Time Stood Still

John Crace looks at the Machin definitive

Times have changed. Today, you’d be hard pushed to find a 10-year old boy who considers a trip to the village shop to buy a new stamp issue the highlight of the day. That particular village shop has long since closed down, and many of the sub-post offices that are still in business aren’t even sent new stamp issues.

But one thing that has changed little in the last 50 years is the definitive design issued that day in 1967, which we now know as the Machin. The values, the colours and the technical specifications may have evolved over time, but the Queen’s portrait hasn’t.

It’s remarkable really. Over the past 50 years we’ve seen men on the Moon, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the invention of the mobile phone, the development of the internet, Britain deciding to join the European Union and Britain deciding to leave it. Throughout all this, the Machin has remained unmoved.

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