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Thread: Chile postal stationery
06/04/2020 10:58:08

Exactly right Billy, Cancelled To Order.

An address could always be added later!

Thread: HMSO perforations
04/04/2020 11:15:45

True Fred.

also the Telegram forms tend to have the higher values! I have a few from Dover still on the form with QEII castles on. A valid cancellation!

31/03/2020 23:03:39

Fred - Totally agree - each to their own. I would argue used stamps are not as issued though. I would also add that official perfins should well count the same as the GB official overprints, they just used a perfin instead, as per the OP's question. Even SG list a few "OS" for Australian states & Sudan from memory

Should you decide to throw away any Sloper experimental covers because of the holes, please send them to me instead & I will send you money!

31/03/2020 20:41:42

I agree - not damaged and perfectly collectable. I once wrote a catalogue of Chinese perfins published by the CSS in the USA. Whilst GB perfins tend to reduce the value a NCH perfin on a large dragon raises the value from £150 for the basic stamp to £1500 for that stamp with a perfin. So you can't generalise!

28/03/2020 17:22:10

Hi Bazil - welcome to the forum,

For many modern stamps, a perfin (perforated initials) makes little difference to the value I'm afraid. There are collectors and HMSO, being official, might increase the value from 5p to 10p. One reason why you won't find them as individual lots on-line. Larger lots of a few hundred are regularly seen.

Sorry if this is disappointing news.


Thread: Identifying a Stamp's Country of Issue
23/02/2020 08:14:04

or scan & post Gillian - someone will know (or know someone who will!)

Thread: Display Album
16/02/2020 12:54:22

Hi Kim

I have displayed parts of my collections in the past. Next will be a single frame at the RPSL during the "overseas members" display during London 2020 in May.

Displays which are written up specially, for such events as this or for competitions are written up on the computer and printed on reasonably thick card to stop them bending. Larger displays for clubs evenings etc are often taken straight from the albums so are hand written. Not as neat and the style has changed over the decades but relatively simple! I use white album pages in general but pale cream for one aspect, pale blue for others. The newly acquired items and "bulk" holdings of stamps are in stockbooks awaiting further study, Covers are mounted up, but not written up when I get them. I have years of work to write it all up!

Sometimes I get the bug and decide to deal with one subject in a blitz. So for example an album of British late fee covers put together over 40 years took a week to write up. You can then get all the books and articles on the dining table a do it.

Ultimately though it is your choice. Worth joining a local club and seeing how others display their collections and maybe enter a competition and get some feedback from the judges.

Thread: Displaying covers.
09/02/2020 22:12:01

Hi Billy

Herma Transparol make extra large mounts. Easy to find on google, ebay etc. Not cheap but they work very well. I just took a look and packet of 100 come out around £6-9. You only need two mounts for a normal cover and three for a big one. Using four means to have to bend it to get it out. A tip for "postal" covers which may not have the neatest corners - cut off the very corner of the mount. Took me a long time to learn this one!

Good luck!

Thread: Display Album
08/02/2020 18:58:06

that works! Personal preference clearly!

08/02/2020 16:53:12

No pictures attached Kim!

07/02/2020 19:02:51

Just check any black card you use is acid-free and colour-fast. I would always use white for personal preference, but that's just me - each to their own!

Thread: Grenada ID help
13/01/2020 21:00:26

Gibbons says that these stamps without the surcharge are revenue stamps. Barefoot's revenue catalogue lists this value (#4) but his listing of the THRFE variety is on the three half pence as is SG's. The 3d was not overprinted for postal use, Barefoot points out that there are many varieties of broken letters but only the THRFE variety on the 1 1/2d was due to the wrong letter being added, I looked at the scan carefully but it is impossible to tell, without a much more careful examination, it it is a broken E or a broken F. Certainly a collectible variety for the revenue collector though!

Thread: Queen Victoria Line Engraved mystery!
02/12/2019 22:06:23

Hi Andy, a few observations. Firstly when & where? The postal markings are French, implying it is going abroad from the UK registered as the crown registration mark implies. However the overseas registration fee was 2s6d and in the late 1830s only one letter was registered in eighteen months! (See James Mackay “Registered Mail of the British Isles). In Jan 1841 you could actually send something abroad from places other than London or Edinburgh. This marking is recorded used from 1816 to 1832 by Barrie Jay in the county catalogue vol3.

In France 7 Sep 1841 Dijon to Seurre the next day. It would be interested to see the contents – a business letter in French? As it is addressed to Seurre and there is a firm's handstamp of the sender on the front I have to conclude the stamp and “British” marking have been added to a French entire. The cds for Folkingham (Lincolnshire) actually looks OK (can you read the date?). If such an item were genuine I would expect to see a London transit mark.

Then to the stamp. Whilst 2d blues can oxidise to a darker colour it does not (that I have seen) extend to black. Take a look against a strong light and check if it has a watermark. No watermark – fake. If it is watermarked then a clearer scan of the stamp (800dpi) would help and it could be plated (it'll only be 1 or 2 after all).

It is certainly a fun item.

Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 02/12/2019 22:06:51

Thread: How times have changed !
03/11/2019 08:59:54

Hi Gillian

I think it will easily take many lifetimes to collect the stamps already issued. If there are no new ones then there's a limit! After all there have been no new "old masters" for a few centuries but there are still collectors! We will run out of philatelists before we run out of stamps.

The GB QV group on Facebook thrives - nothing newly issued there.


Thread: Is a certified 3rd party grading company trust worthy?......
03/11/2019 08:53:35

Welcome John.

There are quite a few reputable organisations who will issue certificates of their opinion of authenticity. In some ways it depends what stamps you mean. If US stamps and you are US based, the American Philatelic Society are worth investigating. In the UK, the Expert Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society would be my choice. In Europe each country has its own committee or individual experts. If any of them damaged the stamps sent them or items went missing they wouldn't keep doing it for long! The Royal have been in the game since the 19th century.

Grading condition is really a US thing. After all if it is high end enough, the condition grade will be related to other known examples of the same stamp. The worlds "most valuable stamp" is cut to shape, dirty and looks like a "second". Since it is the only one and has the provenance, $9M when it last sold from the DuPont collection!

Don't forget there is a charge for a good certificate based, often on catalogue price or market value. If you have many very valuable stamps you might want to consider this.


23/10/2019 18:42:54

They must have read your comments Fred!

It is a closed group (now called a private group as of today!) with the following comments:

It is a private group. Just like before, only members can see that you're a member and what you post.

The group is visible in search and other places. Just like before, anyone can find it and ask to join.

So you only need to request to join, not give lots of personal details. I admit it assumes you are a facebook member of course!

I don't belong to the Wilding group, but I do to QV stamps, Postmarks, Rare GB Stamps & one other. A few have become full of people trying to sell stuff, but if the moderators do their job these are soon deleted and the posters kicked out - much the same as here.

19/10/2019 13:44:31

The link is: **LINK**


19/10/2019 13:25:05

Dear Fred

I notice there is a British Wilding Stamps group on Facebook. It has 328 members and an average 3 posts a week. You may find more information and responses there to supplement any you get here


Thread: Ultra violet radiation of multiple crown Wilding definitives.
10/10/2019 13:06:53

Fred - since nobody has posted that seems a great assumption on your part. Have you read the introduction and article? Try the local library for the cost of an inter-library loan.

01/10/2019 09:44:03

I have not read the introduction to the part 3 and compared it with the previous edition. I don't collect Wildings. I spoke to the guy who wrote it however when I pointed out to him your postings here to ask his opinion. I am not posting his name here since that is his option and you do seem quite aggressive to people with a different opinion.

The article I mentioned is in volume 55 no 7 of PB (per Google). I suggest reading it. It maybe a good place to publish your work Fred.


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