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Thread: SG727 Issue date
02/06/2019 12:44:58

Hi Kim

definitives are regular stamps that are not commemorating anything.

Machins are named after the designer of the image, Arnold Machin. His design for the head has also been used on definitives from other Commonwealth countries and as the small image which still appears on commemorative stamps.


Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
19/05/2019 18:22:09

A premature happy birthday! Enjoy the show and the Thematic / topical / motif collections.

Next big show here in Europe is Stockholm next week, which should be good. Can't afford to go to Wuhan in China the month after too though!

Thread: Seeing a watermark - Pro tips?
12/05/2019 16:03:23

I am no expert but retroreveal has never been very revealing on watermarks. Postmarks on stamps - excellent though.

Ultrasound imaging is very good for watermarks albeit numbingly expensive to buy the kit!

Thread: Should I feel Guilty?
08/05/2019 20:46:16

No need to feel guilty. Just think what he paid for it - feel sorry for the original seller! I have (rarely) pointed out to a dealer what he missed. The more contentious thing is unpriced material where he says "what's it worth?" Do you quote market price, try to get it for peanuts or something between? I say "well, it's worth £xxx to me", being prepared to buy it if he says yes and not being upset not to get it if he says not.

What about a scan Alistair, so we can see what you found?!

Thread: Philately-Related Christmas Presents
26/01/2019 12:47:54

You don't say the make of the GB album Gillian. Some have pages available with a space for each stamp and an annual supplement to keep it up to date. The posh versions have mounts already on the pages to just slip the stamp in. Did you get a binder for one of these? The initial outlay on a set of pages is likely to be substantial (& need more than one binder)!

Thread: Which plate is this?
19/12/2018 16:47:33

I am no expert on these but I know a couple of fellows who are! Unfortunately they don't inhabit this forum.

If you are a facebook user there is an excellent private group called Queen Victoria - Philately and Postal History of Great Britain which will advise on plating. I feel comfortable with imperfs (in the main) but still need help with the perfs. Worth taking a look IMHO.

Thread: Can anyone identify this stamp
04/10/2018 23:33:08

It is a publicity label for the London stamp exhibition in 1912. Relatively common to be honest!

Thread: What do you collect?
22/09/2018 08:16:26

Welcome Dave

it's not that active on here but most posts get some sort of response!


17/09/2018 21:23:17

Welcome Phil

I like the blocks. I have often wondered what is the biggest sheet regularly issued?

Maybe the few folk who do venture on here will respond? I think mine is 1940 China - US constitution. Wil measure & post a photo (not a scan since it is bigger than my A3 scanner!)

Thread: Is this stamp a copy of SG 948 j
16/09/2018 11:19:16

If it is, it certainly has a value. However to sell it now or in the future you will need a cert or sell direct to a specialist dealer who believes his own judgement. There are a couple of such specialists who advertise in the magazine & on the web, maybe contact one of them?

Thread: What UK stamp is this?
15/09/2018 23:19:29

3d stamps of GB from the Wilding design series. 1952-67 depending on which watermark. I suggest in great condition it is worth very little, in this condition nothing I'm, afraid.

Thread: Is this stamp a copy of SG 948 j
15/09/2018 23:15:33

To me, the whole thing looks faded. The green costume on the left character particularly so. Washing in bleach or solvents can have this effect. Definitely need a certificate if you were going to auction it.

Thread: Is this SG35a?
07/09/2018 18:39:32

Billy - only on the ones with letters in all four corners, not those with stars.


06/09/2018 18:04:15

Suggest scanning it front & back at a decent resolution. Compare with the ?C stamps in plate 6 on: **LINK**. and also plate 5 examples.

If a genuine large crown wmk then further investigation needed!

Thread: Philatelic Christmas presents
17/08/2018 13:09:16

Hi Gillian

I see you are in Northern Ireland. I am visiting Belfast next month. Any stamp shops or markets you can recommend?


Thread: Help and Advice
13/08/2018 23:18:17

I have not dealt with them before. Indeed I have not heard of them before. Caveat emptor applies here. It seems mostly Russian material and I cannot see auction results before the beginning of the month to get a feel for their realisations. Maybe try a couple at low bids you can afford to loose and test it out.

You do realise that by posting it here you have pointed out the site to all the other readers?! Maybe fewer bargains to be had!

Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 13/08/2018 23:19:01

Thread: Help getting started with inherited stamp collection
04/08/2018 16:28:57

And there are two stamp shops in Edinburgh Rachel. One was pretty unhelpful in trying to sell me anything earlier this year, so hardly worth the trip and the other only opened for appointments the day I wanted to visit. However you could find them on the web and give them a call! I found the one in Glasgow which I visited in the same trip to be much more welcoming I have to say!

Thread: Stamp cancellation by pen
03/08/2018 17:04:49

There was much discussion in the magazine on this subject recently.

If you have an electronic subscription worth a read. In short there was a campaign e-mailing complaints to Moya Green, the outgoing chief executive of Royal Mail. Rico Back, the new guy will presumably be receiving these now! His email address is readily found with the aid of your favourite search engine!

Thread: Help getting started with inherited stamp collection
02/08/2018 23:02:06

Welcome to the forum Rachel

there are a number of threads on here about inherited collections etc which most folk want to sell. Worth a search and checking out the threads. In brief, much depends where you are. Near a city in the UK you could request help from the local stamp club or if there is one, the local dealer. These guys (some of whom advertise in Stamp Magazine) are experienced in assessing disorganised collections. You mention Asia - China is very popular and fetches good prices, other countries less so. If you go down the "catalogue value of each stamp" approach you will find you may obtain only 10% catalogue value (the dealer may turn over the majority for 20%) for a lot of work, Of course exclude most stamps less than £5 from the calculation all together! Don't forget modern GB stamps since 1971, unused, can still be used to send mail. Few are worth more than face value.

If the collection is a "serious" one containing quality stamps in good condition the picture is very different and auction may be the way to go. An example of the first issue of China on the earliest recorded envelope realised $1.8M last month!

Of course we all hope you get interested enough to want to continue the collection! If so the local club will certainly offer copious advice (& probably tea!). The local library is often a good place to find contact details.

Good luck!

Thread: Philatelic Christmas presents
09/07/2018 17:10:26

Hi Gillian

every so often these fora get hit by spam posts from folk trying to sell dodgy stuff or offer dodgy services. Whilst the mods & owners can delete all this cr*p it resets the numbers of replies but not the date last updated. Simples!


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