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Thread: Is my sg8 the rare plate 107?
19/05/2020 16:21:19


depending on which Plate number it eventually is, it might be one with missing imprimatur lettering. Have a look at

**LINK** which shows a lot of the missing imps. But I don't thinks it's Plate 107

Good luck

Thread: Free Machin Album to download
19/12/2018 10:41:17

This is a great resource for any GB collector as it not only has Machin pages but EDVIII, GVI and pre-decimal QEII Definitives plus other countries such as Japan and India. Worth taking a look to see if your interest is catered for.

Always good to store spares on if you don't want to use an album.

Thread: Which plate is this?
19/12/2018 10:26:35

Sorry. Last photo wasn't that good. Hopefully this is better.penny perf 16.jpg

19/12/2018 09:39:17

1d perf 16.jpgCan anyone help with plating this stamp for me Please? Q.V. Penny Red Perf 16 with small crown watermark on blued paper.

Edited By Stephen Teuma on 19/12/2018 09:47:54

Thread: Stamp cancellation by pen
04/09/2018 09:02:04

It seems modern day collectors are not the only victims of pen cancellations.......

QV Penny Red with Pen Cancel:

pen cancel.jpg

Thread: Is this SG35a?
04/09/2018 08:52:08

Hi all

As a keen collector, but by no means an expert, I was hoping someone out there can confirm if my assumptions are correct. I believe this stamp is SG35a - Deep blue QV2d with lines (thin). Large Crown watermark, Imperf.

Whilst 3 margins are cut off the right hand margin definitely shows the left side of the next stamp, thus making this an imperf stamp rather than one with its perforations cut off. Also looks like Alphabet III.

Can the experts out there confirm or correct me pleasesg35a.jpg?

Many thanks in advance.

Thread: The Machin thread
04/10/2017 13:26:45
Second picture.
Thread: The Machin thread
04/10/2017 13:25:38
Hi. I''ve just found these 2 Machins in my collection but can''t find the flaws in my GB pt 4. However mine is 1981 issue. Can anyone shed light please? They are both 1p crimson. One has a white flaw across queens neck, like a choker and the other has a scratch through the stamp from bottom of hair, passed end if eye and tbrough front of dress.
Thread: Malta issues
25/04/2014 20:44:59

No one out there expert in Malta Stamps then?

Who should I turn to now? the Malta Study Circle or Stanley Gibbons?

19/04/2014 17:51:49

Hi all. I was going through my Malta collection today and noticed that the colour of the value tablets were different. Can anyone tell me if this is fading or possibly a 'missing blue'. Can't find a reference in any book that I have.


Malta missing blue 2.jpg

Edited By Stephen Teuma on 19/04/2014 18:22:11

Thread: Ed VII variety
12/11/2013 22:43:22

Hi all

I came across this in my attempt a sorting out GB, but can't seem to find a reference for it in SG. Is this a known variety?

It is Green 1/2d Ed VII overprinted Army Official but the O seems to be a C

ed vii stamp.jpg

Sorry the picture quality isn't great but I think you can still make it out ok.

Any info anybody can give me will be greatly appreciated.

I also found this Venetian Red penny which seems to have a split in the NE letter frame - top left corner of frame:

venetian red.jpg

It also has a white dot to the left of 'E' in Postage and above the 'E' in the first RH scallop of the top framework. Hope you can see all that

Many thanks for any assistance and info


Thread: King George V, help needed.
12/11/2013 22:09:04

Following on from my post of a couple of months ago i can finally now upload a photo.

Is this a No Cross? Or does the 'splodge' count?


gv stamp.jpg

28/09/2013 15:13:51
Hi all. I have a query on a 6d GV that I acquired in a job lot. It is block cypher wtmk but looks like no cross on crown and perf 14.5 x 14. Is that possible? Can't find perf or no cross in SG. Can anyone enlighten me please ? Using my phone for this and can't seem to add photo yet. Will do so when I get to pc. Thanks
Thread: George VI
17/05/2013 15:00:41

Thanks for all your input. Shame, but it does make sense that the ink has run. Thought I had found a little gem.....nevermind, keep looking I guess.

Have a great weekend all

15/05/2013 14:39:21

Hi Billy

Sorry, tried to upload from my phone but was taking too long.

I now attach a photo of the pink one, next to a 'normal' 1d red.....and sorry again but it is GV stamp.

If it is washed out does that mean that it got wet and the colour has run?

The 'pink' one also has an inverted watermark



gv stamps.jpg

14/05/2013 22:59:21
Hi all. I found this penny red in my collection but it looks like its on pink paper. Is there such a stamp?
Thread: 1965 Churchill
10/04/2013 20:59:24

Thanks guys for all your input. So I guess none of you have seen a Churchill like this before?

Adrian, thanks for all your info. I do have a couple of other 3d's but they don't look like they have phosphur on and also look like the Timson version anyway, otherwise I would have experimented to see if hot water gave the above effect.

Thanks again all


08/04/2013 20:21:16

Hi guys

thanks for all the info. I didn't know it could be so detailed....

I will try and attach the stamp in question but the house lights /flash ave reacted with the phosphur and does not give a good picture. Hope its good enough for an opinion though.

Thanks againChurchill 65.jpg

07/04/2013 19:55:28

Hi All

I'm new to this forum and fairly new to stamp collecting. I have been looking through my collection and have found a 3d Churchill that has 3 grey lines across it from top to bottom. I assume this is where the phosphor bands are but is it normal for the phosphor bands to be grey?

Don't have a photo to hand yet but can get one if someone can help.


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