Stars in our eyes

The USA’s Legends of Hollywood series has been celebrating many of the world’s most famous film actors since 1995. It’s a star-studded portrait gallery.

The United States has celebrated its eminent sons and daughters very comprehensively in stamps, in a way that is rivalled by few other countries.

From the very start, in 1847, its issues portrayed Presidents and founding fathers, and in more recent times its long-running definitives have included the Presidential (1938), Liberty (1954) and Great Americans (1980) series, backed up by commemorative series such as Black Heritage (1978), Performing Arts & Artists (1978), and Literary Arts (1979), two of which continue to this day.

The Americans with the greatest worldwide fame and glamour, however, are largely to be found in the Legends of Hollywood series, which commenced in 1995 and is still ongoing.

Photo 2. The principal measurements of the small electric outboard were all doubled to make these templates.

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