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Thread: Murray sheet will be issued!
16/08/2013 16:55:58
Posted by Tony Green 3 on 08/08/2013 10:36:05:

I sort of let my collecting lapse a few years ago, but at the time I seem to remember something about it not being allowed to have the image of a living person on a UK stamp (except HM Queen). When did this ruling change?

Queen's very much alive drummer Roger Taylor is (just) visible in the background of the MIllenium series stamp feturing Freddie Mercury - I suspect relaxing the rule was an easier option than organising a time-travelling hit squad...

Thread: 2014 programme?
16/08/2013 16:47:50

Re Adrian's suggestion about the RNAS, the Navy made a big thing of '100 Years of Naval Aviation' in 2009, so don't know how keen they'd be to back this anniversary (the earlier one pre-dates the formation of the RFC - this sort of thing probably stil matters to the 'senior service'.

I suspect WW1 is a big enough deal for RM to do at least one set a year for the next half-decade, so I'm hopeful we will see Sopwith Camels, Triplanes and Pups of the RNAS at some point. Likely to feature in 1914? The Christmas Truce and the 'Miracle on the Marne - your heard it here first...

Thread: Andy Murray stamp?
15/07/2013 12:10:34

Because there are nowhere near enough GB stamp issues this year, I propose slipping in a 'Britain's Glorious Summer of Sport 2013' set honouring Muzza, Leigh Halfpenny and George North from the Lions, Justin Rose and God-willing Chris Froome and Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Anderson and some of his mates.

Thread: Modern GB- Why so Expensive?
20/02/2013 12:03:51

Funny you should say that - I'm contemplating a similar exercise. The prices even for used stamps seems to increase sharply round this time.

Guessing, but it may well be a supply /demand thing. Other than Christmas, I can't remember the last time I got a letter with a commemorative stamp on the envelope - indeed, I get much less mail these days, and what does turn up is usually franked. So that might mean the print runs of the new issues are much smaller than in the past. Someone here may know?

Thread: GB 2013 stamp issues programme
20/02/2013 11:51:33
Posted by Alex on 08/02/2013 11:37:02:

An alcoholic who drank himself half to death, got a second chance and a liver and than finished off drinking himself to death? Is that a British role model?

I'm guessing you never saw him play? Regardless of what went on in his private life, he's in there on merit.

Pretty decent selection on the whole. Not sure I'd have had Jimmy Greaves - while his record is impressive, I can still remember 'Saint & Greavsie'.

16/10/2012 14:32:13

Mildly astonished they aren't going for 92 Football stamps, or however many clubs there are these days. Missed opportunity - the Coventry City one, for instance, could have rubbish perfs and weak glue, tending to slide down the envelope over time before becoming completely unstuck just after Easter (I can say this, I'm a fan). Do we know for a fact they will feature players?

List looks a bit 'safe' to me. I think I heard the thud as the staff at the Stamp Centre on the Strand collectively swooned about the Dr Who one.

Thread: Space Science stamps
16/10/2012 14:15:08

Just bought a presentation pack from Charing Cross. Don't recall seeing any astronauts, and I'd like to think I would remember that. Agree with both points, but don't be giving them ideas for extra stamps, I was relieved and not a little surprised to see there was no minature sheet - or is that still to come?

Thread: Need help in getting started with GB
16/10/2012 14:10:17

Hi Corbin, and welcome from a fellow newbie. In a similar situation to yourself a few months ago I opted for SG's Collect GB Stamps, it being about half the price of the Concise Catalogue and me at the time being in denial about being a stamp collector, and a tightwad. It has pricing (presumably the same as the catalogue?) and colour illustrations, albeit reduced in size.

Hi Carmen, know what you mean about illustrated albums, I must be a sucker for sticker books too. Maybe it gives a visual guide to how complete the collection is? Or just so they go in the right order?

Hi Julia, public service anouncement, that link to the no doubt wonderful BSMV doesn't work for me, though that might be my browser (IE9).

Thread: British Post Office new issues, WAY OVER the top
13/09/2012 12:07:49
Posted by Adrian on 12/09/2012 16:15:40:

But, to be honest, I find that the best thing is to let go of preconceived ideas or plans, dabble a bit in loads of different things and then maybe settle down collecting what you like... Believe me, the collecting gene in you will be having just as much fun if you can get your/its head around it!

Funny you should say that Adrain, that's kind of how it's panning out already. In: Planes, trains, sports, designs that appeal. Out: H Potter, Kings and Queens (though mainly on the grounds of expense), smilers etc.

Thanks for the welcome all.

12/09/2012 16:04:28

Greetings - I signed up for the forum on the strength of this post! My perspective is that of someone who collected stamps as a child 40+ years ago, and recently got seduced back into it when sorting through my late father’s collection prior to a house move.

While we don’t have room to keep all of it, I thought it would be nice to keep at least one issue from the QE2 stamps/FDCs/PHQ cards he had. Then I thought about picking up from where he left off to join the great philatelic society in the sky, and bringing the collection up to the present day.

When I started looking into this, I was to say the least surprised at the scale of the task that lay before me. Given that the collection effectively stopped in the mid-nineties, I’m looking at spending several hundred pounds. Except I’m not – I knew there would be a lot of stamps, but the number and size of issues in this century frankly astonished me. And some of the things being ‘commemorated’ didn’t strike me as being particularly momentus. Which is subjective I know, but while I quite liked Rising Damp, Screamadelica and sandcastles, I wasn’t expecting to see them on a stamp. I do expect to see the Queen on stamps, obviously, but perhaps not quite so often?

So reluctantly I ditched this plan. Which is a shame, because although I know I don’t have to buy them all, the collecting gene I carry makes me value being a ‘completist’ - I can’t believe I’m alone. For the Royal Mail to pretend this isn’t part of the collecting bug strikes me as disingenuous at best and more likely just cynical.

Blimey, one post to my name and already ranting – apologies. Next time I’ll get off my high horse – promise!

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