The February issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from January 10, includes these great features:

Designing the London 2010 issues

The special stamp issues which accompanied Britain’s most recent world philatelic exhibition were modern creations with a period feel. We uncover the secrets behind the miniature sheets

Celebrating New Zealand railways

Commemorative issues in 1963 and 1973 hailed the locomotives which helped to open up the rugged territory of New Zealand in the years after European settlement took root

Water postmen

Various locations in Britain have a long tradition of delivering mail to riverine barge-owners, island house-holders and other remote communities by boat. There are quirky examples overseas too

Commonwealth Classics

Malta’s definitive series of 1922, portrayed the same allegorical figure in very different ways

Great Engravers

Jindra Schmidt was part of one of the most fruitful designing and engraving partnerships ever

GB Themes

Many types of flag can be found fluttering on British stamps, from girl guiding to piracy!

Eyewitness Accounts

An 18th-century letter written by a Scottish visitor to London is full of superlatives, and name-dropping