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Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
27/04/2014 16:54:52

Postmark of The Day

1968_association of scottish philatelic societies congress  edinburgh philatelic society bridge of allan_811.jpg

13/04/2014 20:26:13


Have finished uploading the GB 1974 plain covers with the special event handstamps for that year.
In total there are 74 illustrated covers and 305 plain covers images for 1974
Currently there are 1301 images for British Forces Postal Service event postmarks, just search BFPS, upper or lower case.
The site now has a total of 8035 images.
In addition to any information I have for the cover/handstamp which I put in the descriptive text, to assist thematic collectors I have started adding the follow keywords to assist in searching;-
Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Royalty, Airmail Air Letter, Forces Air Letter, Guernsey, Jersey Isle of Man.
If anyone has any thoughts on other areas I should consider for a keyword thematic search please either post thoughts on this board or e mail me via the contact form on the website.
Will be starting 1975 additional plain cover uploading over the next few days will upload a few recently acquired illustrated covers before that.
Many Thanks

Geoff (GBCC)

27/03/2014 15:53:08


Have finished uploading all I have for 1973 together with any descriptive information around the postmark/cover. For 1973 there are 104 images for illustrated covers and 347 images for plain covers.
Images for British Forces Postal Service now number 1235.
In total there are 7707 images on the site.
Will be starting to update the current 1974 images over the next couple of days and would imagine this will probably take me a couple of weeks to complete.
Will also be adding some recently acquired illustrated covers over the next few days.

Please continue to browse and send scans of any covers/postmarks not displayed.
Any comments feedback information will be gratefully received.

Many Thanks

Geoff (GBCC)

Edited By Geoff CHILDS on 27/03/2014 15:53:35

19/03/2014 17:19:34


Thank you for your post.

I had a look on google street view and looks like the area has been redeveloped to an extent, shopping centre etc.

I will look to contact those named in your post to see if they can shed any light on 'Clifford Moss' Philatelic Dealer.


16/03/2014 19:05:30


A little bit of help please.

I have been contacted by a collector who viewed the below cover on my website.

He now lives in El Salvador but in his youth lived in Leeds and purchased his stamps from Clifford Moss at the shop depicted on the cover. He has the packets that he got his stamps in and they have the same image.

In his e mail he has asked if the shop still exists.

I have researched on Google but can find no reference.

Can anyone provide information as to The Leeds Stamp Shop ( Clifford Moss) 31 Woodhouse Lane Leeds 2, does it still exist, under another name, did it close when and why, any information would be most grateful so I could pass on to our colleague.

Geoff (GBCC)

1953_the leeds stamp shop 31 wooidhouse lane leeds.jpg

05/03/2014 20:30:51

Have finally finished uploading all the 1972 covers and available descriptive information.
For 1972 there are 92 images of illustrated covers and 305 images of plain covers.
Images of BFPS ( British Forces Postal Service) now number 1158
In total on the site there are currently 7303 images.
Have a browse and any omissions that you have in your collection for any years please consider sending me a scanned image so I can upload.
Any feedback always welcome to improve the site as long as I don't need 48 hours in a day!!!!!
Have some recently acquired illustrated covers to upload over the next few days as well as the Buckingham Covers series 2 that I have previously posted about.
Later on this week and then over the week or so will be uploading 1973 plain covers with their special event handstamps.
Thank you to all who have been sending feedback and covers please continue it is much appreciated
Geoff (GBCC)

16/02/2014 19:29:34

Since my last post have just finished uploading all the images, plain and illustrated I have for 1971 and including in the description as much detail as I have to hand surrounding the cover or special event postmark/event.

For 1971 there are 100 images for illustrated covers and 275 images for plain covers.
There are now 1076 images for BFPS special event postmarks
In total on the site there are currently 7070 images.

In the next few days will post a list of special event postmarks I do not have any images of for 1968-1971 inclusive in the hope that fellow collectors will be able to scan me an image to upload on to the site.

Will also later this week be starting the update on the currently listed 1972 images together with descriptive text.

Please browse the site and if you note anything missing/wrong or just general feedback please get in touch

Many Thanks

Geoff (GBCC)

01/02/2014 14:28:56


Still on the year 1970 adding the additional information I can obtain on to the descriptive text for the postmark by next week will have hoped to have finished updating this particular year.

There are between illustrated and plain covers some 490 images for 1970 and by next week will list any examples of postmarks for that year not represented that a may be in someone's collection who will consider sending me a scan to upload.

Continue to add illustrated covers and in total the site is approaching its 7000 image in total.

Again thanks to Paul for the cover he sent me and is on the site.

Will keep all updated as to progress.


BFPS images now stand at 1047

21/01/2014 21:20:33


Thank you for your kind words about the site.

I would say your £10 has been very well invested.

Personally I would leave the '1d black' on the cover as it is making an individual philatelic item. I wonder how many covers were created like this.

Yes please to the Jpeg not a GB Cover as you say but an example of the NPM GB postmark.

You can send it to the web e mail of

Thank you


19/01/2014 19:57:53


I have just finished uploading the additional 1969 plain covers that I have recently acquired and adding the descriptive text on the information I have about the postmark or illustrated covers produced for that year.
In total for 1969 there are 334 images, 84 illustrated and 250 plain covers.

Currently in total on the site there are just over 6840 images just over 1950 are illustrated covers and around 4860 plain cover images.

British Forces Postal Service postmarks now number 1019 images.

Over the next few days will be uploading a number of illustrated covers and hope to start uploading the Buckingham Cover series 2 by the end of the week.

Will also be revisiting the 1970 postmarks and sorting the recent additions I have for this year for uploading together with the additional information for the descriptive text.

Please visit the site and any omissions you note that you have in your collections please consider sending me a scan.
Any views comments feedback will be gratefully received.

Thank you

Geoff (GBCC)

08/01/2014 19:54:59


Thanks to fellow collector Richard DEAN who kindly allowed me access to his CoverCraft Cover collection.
I have uploaded some 108 images on to the site which can be found by searching covercraft either upper or lower case.

The BFPS images now number 1001 and in total there are some 6733 images on the site.

If anyone can assist with my previous post I would be most grateful and please remember if you have a cover or postmark not showing on the site please send me a scanned image or post on this forum and I will upload so the reference data base increases.

Many Thanks

Geoff (GBCC)

05/01/2014 12:45:49

Dear All

Happy New Year

I have uploaded on to the site all the 1968 special event postmarks that I have access to.
In total there are 174 images on plain covers and 47 on illustrated.
For that year I believe I am only missing examples of the following special event handstamps.
If anyone has an example on a full plain or illustrated cover that they could send me a scanned image so I can upload on to the site I would be most grateful. (
1)29th May BFPS 1000 used on Stamp issue day for Anniversaries.(837)
2) 10th June BFPS 1000 (A847)
3) 24TH June - 6th July - The Lawn Tennis Championships Wimbledon - Without the time on the handstamp (858a)
4) 25th November HMS Hermes BFPS 1074 - Believed used only on First Day Cover for Christmas stamp issue. ( 949)
The numbers in the brackets are the Pearson numbers.
I have also added as much descriptive text on the information I have as regards the postmarks/covers for 1968.
Starting on adding to the current uploaded images of 1969 soon but before that will be uploading some illustrated covers.

Currently there are some 6600 images in total on the site.

Geoff (GBCC)

22/12/2013 08:12:58

Dear All

All currently available 2013 plain covers with special event postmarks have been uploaded, 214 in total.
There are currently 12 illustrated event covers for 2013.
British Forces Postal Service (BFPS) images now number 973
There are a total of 6445 images on the site.
Have a large number of illustrated to upload over the coming weeks together with an extensive recently acquired plain cover collection covering 1968-2008. Will keep all updated as to progress.
Also I plan to add more descriptive text to each cover and add a thematic keyword where appropriate for search purposes, ie 'Cricket, Royalty, Golf etc. (I will be over the forthcoming year revisiting uploads to update). Any thoughts on key thematic words that are unlikely to be in the postmark would be appreciated.
Thank you to all that have visited the site and sent me images to upload, please keep doing so

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Geoff (GBCC)

16/12/2013 16:02:00

Currently all available postmark images for 2012 have been uploaded. In total there are 284, 282 plain and 2 illustrated covers.
British Forces Postal Services images (BFPS) now stand at 962 and in total there are 6211 images on the site.
Over the next few days will be uploading some illustrated covers which will show as recent products and will also start scanning and titling the 2013 plain event covers which I hope to then start uploading at the end of the week.

Geoff (GBCC)
Thread: Postal History from the Waste Basket
10/12/2013 20:26:00


Another envelope and yes the scan of the back is the correct way up I have just cropped it a fraction to remove the senders address which was in Coventry. This would never have made my waste basket if only for the slogans stopping it being disposed of.

Again a philatelic travelling story in one small 1957 envelope.


1957_ front travelled cover.jpg1957_ back  travelled cover.jpg

10/12/2013 19:35:42


One envelope with a story to tell gets us all thinking and talking. Totally agree Alex this is what philately is all about.

Could the 20 followed by a 'swiggle' be a weight 20gms or some form of initials signature? and then could the 266 also refer to the weight when subsequently weighed by someone else?

Re looking at the original certainly 266 or 20 has nothing to do with the senders address which is on the rear of the envelope.

Adrian I would agree that it is more likely to be DTS than D1S


Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
09/12/2013 20:08:49


All 2011 covers now uploaded on to the site 321 in total for the year 305 plain and 16 illustrated

Continuing with the scanning of the plain 2012 Event covers with special Handsatmps. Currently up to the end of April 2012 have been uploaded on to the site. There are some 111 images for 2012 to view.
This evening I have uploaded some Royal Navy Illustrated Event covers and these can be seen as recent products on the front page.
There are now 955 images for BFPS postmarks and a total of 6026 images on the site.

Geoff (GBCC)

Thread: Postal History from the Waste Basket
09/12/2013 18:00:14


Sorting out some bits and pieces and came across the below envelope. On the rear are postmarks for Derby DE1 1AA 25 Aug 1987 RLB 2 and Bergisch Gladbach 1 5060 12-8.87--5. Could have ended up in the bin!!

1987 how many marks.jpg


Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
02/12/2013 20:36:21

I am continuing to scan and title up the 2011 plain covers. Currently on the site have uploaded images to the early part of September 2011. There are currently 217 plain cover images and 16 illustrated images for 2011.
Tonight I have just uploaded 8 illustrated covers from the 1970's some of which I have added some descriptive text. When I can ascertain some detail around the cover/event/postmark I will endeavour to include this in the description.
The last cover I uploaded tonight the 1974 2 Feb Liverpool Street Station Centenary is of particular interest in as much as I have been unable to find the said postmark listed in the Finch/Peachey publications, hence it has no catalogue number in its title.Prior to making contact with the above named should anyone be able to shed any light on this postmark or I have gone word blind and it is listed I would be most grateful of any information being received.
At present there are some 5790 images on the site.

Thanks for reading and browsing, any feedback, images etc gratefully accepted.

Geoff (GBCC)

Thread: Postal History from the Waste Basket
25/11/2013 21:41:52


As a postmark/slogan collector I would always find a place in my collection for any mail item that has gone through the postal system , in my case the GB postal system.

As regards the Harrow Slough image a purest might say it's not a postmark, as a collector I would say it is


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