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Thread: Podcast
23/10/2021 13:19:04

Where would you fly from Pete? I spent two days of Stampex at the venue a coupe of weeks back. Pretty well spaced out, it never felt crowded. I plan to be there every day of 2022 and one or two days before depending on when they want to start mounting. The only experience I can offer flying into Heathrow was last year during a lockdown with 14 days home quarantine from everywhere. Heathrow was the fastest, easiest arrival I ever made there! With e-gates and no queue I was still beaten to baggage reclaim by my luggage! Can't guarantee it will be like that now though!

Thread: Possible rare two Penny blue
29/09/2021 21:14:24

Welcome Chris

unfortunately the picture is not visible to me. There are several threads about how to post pictures here.

In short the value is so dependant on condition a good scan (camera rarely gives you a picture of a flat image) of both front and back is required. Could be a few tens of pounds up to a few hundred. The most common forgery of an 1840 2d is where an 1841 stamp has had its white line painted out. Usually fairly easy to see in a good light with a magnifying glass. The addition of a blue Maltese Cross adds greatly but it depends how blue! We need the picture!


Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 29/09/2021 21:15:37

Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
22/09/2021 12:55:34

Stockholm was the best show I've ever been to I think! Those friends who went to Wuhan all got home before it kicked off. We will see how the internationals in London and Lugano go next year!


Thread: Advice needed
22/09/2021 11:04:49

Hi Kirsty

a couple of problems with this one! Firstly it is badly torn and secondly the perforations are trimmed off at top left, This reduces its value to virtually nothing I'm afraid. There are a couple of varieties of the stamp which are worth more but not this one.

Keep posting!


16/09/2021 10:05:45

Greetings Kirsty.

since you are not selling, there's no rush! I think your approach of finding collectors to consult seems good. Perhaps the local stamp club could help? Many dealers may have less interest unless it looks like you want to buy items to add to the collection. If there are specialised area (small Commonwealth Island, Queen Victoria GB, Switzerland for example) there is likely a specialised society for that area who would be happy to help. Many of these have their own Facebook page &/or website.

For specific items, posting a picture here is a good start!


Thread: The 13th Postcard
09/09/2021 13:53:59

No real answer from me either Carmen. Stick the miniature sheet complete on the back if it fits? Just extract the stamps and use those all on the one card? Mount the mint sheet and mint card together on a page? A true maximum card should, IMHO, have a postmark connected to the stamp picture rather than just First Day of Issue.

Any "modern" collectors out there?

Thread: Any suggestions
18/08/2021 19:32:47

I think it's a postal stationery cut-out. I can look it up later if you want details

Thread: What do you collect?
08/08/2021 23:01:33

I notice that many high value stamps have retained their value or increased. So if you spent £10k on a good stamp some years back it may well have paid back over the long term. This is not how I would collect! A stockbook of very expensive / valuable items it a bank vault wouldn't do it for me. So I get things to play with, mount into a collection, research, publish and eventually pass on to go for something else. If my heirs get something for what I still own when the time comes, all the better!

Thread: St Thomas & Prince Islands
21/07/2021 21:22:18

Guess it depends on the the of the album. It became independent in 1975 as República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe.

Thread: How times have changed !
04/07/2021 16:06:06

Equally rare to other unique stamps Fred.

One could make the case that the PRC stamp which only exists as a half of a stamp (see item 3 in ) and doesn't exist complete has an edge!


04/07/2021 11:58:18

Personally I like to see these world rarities in context. For example the Swedish 3sk yellow displayed at Stockholmia with the rest of the values. This Br Guiana 1c was last in a Br Guiana collection when Dupont owned it. The rest of the Br Guiana realised around 4 million when Feldman sold it. The China small $ on a page showing why the size was changed to the large $. The same for the Mauritius cover sold by Gaertner last week for $12M.

I read SG are looking at selling parts of their stamp so many collectors can say they own (some of) it. Interesting to see how that works! Of course it's not like a timeshare where you can own it for, say, the second Wednesday in August!


ps: it's not the rarest - other unique stamps out there - just the most expensive!

Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 04/07/2021 11:58:49

Thread: Help with Russian stamp
23/06/2021 11:04:14

If it was the Russian Offices in China stamp it would be overprinted China in Russian: Китай, as Keith says. In French like this (Chine), it is either part of a firm's security marking or a bogus item made for collectors. I suspect the latter but I have not seen it before. I like it though!

Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 23/06/2021 11:06:36

Thread: Moderators privs
15/06/2021 11:04:56

Whilst Mods can delete posts from these forums they can't delete members or threads. The latest bunch of rubbish from doctor elvis needs tidying up by the owner. I have done some.

It would be useful to have a "report post" button somewhere or give the mods the ability to delete threads and ban members.

Thread: How times have changed !
08/06/2021 10:43:30

One also has to factor in numbers printed / sold / used / remaindered as well as supply and demand. Makes for a difficult comparison!

Thread: Post here first! (Sandbox)
05/06/2021 07:20:10

If you want to plate a 1d black look at and go to the page GB 1d Black Plates by Lettering. Compare images of the equivalent lettering to your stamp. Pay particular attention to exactly where the letters sit in the squares, the bottom right of the O of One and the rays of the stars at the top. If you still have a problem or are unsure, post a scan at 800dpi and we'll take a look.

26/05/2021 20:49:57

I know the shop - my daughter lives in Norwich! He is right about the GB officials. The cheap ones are OK but if you want to progress it becomes prone to forgery and difficult to get a certificate. The Jubilees are nice and if you search the web you will find a talk by Phil Waud on his collection of the issue to show what can be achieved!

Feel free to ask questions - Enjoy!

Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 26/05/2021 20:50:18

24/05/2021 14:57:21

Welcome Ray

Acid free card will protect the stamps. Make sure the mounts you buy are acid free too! Colours can make the paper more acidic. The idea of different colours for different reigns sound good. The Queen has her collection mounted in different colour albums for different reigns!

You say GB MNH definitives. Whilst this is feasible for QEII, MNH QV are premium items and will cost more. If you want to start from today and work backwards it will be expensive. Many of the modern design (Machin definitives) can be bought in auction lots below face value so if you start getting duplicates you can still use them on postage items. Of course, one thing to decide is how specialised you want to go? One of each face value/colour combinations or more specialised in types of paper, phosphors, gums etc. Some people collect nothing else!

For the German inflation period, many are routinely available, but many people collect them used on covers (Postal History) to demonstrate the increase in rates over short periods. 20DM to 200,000DM for essentially the same service.

India is another complicated one. Whilst post 1947 is achievable with only a few high priced items (10Rp Gandhi Service will cost you!), going back into QV and the different Princely States would be a lifetime's work.

As for reference collections I would assume the Postal Museum and Archive in London will have a good showing (not my area so never looked). SG publish catalogues for GB. From Collect British Stamp through GB Concise to GB Specialised (5 or 6 volumes) in increasing levels of specialisation. A number of dealers have webstes which act as a virtual album, allowing you to see what is out there.

One thing worth considering is to take a look at how other folk mount up and show material. In normal times this could be at your local stamp club, but it could still be a while until normal meetings happen again. There are many displays online to view now and if you can wait until early next year, London 2022, the International exhibition in London, where there will be the cream of the world's collections on display.

My advice would be collect what you enjoy and mount it in a way that is pleasing to you.


Thread: Ultra violet radiation of multiple crown Wilding definitives.
16/05/2021 11:48:56

Thanks Fred - had seen these earlier. It still seems to be very subjective. I think what we need is a method to measure the fluorescence reproducibly and objectively. There is an ISO standard but I don't think it is directly applicable. Maybe a case for a philatelic modification?

Sounds like a topic for the Institute for Analytical Philately to investigate.- Maybe XRF would give some better measure?

Perhaps a note published in the Analyst would prompt an offer of help?

It is a shame philatelists in the UK do not have access to a suite of techniques like the Smithsonian offer in the US.

15/05/2021 10:10:13

could you post a link to the Irwin scale definition?


Thread: !! unusual stamps !!
08/05/2021 08:32:37

Welcome to the forum Jonah

They are mostly Documentary Revenues from Japan in pictures 1-3. The oval in picture 2 is a postal stationery cut-out. As Alex states picture 4 is the standard wartime definitive series. Shimomura is the catalogue you need for Japanese revenues!

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