The June issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from May 13, includes these great features:

Prince Philip’s philatelic legacy

The late Duke of Edinburgh appeared on many British and Commonwealth stamps at the side of the Queen, but also on many more in his own right  

Thematic Guide to the heart

Stamps, covers and postmarks featuring the human heart include items relating to blood circulation, hypertension, health campaigns and cardiac surgery   

Commonwealth Classics

A beautiful stamp from Bermuda in 1941 was actually an afterthought, to meet an overlooked airmail rate

Great Engravers

Hubert Woyty-Wimmer enjoyed a distinguished stamp-engraving career, both in Vienna and London  

Black Magic

Could the adhesive stamps which made their debut in 1840 be used as substitutes for sealing wax?

Strange But True

The newly composed musical score which was first published on a stamp, in a strange arrangement