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Thread: Stamp Programme 2015
04/10/2014 15:29:02

I don't how they can produce a set of stamps for the Magna Carta let alone produce a set of 6 to 8 stamps, I would have thought a commerative sheet will suffice.

And I've just realised April 1st is Fools Day, how ironic the Comedy Greats set is released on that date.

I would actually move the Bridges set to October, and leave March stamp free as there is only a 6 week gap before Comedy Greats is released. I know some of the dates to the Battles set and the Magna Carta set they actually relate to the date for instance the Battle of Waterloo started on 18 June 1815, so attempting to move those 3 sets will be a no-go area.

Thread: I'm leaving/FORUM SAVED
02/10/2014 10:52:51

Sorry to hear you have moved on, good luck in your new job, all the best.

Thread: Stamp Programme 2015
01/10/2014 19:17:40

Firstly too many stamp releases, best idea going forward, don't bother with 6 October, just sparse out the commerative stamp sets out more, between 2nd June to 16 July, 3 stamp sets within 6 weeks. Unless one of those battle sets is a commerative sheet.

Secondly too many war related stamps.

Thirdly Alice In Wonderland is probably looking like my favourite stamp set along with Bridges and Bees, the rest I can take or leave it.

Thread: First World War overkill
07/04/2014 11:16:14

Not really a fan of this series, I was expected war images from some battles, but I guess that would be a little bit graphic for some eyes, or famous warships, aircraft, tanks, used during those years. I was also expecting Miniature sheets to go with this set, but I guess that is not happening since RM are just using 6 stamps for the set. In the end it works cheaper this way.

I really find this year's selection of stamp issues rather poor, apart from the Children's Classics, Buckingham Palace looks ok, seems I'm drifting off here.

Thread: 2014 programme?
11/02/2014 15:34:43

The only ones I know from the Remarkable Lives set are More, Mercer, Plomley, Guinness and Thomas, the rest remain obscure to me. I did read up on Khan's story when the press release sheet was released on the Royal Mail site, as that was the most obscure name mentioned in the set.

11/02/2014 15:05:23

Just got my latest Bulletin book this month, looks like there are only 6 stamps to the set. 6 x 1st class stamps, stamp sizes are the same as the British Auto legends from last year.

The films used are:

Lawrence Of Arabia, A Matter Of Life & Death, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Chariots Of Fire, Bend It Like Beckham, Secrets & Lies.

I wasn't really expecting them apart from Chariots Of Fire, they really missed out on the Bells of St. Trinans and a Richard Curtis film



Edited By Martin on 11/02/2014 15:09:06

24/01/2014 20:51:53

Actually The Bells of St Trinans is 60 years old this year, Four Weddings and a Funeral is 20 years old that has to be two of the stamps featured surely and Bridget Jones Diary is 10 years old, but I don't think there will be 2 Richard Curtis movies in the stamp set..

Edited By Martin on 24/01/2014 21:00:04

Edited By Martin on 24/01/2014 21:01:00

24/01/2014 20:02:25


I think Brief Encounter, The Bells of St. Trinians and probably the Hayley Mills famous movie of hers, I can't think of the name of the movie, maybe Alfie. With probably Three Weddings and A Funeral, Bridget Jones Diary to bring it up to date those 2 movies are probably pretty recent for British movies. I'm guessing this will be a set of 10 to 12 first class stamps.

Edited By Martin on 24/01/2014 20:46:47

23/01/2014 23:00:22

I'm not sure if this is the right place two sets have been brought forward Buckingham Palace set is pencil in for release 15th April and The Great War set is pencil in for release 28th July. That Buckingham Palace set was a bit iffy anyway the original date for the 21st April is a Bank Holiday Monday

Thread: 2015/2016 stamps?
27/11/2013 10:40:47

I would love a stamp set covering the Legend of Robin Hood, its never actually been covered before in a stamp set.

27/11/2013 09:53:30
Posted by Julia Lee on 27/11/2013 09:51:34:

It's not very British, though, is it, Star Trek?

Its not very British with the Euro Games held in France and the Olympics held in Brazil cheeky

27/11/2013 09:49:46

British Sitcoms probably continuing the TV theme along with classic and childrens TV and Wildlife introduced species and Trees sounds like a great idea, I do like the HG Wells series, maybe the set could incorporate Terry Pratchett series, 5 stamps each to make up a 10 stamp set, instead of separate sets.

But they have missed a golden opportunity with 50 Years of Star Trek for 2016, probably because they need approval from Paramount, but that didn't stop the Dr. Who series. Mind you that could be covered with an anniversaries issue, 50 years of England winning the World Cup and other anniversaries that year, Great hoaxes and the Great Fire of London sound like a great idea.


Edited By Martin on 27/11/2013 09:51:51

Thread: Christmas 2013
16/11/2013 22:25:07

I must admit this set would have been better as a commerative set of 6 or 8 rather than the Molther and Baby Xmas set.

Thread: 2014 programme?
08/10/2013 14:30:03

What.... no Captain Pugwash, Jackanory, Willo The Wisp, Roobarb & Custard, the list is endless.

02/10/2013 14:27:55
Posted by Julia Lee on 30/09/2013 11:34:10:

I think Working Horses will be police horses, plough horses... and then I'm starting to run out. Dray horses (beer deliveries)? There's a few still knocking about, ceremonially. Racehorses?

But you get the idea. Different ways in which horses work.

Riding for the Disabled?

I'm thinking about the same now, didn't RM did a dog set once, about 3 or 4 years old, guide dog, Sniffer Dog (Bomb Disposal) etc etc etc, has to be along those lines.

25/09/2013 17:07:42

Buckingham Palace could be shots of the interior of the palace, probably a set like the British Auto Legends.

I imagine Working Horses will be like old horses like ploughing the fields starting from the past working to the present. I can see this set will be worth investing into.

Let's hope the Prime Ministers are kept to a bare minimum, like 6 stamps presenting old PMs rather than recently deceased Maggie Thatcher.

25/09/2013 11:13:28

Back to the Europa theme, its in the title of the set the word Proms (Piers, Proms and Pavilions) that's the musical part of the set.

ha ha, geddit. You are so going to kick yourself. hee hee

25/09/2013 10:12:54

Re: Classic Childrens TV, me thinking there will be a miniature sheet with this, to mark 50 years of BBC2, in a way it links both themes together.

Europa theme: could be linked to the Seaside Architecture in some form

24/09/2013 19:42:47

The Railways set is part of a 5 part series.

Working Horses, Childrens TV and Great British Film sound pretty good, the biggest turkey has to be Sustainable Fish, Remarkable Lives is based around the Great Britions set as far as I know.

24/09/2013 16:30:50

This has been posted on Norvic

2014 Stamp Programme

7 Jan Classic Children’s TV

4 Feb Working Horses

20 Feb Classic Locomotives Of Wales

25 Mar Remarkable Lives

21 Apr Buckingham Palace

13 May Great British Film

5 Jun Sustainable Fish

7 July Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

4 Aug The Great War – 1914

18 Sep Piers, Proms and Pavillions (Seaside Architecture)

14 Oct Prime Ministers

04 Nov Christmas 2014


Post & Go Stamps: British Fauna

20 Feb – Spring Blooms

18 Sept – Symbolic Flowers

13 Nov – Winter Greenery

Edited By Martin on 24/09/2013 16:35:36

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