to hand to suit their interests).

I think I shall put the kettle on for a herbal tea, then continue a reply to a Postcrossing penpal and comment on the solar eclipse stamp she used among others for postage!

08/08/2017 22:20:54

Woo hoo, I have just written my first Postcrossing postcard in 3 years! I know I will not write another 59 tonight (my allowance).

Thread: Childhood stirs memories
05/08/2017 19:49:06

I got a load of James available to use.

I'm more of an Ivor The Engine train person!

Are you looking forward to the Classic Toys issue due out later this month?

Thread: Landmark Buildings
05/08/2017 19:45:56

Open mouth with braces, perhaps?

The library of Birmingham looks like a malformed sofa or bent mattress.

Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
05/08/2017 19:38:56

I have never had any problems with Postcrossing, and I joined in 2008. I haven't sent any postcards for a while, but I am blaming that on Royal Mail - they spoiled it when the price went up from 68p to 87p (the year first class went from 46p to 60p). Actually, the only problems I've had are - choosing the postcard, and choosing the postage!

I have been to one Postcrossing meet, and I know Ana has been to more than a few! The people I met have been diverse but all lovely people.

I sent a postcard to a cat ! Some people have set up accounts for their pets... But it is all part of the fun.

I received a lovely card from Ana a while back in 2010. Some postcards you'll receive will make you smile more than others. Some will be outstanding. As for the postage used, most will use stamps (not all will be commemorative), although some may find it more convenient to use postage labels.

As for sending cards, the postcards should be of a quality you'd be happy to receive yourself. Occasionally, I have gone out of my way to find the perfect card to send if I don't already have a great one in my postcard box ("I do not collect postcards," she says with a shoebox full...).

Thread: 1 p Royal Mail 2017 price rise
05/08/2017 13:48:20

I queried with Royal Mail a while back as a crown post office would only allow me to buy 10 stamps of each sheet, limited supposedly to allow those who wanted FDCs to have the complete set. RM replied that the postmasters could up their orders. One of the counter staff then finally told me about a lovely little rural sub post office in the middle of nowhere where I could buy sheets to my heart's content. The sub postmaster would get several sheets of each stamp/value, perhaps in excess of 1000 for the 1st class stamps of the special issue. He has since retired so I have had to find another nice little post office.

Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
05/08/2017 13:09:05
Posted by Julian on 05/08/2017 08:41:14:

Had a look at this and I am not overly impressed with it or the web site. If your into world collecting though it may be a way of having fun as well as collecting. This was one of the things I did as a child, making "Pen Friends" and writing to each other. I think I have just grown to old for this type of activitysad

You are never too old to write penpal letters. I occasionally hear that stamp collecting is just for kids.

Postcrossing isn't about collecting postcards or stamps.

Thread: 1 p Royal Mail 2017 price rise
04/08/2017 22:34:13

As a sender of international mail, the price rise for me was more than 1p.

As for buying stamps in supermarkets, maybe you should make the effort to buy from the post office, be it the special issue stamps or even the country definitives - I had hassle trying to buy the English definitives from main post offices that had moved into WHS or Tesco, whereas they did have the special issues. The local shop with a post office counter had been given the £1.17 country definitives but only that value (I bought a couple as I had post to send to continental Europe). Even if you are not particularly interested in modern stamps, but do need to send letters/cards in the post, perhaps it is a duty to use the nice stamps. These may draw in more people, especially the younger generation, into philately/stamp collecting.

Thread: Any Postcrossing members?
04/08/2017 22:25:47

Bump as there have been more Postcrossing stamps issued.

04/08/2017 16:56:05

I was offline for a while so didn't see this until now. I am a regular user of first class plus extra stamps for overseas mail. I too have received comments from post office counter staff about "not being allowed to use 1st on international mail" but that stance is absolute poppycock. This should also go for post from other countries as well - I enjoy seeing the various US forevers plus additional postage.

Royal Mail on Twitter have said "can absolutely use 1st class stamps on international mail, but need to make sure you have enough to cover the postage." (I searched Twitter with "1st on international mail"

Complaining to or asking Royal Mail questions on Twitter seems to yield faster results.

I have put up on my wall the postage prices - for letters, the weight bands are 10g, 20, and then jumps to 100g.

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