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Thread: Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?
12/08/2015 15:50:52

Which SG cat you are referring to?

Posted by Ian Greenwood on 15/07/2015 18:19:44:

I share Adrian's enthusiasm for your list, cNA. Collectors who derive their information from their catalogues will wish to update or amend them in the light of new information, and one area which is often unclear is whether the newest catalogues are equally up to date. I am working from Gibbons Part 10, 5th edition 1999, since when there have been two more which may or may not include details in Anisimova's list.

With apologies, therefore, to those working from Gibbons Part 10 7th edition (2014), here is how I have had to update my 5th edition catalogue:

All of Mayorova's stamps are attributed directly to her in 5th edition, except for the following (I use Anisimova's numbered list for convenience): 1, 11, 28, 29, 40, 44, 45, 56, 57, 58, 59, 61, 62, 75, and 80-87 inclusive.

Additionally, no.53 is Bulgaria SG2387, issued 6 June 1975, and no.77 is Hungary SG3350 issued in 1980.

No.25 is the recess version of the 1r. definitive, SG3569 issued in 1968.

No.29 (SG3484) is listed, possibly erroneously, by SG as 'Photo'. The illustration, for what it is worth, looks recess.

No.45 (SG4143) is listed as 'Litho'. I have this stamp, and it does not look recess printed. Clarification needed here.

Nos.56 and 57 are muddled. SG4468 is listed as 10k. 'Yellow anemone', SG4469 as 12k. 'Snowdrop windflower'. There is more floral confusion with the names of SG4586, 4588 and 4589, but I think we can assume LM engraved them all.

Automatic translation has fun with personal names! Skovoroda (GA42, SG4122) becomes 'Fryer', and Solovyev-Sedoi (GA83, SG5222) becomes Solovyev-Gray. The 'Orel' (GA40, SG4017) is directly translated as 'Eagle'.

I'd be glad if those working with 7th edition could verify that Gibbons has made some of these amendments already. Otherwise, I hope the above is helpful to those working in this rather niche area of collecting!


Thread: Printing Pages of Stamp Magazine
04/05/2015 17:23:02

i printed we can print..directly u can see the option but unfortunately we dont have options to save as pdf..

Thread: What do you collect?
04/05/2015 17:12:12

Dear Christopher,


I also collect French  stamps pre 1970...

Are you in Facebook?

If so is my profile..feel free to add me and discuss..

I also collect Napoleon

My french collection(Small part which is scanned):


Edited By som ghatak on 04/05/2015 17:12:28

Thread: Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?
21/04/2015 09:42:58

Hello all,I hope all is i was just lookig at this chain for some reference and was thinking to make it alive?what do you think?This is the newest addition with many other items which i purchased during my stay in Sweden in last summer..

Stockholmia '86. The two stamps are out of a set of four, of which Slania has engraved the two stamps shown. Paintings,Signed by engraver himself
viewing "Slussen" in Stockholm (by S. Hjertén), and the
Riddarholm Canal in Stockholm (by H. Linnqvist)


Thread: Magazine query
04/04/2014 09:13:26

Hello Julia,

Is it possible now to get all back issues in pdf s?Let me know the process..


Thread: Post here first! (Sandbox)
16/01/2014 18:12:56

Hello Julia,

Can you again post the link of index excel sheet which contains information about old issues..


Thread: I need a volunteer...
16/01/2014 17:59:28

sent u a email Julia

30/12/2013 12:31:37

Fantastic job guys..just browsed it and found it...

Currently i have got below issues:


Isle Of Man

Ascension Island

Falkland Island


Tristan Di Cunha..

May be if some one have something for exchange please let me know))

Btw it will be fun to colelct i still cant rely on many issuing countries..are they fake?

What are the final list of issuing country?

Thread: Anyone care to start a stamp exchange chain?
18/12/2013 07:30:32

so no one is there to exchange stamps?oh!!!!

Thread: Polar/Antarctica related
16/12/2013 10:59:36

I thought its good we should maintain a seperate thread for polar and antarctica related stamps/cover..whatever informations we have

Thread: Railways/trains Any one?
16/12/2013 10:52:25

Wonderful!!! Do u have any for trade?i will like to have a a thematic expansion of my trains!!!

BTW i am back in stamps after a exhausting few months!!! I hope all is fine!!! and looking for christmas and new year!!! so stamps showing Christmas trains would be next showoffs? for time till christmas?

Posted by canadian NorthAmerican on 15/08/2013 01:47:03:

Here are a few from a set of 48 cards of the Gallaher Ltd's cards. There are similar cards on eBay and the set was issued in 1937. I was looking for the Russian locomotive that Julia had asked about in the 50 Rubble mini sheet, but the series does not show any trains from Russia.


teainsoftheworld01 001.jpg

Thread: St Andrew graduate to work at Antarctica post office
16/12/2013 06:35:31

I am looking for getting a cover from South Georgia and BAT to my address.....u know whom i should communicate?

Thread: Collecting Birds on Stamps
04/08/2013 08:58:48

Vera will be the right person

04/08/2013 08:42:53

Tahir from your picture firstly i could not recognise u

Welcome to Stamp Magazine forum)

Thread: Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?
28/07/2013 21:10:21

Wanted to share some Vatican Stamps :






28/07/2013 19:21:33

Hello Alex,

Whats the country or province of these stamps?are they cinderella?

Please let me know..sorry am learning so the question might be too stupid

Posted by Alex on 08/06/2013 10:45:08:

Well, I for one like Typo printed stamps. They have a certain charm and seem more honest than the over detailed engraved stamps, though, of course, I like these too for that very reason!



I have always used the term 'Typo' for these stamps, and will continue to do so. My American The Stamp Collector's Encyclopaedia (R.J. Sutton), which I've had for 35 years, denotes typo as:

'A philatelic synonym for letterpress or surface printing, ie printing from a relief (or process) line, or half tone block; or from electros or stereos produced from such blocks.'

Edited By Alex on 08/06/2013 10:49:20

28/07/2013 19:13:47

Lately i am in love with Gordon engraved Marianne

Here is a set i recently accquired..


Thread: The bells! The bells!
28/07/2013 19:04:15

I was today catching up with my old pending post reading of the Engravers post..and i found this span out from there and immediately found out the Faroe 1989 Bell stamp again engraved by The Master Slania


Thread: Collecting Birds on Stamps
25/07/2013 15:08:27

@ Julia The curiosity begins !!!!

Thread: Railways/trains Any one?
20/07/2013 10:03:11
Posted by Julia Lee on 06/06/2013 15:27:55:

There's a steam locomotives Thematic Guide - Mallard and other record-breakers - in our July issue.

You should publish more issues on railways like this)

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