The September issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from August 6, includes these great features:

King George VI pictorials

The pictorial definitives of 1936-52 are not only wonderful stamps but also a revealing snapshot of the British Empire in its declining years. We compare 30 of the best, in search of truth and beauty

Europa stamp issues & covers

An early legacy of the drive for closer co-operation between European countries, Europa stamps have gone through several distinct eras and philosophies, always eminently collectable 

Penny Black pubs survey

How many of Britain’s pubs are named after the first postage stamp? Here’s what our research turned up, in case you want to ‘collect’ them all

Commonwealth Classics

Tasmania’s ‘sidefaces’ of 1870 outlived the famous Chalons which they superseded, and produced a bewildering array of varieties

Great Engravers

Carl Arlt revelled in designing landmark American stamps, and enjoyed telling philatelists the secrets behind them

Black Magic

An unusual but most theatrical example of a Penny Black used to mail a promotional poster