Boer Necessity

The newly conquered Boer republic of the Transvaal required stamps portraying the British monarch in 1902. Bicoloured printing helped to give them a touch of elegance

Transvaal 1902 5s black and purple on yellow paper, portraying King Edward VII


The Boers of Dutch descent who migrated north-east from the Cape Colony in the 1830s had been hoping to escape increasing Anglicisation. Entering uncharted territory beyond the Vaal River, however, would give them only temporary respite.

Their South African Republic was annexed by Britain in 1877 and renamed Transvaal, and a portrait of Queen Victoria appeared on the territory’s stamps in 1878.

In the First Boer War in 1880-81 they regained their independence, but in a second conflict in 1899-1902 they were decisively beaten.

Stamps portraying the British monarch were required once again, this time for King Edward VII.

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