The July/August issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from July 2, includes these great features:

 Milestones in British philately

Our comprehensive checklist details all the key inventions, novelties and departures in 180 years of Great Britain stamps and postal history, suggesting 75 obvious places at which to start a collection, or end one 

Florence Nightingale

Born 200 years ago, the founder of modern nursing has been celebrated on a range of stamps and covers, including historic material recalling her finest hour     

Best stamps on the theme of nursing

At a time when we are learning to appreciate the profession as never before, we present the top 24 stamps to kick-start a collection on the theme of nursing

Commonwealth Classics

The fine 1860 issue of India which was intended squarely for soldiers’ letters home to Britain, and used a new portrait of Queen Victoria 

Great Engravers

Why later generations of Swedish engravers have always looked up to Sven Ewert, the maestro of the mid-20th century

Black Magic

How the Post Office used ‘Too Late’ handstamps to absolve itself of responsibility for tardy delivery in the classic period