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Thread: Paleo-Philately
27/02/2019 20:05:16

MICHEL is going to issue its first stamp catalog of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. You can order it here


Stamps with praehistoric animals from all over the world.


First edition
Clear design and modern layout due to our innovative production process
Approx. 2500 colour illustrations and about 20 000 price quotations
Novelties up to MICHEL Rundschau 1/2019 have been catalogued in this edition

Edition: 1st
Pages: approx. 328
Format: Paperback
First Day of Sale: 3 May 2019

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07/01/2019 16:50:08

By looking in stamp issue programs of international post authorities the following feature issues found:

15.02.2109 - Latvia - Unique exhibits of the Latvian Natural History Museum (tentative: it is still not clear what will be depicted there)
22.03.2019 - Slovenia - Mammals fossil: Oligocene anthracotherium
05.09.2019 - Germany - 250 anniversary of Alexander von Humbolt - great German naturalist. Some collectors might consider this stamp as Charles Darwin made frequent reference to Humboldt's work in his Voyage of the Beagle, where Darwin described his own scientific exploration of the Americas. Some more details can be found in Wikipedia
xx.xx.2019 - Portugal - ATM stamps "Fossils Discovered in Portugal"

xx.xx.2019 - Ukraine - commemorative cover "100 anniversary of zoological museum in Kiev" (there are big Paleontology exhibition in the museum)

If you know any other please share it with me.

07/01/2019 16:47:30

One of the most recent stamp sets of prehistoric animals - Armenia, December 2018.

All other stamps of all kind of prehistoric animals and fossils, that issued in 2018 can be seen here:

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07/01/2018 18:20:53

Dear friends 2018 just beginn, perfect time to check stamps issue programs of postal authority around the world to see who and when is going to issue Paleontology or Paleoanthropology related stamps. So far I know about only few of it: Unfortunately not every post authority publish their programs online and quite some who publish it not update it yet. In case you know/have any stamp issue plan not mentioned or outdated here: please share it with me.

11/05/2017 16:21:15

Dear friends I like to share a good news with you. Finaly after more than 3 years sorting out all Paleonotology related stamps - the first version of country based "PaleoPhilately" catalog is DONE ! The catalog contain 192 countries and show scan of over 1000 stamp sets that related to Paleontology and Paleanthropology subjects.

Depends on your preferences and device you use to access you can use Frame based version: very convinient for wide screen devices or Frameless version: All pages has integrated Google-Translate toolbar allows you to read it at your language. If you like any page of the catalog please press on LIKE buttom there. Enjoy and please share it with PaleoPhilately funs !

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04/01/2017 17:15:49

Anybody knows where and when Dinosaur and/or prehistoric animal stamps will be issued this year ?
So far I'm aware about only one set of China P.R. that planned on May 19, 2017

As soon as I hear about another issues will share it here.

04/01/2017 17:11:47

Just to let you-all know , all three Galleries: stamps, FDC, circulated letters are updated:

Many new scans are added recently.

BTW, just designed new visit card for my website:

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Thread: Stamp Issue Plans
23/12/2016 15:07:30

Hi everyboy,

I just try to update a list of stamp issue palns of wold wide Post Authorities for the next year. [ This is important to me, because I'm a topical collector who collect not only mint stamps but also used FDC and covers. I always try to find somebody who can send me a cover with stamps of dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, fossils ... at the day of issue. Therefore I have to know in advance when and where such stamps are going to be issued. ]

So far only few Post Authorities are published their plans for 2017. Here you can see it:

Just in case you know about any other not listed there, please either share it here or send me an email:


thank you in advance and Marry Christmas,


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Thread: Paleo-Philately
22/05/2016 21:15:11

Don't miss new Dinosaur stamps of Canada - issue date May 26, 2016

I already start to collect some information and images related to these stamps, moreover I found the illustrator on facebook, who was very kind to share some sketches and information about his work. Keep looking here:

Edited By Paleo Philatelist on 22/05/2016 21:27:22

03/01/2016 10:40:48

I just gone through  websites of international post authorities to check their stamp issue programs.
Looks like the first paleo. stamp of  the year is coming from Sweden on January 14.
Anybody from Sweden is here ?

If you know about any other Paleo stamps, covers or postmarks planed for the current year and not mentioned below, please let me know.

14.01.2016 Sweden - Animals and plants from the palace of nature. Animals and plants from the palace of nature. A Dinosaur in egg, plant fossils and a Mammoth are depicted there.

25.03.2016 Slovenia - "Mammal fossil in Slovenia" - Cave Bear
May 2016 Canada - Dinosaurs
May 2016 Spain - Dinosaurs, the second set
05.11.2016 Moldova - Extinct fauna of Moldova

??.??.2016 Ukraine - Commemorative cover "50 anniversary of The National Museum of Natural History at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" (Paleontology exhibition)

24.03.2017 - ""Mammal fossil is Slovenia" - Cave Lion

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22/12/2014 09:49:02

Anybody knows about feature Dinosaur, prehistoric animals, fossils stamps ?
I'm aware about the following issues in 2015:

15.01.2015 Marshall Islands Dinosaurs Bones, set of 4 stamps
20.02.2015 Latvia - Latvian Natural History Museum's unique exhibits - Placodermi (prehistoric fish)
17.09.2015 Belgium - self adhesive booklet with 10 dinosaur stamps

22/09/2014 17:20:45

just found similar stamps on delcampe:  but the have another date

Edited By Paleo Philatelist on 22/09/2014 17:21:15

22/09/2014 17:12:02

Hi Paul, this is my guess too, but I'm looking for confirmations.

22/09/2014 16:44:54


Nice block been added to my collection recently. The block is dated 18.7.1952 (bottom-right corner). However, Michel catalog says these stamps are issued on 11.08.1952. Moreover, some FDC and MC Ihave, are dated 17.9.1952 Anybody can help me to make an order with these dates ?

01/09/2014 22:03:35

Thank you both, Julia and John

31/08/2014 22:43:33


Just received these very rare stamps of Congo 1998, overprint multiple 'AUTORISÉ' on stamps of 1993. (MiNr. 1524 & A1530)
According to : "The late nineteen were chaotic times in the Congo. Rebels / warlords took control over parts of the country, and seized significant quantities of valid stamps. To prevent these from being sold or used, the central government had their stock of stamps overprinted, and declared stamps without overprint invalid." In total almost 50 stamps from various stamp sets are overprinted. two of them are from prehistoric animals set from 1993. Michel add - short time after, also in 1998, another overprinted stamps with "LEGAL" text, are issued all stamps with previous overprint declared invalid too. However it were still on sale for collectors.

Curious about its catalogue values. In my Michel copy (2007) price is not provided.

Thread: Charles Darwin
03/08/2014 20:34:37

On 25th of March, Mongolia issued a set of famous scientists with Charles darwin among them.




as far I know, only 80 FDCs are issued

Thread: Paleo-Philately
30/06/2014 10:32:01

Just finished to sort out all Paleontology related stamps of my site at Chronological order: /

All thematic catalogs I know, order stamps at country order. This is also on my to do list, but to me a chronological order is even more interesting as it shows development of the topic during the time.

Feedback is welcome, enjoy it !


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21/06/2014 21:26:40

Today I received Nepal 2013 "Fossils of Nepal" set.

There are some blue lines on front and back of each samp. I was thinking there are some pencil tracks, but seller claim it is security protection.

"Please note that the marks are not pencil marks but visible fiber security marks that were placed on the stamps as a security measure. These fiber marks appear on most all stamps, both on the front and back. You can view this information on the Technical details on the back of the FDC ( Point No.5)."

Technical details on a back side of FDC have the follow statemen ( Point No.5)t: "Paper: security stamps paper UV dull with visible & invisible fibres & phosphorescent dots."

What is your opinion ?





Edited By Paleo Philatelist on 21/06/2014 21:27:41

24/05/2014 21:34:22

Amazing cover came to my mailbox today, actually this an FDC issued on 14.04.2014, but mailed on 21.05.2014. There are two questions about: for how long time FDC is valid in Canada and what are meaning of 3806 M41 1A5 number on machine cancellation on the second post mark row ?

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