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Thread: Stamps Magazine Published New York 1970s
28/02/2021 15:36:10


email contact for this magazine, "Stamp Magazine" has nothing to do with the magazine Stamps published in the US. Indeed there were at least three magazines of that name over the years and one was published in the UK.

Thread: How times have changed !
27/02/2021 22:52:35

As far as I am aware stamps completely covered in sellotape never were valid as they couldn't be cancelled. There was even a handstamp saying this which I will post when I find it,

Thread: Hinges
27/02/2021 09:41:44

I hinge used and already mounted stamps using commercial stamp hinges. I would only use mounts where I wished to include unmounted stamps where the financial aspect dictates keeping them that way. Of course I collect China up to 1950 amongst others and the 1937-1949 definitive stamps were often issued ungummed. No problem - hinges!

Thread: Stamps Magazine Published New York 1970s
26/02/2021 16:24:11

Julian - the link goes to Stamp Magazine (owners of this website!)

I don't think a magazine called Stamps is still published in New York.

The American Philatelic Research Library can be contacted via: and should be able to answer the question-

Thread: Year printed upside down.
23/02/2021 23:07:16

The year plug was inserted inverted that day. You can also find the day or the month inverted. Some towns are more often seen than others, perhaps indicating the level of attention of the staff! Certainly a collectable variety.

Thread: India
14/02/2021 12:13:41

Good find Fred!

14/02/2021 08:37:20

It should be called "double print, one albino". Such postal stationery with an embossed element and a coloured part are found like this from the British Penny pink QV envelope onwards, A nice collectable variety which in many specialist catalogues would be listed. I have a good catalogue of the British India period stationery but not of independent India. Only H&G which doesn't go very far. Anyone know of one? There is one for Pakistan on the web.

Thread: Stamp collection
09/02/2021 21:22:37

Welcome Diane

If you search the forums you will see this question is often asked. (Keyword "collection" gives some answers), To quote one of these (although the advice may be modified in the current situation!):

"There are a number of threads on here about inherited collections etc which most folk want to sell. Worth a search and checking out the threads. In brief, much depends where you are. Near a city in the UK you could request help from the local stamp club or if there is one, the local dealer. These guys (some of whom advertise in Stamp Magazine) are experienced in assessing disorganised collections. If you go down the "catalogue value of each stamp" approach you will find you may obtain only 10% catalogue value (the dealer may turn over the majority for 20%) for a lot of work, Of course exclude most stamps less than £5 from the calculation all together! Don't forget modern GB stamps since 1971, unused, can still be used to send mail. Few are worth more than face value.

If the collection is a "serious" one containing quality stamps in good condition the picture is very different and auction may be the way to go. An example of the first issue of China on the earliest recorded envelope realised $1.8M recently!

Of course we all hope you get interested enough to want to continue the collection! If so the local club will certainly offer copious advice (& probably tea!). The local library is often a good place to find contact details."

If we can offer any specific advice please post.

Good luck!


Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 09/02/2021 21:23:13

Thread: windsor Albums volumes
28/01/2021 08:03:22

Hi Ron

I think nobody on here knows the answer! I suggest e-mailing SG and asking them!


Thread: All Things Cinderellas
23/01/2021 18:49:26

The first lot are FRAMA labels produced by the Post Office so officially issued & in most of the catalogues. The rest appear to be from the 1971 postal strike when the PO gave up its monopoly for a while.

Thread: What do you collect?
14/01/2021 20:15:47

Welcome to the forum Tony.

Impossible to assess value without seeing the details but probably not much. Some stamps are better still on envelope so don't soak them off without getting them checked. At the moment that will be difficult but in six months maybe....

A bag of Chinese covers from the mid sixties showing the thoughts of Mao might get you a new garden, but I can't think of a lot else from that period!


Thread: Recent Machin issue
12/01/2021 14:28:18


there is £1.45 for International Economy too up to 20g.

See for the current rate booklet.

I can't comment on your reference to Feb p20 as I am in a low delivery area and have not received the magazine yet! Assuming however you mean the £1.70, £3.25 and £4.20, these are International Standard to 20g (Europe to 100g) and International Large Letter to Europe and outside Europe respectively.


Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 13/01/2021 19:54:36

Thread: Greetings Booklet Stamps?
11/01/2021 16:56:15

Basically complete but if you want to add cover variation KX3a, text variations of KX5, KX7a, KX8a and KX9 reissue then you have everything in the Concise. I am sure there must be specialist dealers who list these online too.

Thread: same old same old
11/01/2021 16:41:13

These are right at the end of the period when you could get paper "stamped to order" at the stamp office. what you did with it after was up to you but the "stamps" were valid for postage. 3.5p was the letter rate right at the end and my local club got some postcards stamped on the last day you could do this. Been selling them ever since! I believe several stamp dealers stocked up and printed various commemorative sheets such as these were prepared and sold, albeit at a premium on the face value!

Thread: Greetings Booklet Stamps?
11/01/2021 10:23:45

Yep the annual Concise starts at 1840. The 2018 edition was nice as it was hardbacked rather than floppy and was the one I used to answer your questions. I'd go as recent as you can for a sensible price. Earlier issues are sometimes updated and not just the price. I tend to get one every five years or so.

11/01/2021 09:34:50

Hi Kim

Collect British Stamps is the simplified catalogue. For a more comprehensive listing SG GB Concise is the one for me. To answer your questions in the short term:

KX10 is KX9 with a different cover. (KX9 itself comes in two versions).

KX 9-12 all contain pane 1955a

KX10 given as 3 Feb 1997

KX11 given as 5 Jan 1998

KX12 given as 3 Aug 1998 and was the last Greeting Stamp Booklet.

In the longer term get a copy of GB Concise. If you only want pre-2001 there should be plenty of older editions available on line


Thread: Unusual / Fake 1978 9p stamps
10/01/2021 11:21:36


- if you edit your post and click on the "insert image from album" button near the end of the first row of buttons (looks like a camera) you can select the album image you want to display within the text. Much easier than getting people to go find the album. If you want to display all three, do it three times! Going to your "my photos" works but if you hang around and post more it will become increasingly difficult to find. A scan of one stamp would be useful too.

I can't add images from your album, but from one of mine;


There isn't a card with any info inside the FDC perchance?


Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 10/01/2021 11:25:26

Thread: 1d lilac Queen Vic query
04/01/2021 23:47:34

They are revenue stamps Kevin. Provisionally allowed for postage, they appear in the SG Commonwealth Part 1 & GB concise maybe, at the end of the GB listing. None have postal cancels unfortunately.


Thread: Letters no longer franked by Royal Mail
03/01/2021 18:03:37

Hi Jeremy. Welcome.

I understand that the PO counter is supposed to cancel stamps on special delivery items, but they actually want to sell you labels. No harm in asking and you might be lucky and find a friendly sub-office somewhere which will oblige!

Alternatively buy a cancel on ebay and do your own. I have been proposing for a while that a record should be kept of what exists in private hands but nobody seems keen to assist.




Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 03/01/2021 18:04:10

Thread: How times have changed !
02/01/2021 18:42:58

Just to add the Overseas rates are not increasing this time.


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