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Thread: Identifying a Stamp's Country of Issue
13/07/2020 14:38:53

Anyone interested, check out **LINK**


Thread: Germany
13/07/2020 14:03:23


I think you will always be asked a premium price for the English edition. The 2 vol German ed of 2010 is available for €50 the two from I note.

Michel let you access it online for a monthly fee


Thread: Identifying a Stamp's Country of Issue
13/07/2020 13:42:07

Labels which are not postage or revenue stamps are still collected and many have an interest for philatelists. They are called cinderellas and here is even a club for collectors of such things, be they associated with the anti-TB movement, the red cross, stamp exhibitions, hospital charities or even chocolate!

I admit to being bamboozled about things in my own collection (Chinese cinderellas anyone?) so I don't mind adding to the long list. Keep posting Evan and I can at least add what I can deduce from what's on the screen.

Happy to try to help

12/07/2020 15:57:44

OK - guessing here! CALÇADO is Portuguese for shoe - so either Portugal or Brasil.

Beyond that:

I can't get a meaning for G.N.I.

Sd 2962 is also not obvious!

INDUSTRIAIS DE CALÇADO seems to be footwear industry and GRÉMIONACIONAL appears to translate as Gallery.

Entry ticket to a shoe museum in Lisbon??!!??

11/07/2020 15:01:13

Thailand revenue stamp - simples!

Thread: Old postal cover OHMS
07/06/2020 12:57:02

Great cover for those of us who like the challenge of such things. I would list all the datestamps in order to work out the routes etc. Whilst the "information content" is attractive it has two things going against it in value terms unfortunately. Firstly condition and secondly size. It will take a double size sheet to mount up and annotate. It may not be worth as much as you think sadly. It doesn't look like it will tidy up nicely. Unless you can identify the recipient as "famous" which could make a difference.


Thread: 1841 Penny Red Plate Number
23/05/2020 10:18:40

Hi Andrew

based on Roland Brown (volume 2 out of 5 in this case) which is now available on **LINK**

You can measure a scan at 800dpi and convert the dpi measurements to Roland Brown measurements and use the search function to get the best fits. The link I already provided to the wiki might help if someone has already loaded it. If not then adding it once you know the plate will help everyone else!

Good luck

22/05/2020 15:38:27

Hi Andrew

my friendly expert says plate 77 (die I of course)


22/05/2020 10:58:53

An expert on such things would tell you quickly. Noticeable are missing upper frame line of the NE star and a more unusual, almost missing lower frame of the G square.- I'll ask a friend!

Thread: TORRES fake cover
09/05/2020 13:07:02

Link doesn't work!

Thread: Is my sg8 the rare plate 107?
09/05/2020 13:05:18

Hi Daniel

two places to look:

1) **LINK** but your stamp is not, yet, illustrated for plate 107.

2) if you use facebook, try joining the Queen Victoria - Philately and Postal History of Great Britain group. There are a number of expert platers who inhabit it (including some well known dealers). It is not for buying/selling though! Never found one which was complete and defied plating! An answer often comes in minutes at the moment!


Thread: Remember Stamp Hinges?
03/05/2020 09:44:58

Welcome back to the hobby David!

I still use hinges for used stamps, mint stamps without gum and things already mounted. If they are quality hinges they still come in packets of 500 or 1000 (Stanley Gibbons for example in the UK) so a lot of mounting can be done for a reasonable price! The album pages will cost more so make sure you select acid free paper to preserve them. Sounds like you are US based so I can't suggest brands there I'm afraid.

Watermarks are mentioned on a number of past threads on this forum. Again it depends on the stamps, some are obvious just on a black background, some by holding up to the light at an oblique angle. The various devices out there all have there fans - see what works for you. Many stamp clubs have a Signoscope for example and will lend or rent it to members for a nominal fee. Any collectors locally who would help?

Anyway enjoy it!


20/04/2020 22:05:51

Hi Fred,

the last issue I can find details of is August 1950 - vol5 no 5. It started in 1946 and was published by the Stamp Mirror.


Thread: 1982 Postage Due Labels
20/04/2020 14:52:05

SG GB concise catalogue was my source. Worth getting a copy, but it doesn't need to be the latest edition,


19/04/2020 18:44:08

Hi David

Designed: Sedley Place Design Ltd,

Photo - Harrison

Same designer but printed by Questa for the 1994 set

I think a lot of collections will have more writing up done due to the lockdown. I have just done Sudan postal stationery. Now know what I need!

Have fun


Thread: Identifying a Stamp's Country of Issue
19/04/2020 10:23:09

Come on gentlemen keep it civil! No need for name-calling.

Thread: Chile postal stationery
06/04/2020 10:58:08

Exactly right Billy, Cancelled To Order.

An address could always be added later!

Thread: HMSO perforations
04/04/2020 11:15:45

True Fred.

also the Telegram forms tend to have the higher values! I have a few from Dover still on the form with QEII castles on. A valid cancellation!

31/03/2020 23:03:39

Fred - Totally agree - each to their own. I would argue used stamps are not as issued though. I would also add that official perfins should well count the same as the GB official overprints, they just used a perfin instead, as per the OP's question. Even SG list a few "OS" for Australian states & Sudan from memory

Should you decide to throw away any Sloper experimental covers because of the holes, please send them to me instead & I will send you money!

31/03/2020 20:41:42

I agree - not damaged and perfectly collectable. I once wrote a catalogue of Chinese perfins published by the CSS in the USA. Whilst GB perfins tend to reduce the value a NCH perfin on a large dragon raises the value from £150 for the basic stamp to £1500 for that stamp with a perfin. So you can't generalise!

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