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Thread: Collecting Birds on Stamps
30/05/2013 15:40:27

One of my favorite stamps is the highest value from that first 1959 set. Carmine bee-eater.






Edited By Vera on 30/05/2013 15:43:08

30/05/2013 15:35:18

THe 1959 Crane stamp is the first bird stamp issued from Niger. Its a 7v set.

The 2f stamp is the same design , different colours

niger.1959.2fgrey-crowned crane.jpg

30/05/2013 15:30:09

that was quick Adrian, saved me an explanation for Julia

Another stamp from Niger 1967 series is the 1f Red-billed Hornbill and like the kingfisher stamp you have to look closely to see what the bird is doing. In this case, its at the nest feeding the enclosed mate through a narrow opening..which gets sealed up again at night against predators. Please note the engravers name

niger.1967.1f red billed hornbill.jpg

29/05/2013 13:39:26

The characters of the b irds are captured so well in Congo stamps. If you've ever fed pelicans along the shore, that exactly the look you get , head titled sideways, beak ready in case there's a fish to be had. And guinea fowl...sort of tip-toeing around, ever ready to dash off .

Here's a recent Canadian stamp which I found amusing..must have been a lack of tree trunks around and chosen a hose pipe instead for nesting...looks quite cosy and somewhat protected, as long as there's no fire . Birds are Tree Swallow(Tachycineta bicolor)

tree swallow.sprinkler..jpg

26/05/2013 13:53:12

Som, the eagle in your Serbia joint issue stamp is the White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)...which is "Polish eagle". Also called Fish Eagle ( although there are many fish eagles)

Adrian, I love the stance on the 1960 Polish golden eagle very proud .

Here's the legendary Mexican eagle with a snake although this 1988 Japanese stamp seems to make a bit of a cartoon out of it.


Thread: Jordan Stamps
24/05/2013 13:06:38

The recent year packs from Jordan may be affordabale, but the 1964 set of three birds has a SG value of GBP150. One of the stamps is an Ornate Hawk Eagle..if you see one anywhere let me know. smiley

jordan ornate hawk-eagle1964.jpg

Thread: Collecting Birds on Stamps
24/05/2013 12:30:18
Posted by Billy Broadland on 24/05/2013 11:29:14:


This is an Aquila but not sure if it is the "Roman Eagle".


thanks Billy, there are many references that this is the eagle which the Austro-Hungarian rulers based their heraldic eagle on, and maybe the Romans did too. I suspect the Romans were more influenced by the Aquila chrysaetos (Golden Eagle). All the aquila eagles are huge and one can imagine how their characteristics influenced early man to use them for icons.

I found this stamp today of a "Roman eagle" and borrowed it to show you here.

roman eagle.jpg

24/05/2013 10:10:12

Have to include this one too, Canada 1955 Whooping Cranes. Another elegant design beautifully created.

canada.whooping cranes 1955.jpg

24/05/2013 10:03:24

I like the Canda Goose in 1954 as well as your 1952 version Adrian. The designs were so much better then.


24/05/2013 09:51:27

That's a really nice stamp of the Caica Parrot. Ive been working on eagles for a few weeks and I like this 1973 German semi-postal Steinadler because it shows the tawny mantle which fits the description of the Golden eagle. I've been searching everywhere for a "Roman eagle", the Aquila ,which was an important symbol for the Roman Army


Thread: What's happened where you live lately ???
02/05/2013 14:39:21

In my town of Ipoh, a popular place for a morning walk is Kledang Hill. Its quite steep in parts and leads to some communication towers which can be reached after a two hour walk. This morning at the start of the walk there was Red-headed krait (Bungarus flaviceps) on the side of the road, amonst the leaf does feed primarily on specific snakes and I watched it devouring a bright green tree snake which was the same length as itself...nearly 2 meters. Unfortunately I didnt have a camera with me, so I borrowed this pic to show you what a local venemous snake looks o


Thread: Animals
02/05/2013 14:23:13

an elegant design..maybe to match the garment this fur may be destined for....


02/05/2013 14:21:32

1934 Eritrea- Grant's Gazelle. I like this set as it has spears and sheilds in the borderssmiley

eritrea.1934.grants gazelle.jpg

Thread: Collecting Birds on Stamps
02/05/2013 12:38:39
Posted by Julia Lee on 14/06/2012 10:51:00:

Google Translate gives me 'mountain' or 'upland' or 'mountainy' [sic] for horsky.

and ousel is the old english name for common blackbird..

Thread: Animals
02/05/2013 12:28:14

Can someone help me ID the stamp ? Could be an 1891 pygmy Hippopotamous ?

liberia. hippo.1891.jpg

02/05/2013 12:18:43

From the 2002 Stamp Week Malaysian set "The Tame and The Wild" here you have a Leopard cat and a domestic cat. The other pair of stamps for the set are birds..a cockatoo and a Buffy fish Owl.

Tame & The Wild.cats

Thread: Collecting Birds on Stamps
22/03/2013 12:30:39

Does anyone know the postage rate of that era, NZ to UK 1958 ? The cover has 21d applied.

22/03/2013 12:28:35

This is a great place to keep up-to-date with the latest in bird stamps, but my own quest takes me backwards as I search for postal history with birds. I recently acquired this 1958 new Zealand cover .

The stamps show Australian Gannets at the Hawkes Bay Gannet Reserve

newzealand. postal history.birds.jpg

22/03/2013 12:20:01
Posted by Adrian on 13/03/2013 15:46:51:

Iceland will be issuing a set of modern design stamps tomorrow, and surprisingly, there is a stamp among the lot which I think is splendid.


Look at that puffin! Wonderful!

it sure is wonderful, but I do hope its not a case of sunburn due to global warming

Thread: What do you collect?
22/03/2013 12:10:00

hello Jayemcee, do show us some of your British Commonwealth collection and enjoy the new forum..cheers Vera

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