The June issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from May 9, includes these great features:

Portraits of Queen Victoria

She was the face that launched the postage stamp in 1840, but her longevity ensured that she required many more portraits. Which British Empire issues did her justice, and which did not?

European Union commemoratives

From post-war rapprochement via economic co-operation to political union, you can follow the rise and rise of the EU through the stamps of many nations

Germany & World War I

What did the stamps of Imperial Germany reveal about its psyche in the years before the Great War, and how did occupation overprints and Weimar designs chart its zenith and downfall?

Commonwealth Classics

Historic naval ships dominated Antigua’s fine 1932 issue marking the tercentenary of its settlement

Great Engravers

Jules Piel engraved around 150 of the finest stamps produced by France in the mid-20th century

GB Themes

Dance is an unusual theme on British stamps, by virtue of its strong Commonwealth influences

Eyewitness Accounts

An Edwardian picture postcard of 1906 records a close-up view of an infamous Scottish conflagration