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Burma: feathering the nest

Striking design and crisp printing ensured that Burma's first stamps made a big impact in 1938. But was that a subliminal imperial message in the peacock motif?

Shakespeare becomes first commoner on GB stamps

The Shakespeare Festival set of 1964 broke new ground with its portrait of a commoner, and with its presentation pack, postmarks and aerogrammes

National mourning

The 1965 Churchill Commemoration issue made the formidable parliamentarian, war leader and author the first ever recipient of mourning stamps in Britain

St Vincent's first high value

St Vincent's first high value design in 1880 eschewed Queen Victoria's profile in favour of the arms of the colony. Its classic beauty would make it a recurring theme for the island's stamps

Abraham Lincoln on stamps

Abraham Lincoln on stamps

President during the Civil War and emancipator of the slaves, Abraham Lincoln was shot dead just after the end of the War. Countless stamps have paid tribute.

How the Netherlands Indies' stamps transformed into Indonesian ones

How the Netherlands Indies' stamps transformed into Indonesian ones

The metamorphosis of the Netherlands Indies into Indonesia was traumatic, with invasion followed by revolution. So there's an engrossing range of stamps to collect

Germania mania

A snap decision by a distracted Kaiser instigated Germany's most celebrated definitive issue, which would produce many fascinating varieties

British Guiana: the rarest stamp in the world?

The 1856 British Guiana 1c black on magenta is unique. With only one example universally accepted as genuine, it has become a philatelic legend

The first British commemoratives

Britain's first commemoratives were issued for the 1924-25 British Empire Exhibition at Wembley

India's first stamps were ground-breaking bicolours

India's first stamps were printed locally by the East India Company in 1854. Despite being lithographed to cut costs, they included the Empire's first two-colour design

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