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Thread: Science - Life, the Universe and Everything
27/06/2013 22:13:00

and using Google Chrome (Version 27.0.1453.116 m) & Windows 7...........

it's fine! By a matter of elimination I'm putting it down to the latest IE release.

Make the most of paragraphs while I can!

Apologies for hijacking this thread on a technical issue but any suggestions appreciated.


27/06/2013 22:04:31

and from an HP mini netbook using IE 10.0.6 under Windows 7 (with a German keyboard layout) I get the same problem.

Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 27/06/2013 22:14:05

27/06/2013 21:39:15

Hi Julia, I am using IE 10.0.6 in Windows 8 on an HP Pavilion g6. Still nothing! Will try from netbook a little later

Thread: Signs you've been in philately too long...
26/06/2013 17:03:02

When you see a cover you have long coveted in an auction catalogue and think "oh - old xxx must have died..."

Thread: Science - Life, the Universe and Everything
26/06/2013 16:57:14

Couldn't get any space between paras. return or Shift-return does nowt! As it doesn't now, which is why I am typing in one paragraph. Doesn't seem to be an issue using this latop elsewhere. Paul

24/06/2013 18:05:28

John, only two designs in the Phillipines set. Just different colours. How do I get a carriage return on these pages?! Paul

23/06/2013 20:18:41

If collecting a "Science" theme - what about the Phillipines Science tax stamps? Issued in 1969 for a ten year period, they raised funds for a Government Science School. According to Barefoot's catalogue there was the original set in 1969 (probably 15 values, but only 12 recorded) and a second issue in c1975 on paper with coloured threads. I illustrate the two formats, vertical for the centavo values and horizontal for the peso values. science.jpg

Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 23/06/2013 20:19:36

Thread: Late posting.
23/06/2013 17:49:06

Looks like it came from a booklet from the perfs at the top. Inverted watermark perhaps?

Thread: Philatelic Literature
17/06/2013 16:45:41

Hi Jack - Michael's book is, indeed, very useful, as is his book concerning International incoming surface rates. Does anyone know of an equivalent for the military rates?

Thread: What do you collect?
11/05/2013 18:21:55


Machins can be as extensive or basic as you want. If you want to be "complete" it's not a cheap subject!

One subject which strikes me as relatively inexpensive is the use of these stamps. Each of the many values was issued for a particular purpose, as a new rate or a make-up value. Try finding commercial covers showing these uses. It took me a very long time to find the 1 1/2p used singly for the right rate. Does involve searching through the junk cover boxes though!

The Antarctic is a subject where there are many collectors. If you are thinking of a thematic collection, it it eminently achievable. However if you want to include material from the early expeditions themselves, it will be a financial challenge too.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


Thread: Science - Life, the Universe and Everything
09/05/2013 20:32:40

Anyone know if the perfume ingredient "Ambergris" has appeared on a stamp? It is basically sperm whale vomit that has floated in the sea for a while before being washed up on a beach. If you find some whilst beach combing it's a very lucky (& lucrative) find!



09/05/2013 19:12:35

Hi Julia

I did China for you a few years back. The Perfumery subject is still growing & being researched. Give me a while and it might make an article rather than a "My Collection".

Have you tried the Swiss chocolate stamp? Still smells great!


Thread: Modern GB- Why so Expensive?
09/05/2013 17:35:28


many GB sets of commemoratives are not available at all post offices. When you do try, most will use the labels printed at the time.

Once upon a time SG refused to list commemorative stamps not broadly available. It might be a wake up call for Royal Mail if they didn't list some of the recent productions. Perhaps the Society for the Supression of Speculative Stamps needs reforming?!


Thread: Science - Life, the Universe and Everything
09/05/2013 17:16:40

Not been around for a while, so to comment on a few things on this topic:

An excellent book discussing chemistry on stamps by Heilbronner is "A Philatelic Ramble through Chemistry" details of which can be found here: **LINK**

There was a question earlier about musk and its animal origins. There is very little natural musk from the musk deer still in use. I believe China is still a producer. Synthetic musk compounds are produced in many thousands of tonnes per annum. They are cheaper and supply is more guaranteed.

To follow on from this, I have been slowly accumulating material for a thematic (or social philately) collection about perfumery. Whilst I can cover the traditional "pictures on stamps" of perfume ingredients, perfume bottles (mostly old ones it has to be said), and within a broader definition in the social area, advertising, postcards etc, one area escapes me:-

What is the best way to display "scratch & sniff" stamps? A surprising number of countries have produced them, even one stamp from the UK. Any ideas welcome. Anyone already doing this theme?






Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 09/05/2013 17:18:29

Thread: How to go about publishing
12/04/2013 23:09:57

Beat you John! - 1981 in J. Chem. Res. on Bis-triphenylphosphine copper borohydride. Been cited once in 30 years!

I did the "My collection" feature with Julia's help a few years back. Thinking of suggesting another series: "My other collection"!

12/04/2013 19:49:29

Hi John - a fellow chemist - small world.

I have published articles in many philatelic magazines, including one translated into Japanese where I had to trust the translator!

The main difference between science & philately is the peer review aspect of a quality chemical journal. In the philatelic world a good editor will give you feedback but tends not to reject articles or suggest major rewriting. Proof reading is obviously essential

I have written two catalogues of China (Parcels Posts & Perfins) and both were published by different specialist societies. It is rare I think that a philatelic writer makes any money publishing philatelic works. If there is a specialist society for the subject you want to cover - approach them - they will also know the audience. If it is "multi-disciplinary" there are Journals such as the London Philatelist who can produce reasonably long articles or who have the resources to produce more substantial works in book form. The Stuart Rossiter fund has resources to help budding authors (see **LINK**).

My final suggestion is to ensure you include references to previously published work. In the chemical area Chemical Abstracts means you shouldn't miss anything but, sadly, there is no equivalent for philately. If only I had more time! Don't reject foreign language sources. At least the internet means many of these are more available than they were in years gone by. If you let us know more details of the intended subjects, we may be able to provide more detailed suggestions.

...and lastly - good luck!


Thread: What do you collect?
11/04/2013 23:11:40

OK here goes with the introduction.

I collect:

1) China to 1950 including Foreign POs, both stamps and postal history. I am President of the China Philatelic Society of London. My collection appeared in the mag a few years back.

2) The postal history of Kent (particularly Ashford & Gravesend and the associated villages). I edit The Kent Post.

3) Postage due mail, particularly UK going abroad.

4) The postal history of Dübendorf and Kemptthal in Kanton Zürich, Switzerland where I now live.

5) Interesting postal history from pretty much anywhere with a particular interest in pre-stamp European rates.

I belong to many societies connected with the subjects above and more generally. I have been president of the Kent Federation of Philatelic Societies.

China Philatelic Society of London

China Stamp Society

Studiegroep China Filatelie (Netherlands)

Revenue Soc GB

Postage Due Mail Study Group

Kent Postal History Group

Postal History Society

Ashford (Kent PS)

Philatelisten-Vereins Glattal, Dübendorf

and I am a Fellow of the Royal PSL.

Thread: China 68 thoughts of chairman mao
11/04/2013 22:42:01

Just seen this topic having recently joined up.

Whilst these stamps are listed in the SG part 17 China catalogue with quite reasonable catalogue values, you need to be aware that there are many forgeries around. Get a China collector or dealer to take a look.

Thread: Philatelic Literature
11/04/2013 18:33:05

For many years the Ma catalogue of China, published in 1947, was the catalogue. Dr Chan from Hong Kong produced a useful competitor catalogue, but, IMHO, the "new Ma" from the China Stamp Society is now the catalogue of choice for the pre-1950 China collector.

Available from the CSS: **LINK**


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