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Thread: Penny Black Help
15/07/2019 18:51:56

Hi Nick

as mentioned before, please include a scanned image. To plate imperf line engraved one needs to be able to measure the position of the letters in the squares and this can only be done using a plastic gauge on the stamp itself or a flat, image scanned at 600dpi or more. Blacks have fewer options but your image is not sufficient I'm afraid. See >**LINK** for illustrations of all the options. It will be easier for you from the actual stamp. If you can scan it, we'll give an opinion (I'd take it out of the plastic mount too for scanning).

Goof luck!


12/07/2019 18:01:22

Welcome Nick.

Look in your local library for a recent SG Commonwealth catalogue. No point buying one if you are not going to collect. You could decide to do that of course! There are a number of threads on here about selling if that is your plan.

For 1d blacks we need to see more detail than a phone image shows. I thoroughly recommend a scanner which gets a clear image, flat and unshaded, with , usually, reproducible colours. From the picture you posted I would want to see better. Is it unused or is there a postmark. This is the most significant question. Looks to have four clear margins, but does it appear thinned anywhere when you hold it to the light? It should show a watermark but otherwise be even. I look forward to seeing a better image!

We are pretty helpful on here (I think) but not always the fastest to reply!


Thread: Penny red help please
07/07/2019 21:41:11

Just to answer a few questions posed above:

Posts here are for all to read and comment on, the more the merrier. This moderator is a collector and not associated with the sites owner, Stamp Magazine. I responded to a request for help from Julia, the editor in days gone by, when the Magazine threatened to close it. Since I work instant replies are not always possible!

Regarding the original question from Trevor, I posed it to an expert who came back with:

You can see the Williams line on PE clearly so die II. Perf 16 so they must be C4 from plate 3 (=SG21). Also PE plate 3 is a constant variety. A different punch was used for the E which is larger than the other E's on the plate.

Imprimaturs PE PF plate 3.

The books by Roland-Brown you mention Fred, only cover die I.

Thread: Should these stamps be listed ?
26/06/2019 22:38:45

Collected - yes, listed - no

26/06/2019 21:37:08

Fred - my point exactly! - if you can't get a block it is not a separate stamp listing but a variety. Comb perfs puncture three sides of the stamp in one go. so if the next use of the comb is higher than it should be then a short stamp results. Too low and it's a tall stamp. Doesn't have to be the A row, could be any row in principle.

It is both a variety and a novelty but this is not a qualification for a catalogue listing IMHO. I quite like them and will pick up examples when I see them if they look pretty, particularly on cover.

Doctor blade flaws, shifted colours etc in the modern era are also not listed (unless so shifted they are missing!) should these be too?

Perhaps we can only agree that the difference in approach to such things is what makes it a great hobby!

26/06/2019 20:44:28

Show me a vertical block of short stamps & I'll back any call for them to be listed! I still say it's a shifted comb.


25/06/2019 23:09:18

T'is true but how much do you need it to be different, 1mm, 2mm more? Also it is clear in the introduction to the SG GB concise for example, "Varieties of double, misplaced or partial perforation caused by error or machine malfunction are not listable, neither are freaks, such as perforations placed diagonally from paper folds, nor missing holes caused by broken pins". Clearly misplaced combs are not listable by SG. All is clear!

Other cataloguers may have different views though. I believe Michel, Yvert and Scott don't list them either. I may be wrong on that, haven't checked.

The responsibility of a commercial catalogue in my view is to their owners (to increase their sales of stamps and catalogues) and to give their customers something they want to buy. This is why there are several levels of complexity in the GB listings from SOTW through Collect British Stamps, GB concise to the specialised volumes. Even these do not list everything and handbooks are needed. An example would be the 18 (or more?) volumes on the 1d & 2d line engraved by Ken Statham.

That said it is up to each collector to decide what they want to collect and how!

25/06/2019 21:20:12

Hi Fred

these were comb perforated and the combs were adjusted after each horizontal row so tall and short stamps could occur if the adjustment was not accurate.

The problem for a catalogue editor is that the value depends on how visually appealing it is. The better looking the more expensive. All the editor could do is list it as "from....."

Also these 1d stars are reasonably well collected and the specialist would like to be able to plate them. If you can't read the corner letters this becomes much more challenging. Of course it gives more value to multiples showing such varieties!

I can understand both points of view - list or not - but I err on the side of don't list I'm afraid.

Thread: SG727 Issue date
02/06/2019 12:44:58

Hi Kim

definitives are regular stamps that are not commemorating anything.

Machins are named after the designer of the image, Arnold Machin. His design for the head has also been used on definitives from other Commonwealth countries and as the small image which still appears on commemorative stamps.


Thread: Some stuff I've been up to, and upcoming...
19/05/2019 18:22:09

A premature happy birthday! Enjoy the show and the Thematic / topical / motif collections.

Next big show here in Europe is Stockholm next week, which should be good. Can't afford to go to Wuhan in China the month after too though!

Thread: Seeing a watermark - Pro tips?
12/05/2019 16:03:23

I am no expert but retroreveal has never been very revealing on watermarks. Postmarks on stamps - excellent though.

Ultrasound imaging is very good for watermarks albeit numbingly expensive to buy the kit!

Thread: Should I feel Guilty?
08/05/2019 20:46:16

No need to feel guilty. Just think what he paid for it - feel sorry for the original seller! I have (rarely) pointed out to a dealer what he missed. The more contentious thing is unpriced material where he says "what's it worth?" Do you quote market price, try to get it for peanuts or something between? I say "well, it's worth £xxx to me", being prepared to buy it if he says yes and not being upset not to get it if he says not.

What about a scan Alistair, so we can see what you found?!

Thread: Philately-Related Christmas Presents
26/01/2019 12:47:54

You don't say the make of the GB album Gillian. Some have pages available with a space for each stamp and an annual supplement to keep it up to date. The posh versions have mounts already on the pages to just slip the stamp in. Did you get a binder for one of these? The initial outlay on a set of pages is likely to be substantial (& need more than one binder)!

Thread: Which plate is this?
19/12/2018 16:47:33

I am no expert on these but I know a couple of fellows who are! Unfortunately they don't inhabit this forum.

If you are a facebook user there is an excellent private group called Queen Victoria - Philately and Postal History of Great Britain which will advise on plating. I feel comfortable with imperfs (in the main) but still need help with the perfs. Worth taking a look IMHO.

Thread: Can anyone identify this stamp
04/10/2018 23:33:08

It is a publicity label for the London stamp exhibition in 1912. Relatively common to be honest!

Thread: What do you collect?
22/09/2018 08:16:26

Welcome Dave

it's not that active on here but most posts get some sort of response!


17/09/2018 21:23:17

Welcome Phil

I like the blocks. I have often wondered what is the biggest sheet regularly issued?

Maybe the few folk who do venture on here will respond? I think mine is 1940 China - US constitution. Wil measure & post a photo (not a scan since it is bigger than my A3 scanner!)

Thread: Is this stamp a copy of SG 948 j
16/09/2018 11:19:16

If it is, it certainly has a value. However to sell it now or in the future you will need a cert or sell direct to a specialist dealer who believes his own judgement. There are a couple of such specialists who advertise in the magazine & on the web, maybe contact one of them?

Thread: What UK stamp is this?
15/09/2018 23:19:29

3d stamps of GB from the Wilding design series. 1952-67 depending on which watermark. I suggest in great condition it is worth very little, in this condition nothing I'm, afraid.

Thread: Is this stamp a copy of SG 948 j
15/09/2018 23:15:33

To me, the whole thing looks faded. The green costume on the left character particularly so. Washing in bleach or solvents can have this effect. Definitely need a certificate if you were going to auction it.

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