Auction Highlights - September 2017

Edited by Adrian Keppel. Prices quoted exclude buyer’s premiums

SWITZERLAND 1851 - The Renan cover

If the most iconic of Switzerland’s cantonal issues is the 1845 ‘Basel Dove’ issue, perhaps its most sought-after item of postal history is the famous Renan cover, offered recently by Corinphila.

Posted from Basel to Renan in November 1951, it is franked with a horizontal pair of the 2½r Basel Dove, from an early printing, in combination with a Rayon II 10r value from the 1850 national issue.

The cover’s rarity derives partly from the combination franking and partly from the postage rate, 5r extra having been paid to cover the second weight step. It is widely regarded as one of the three greatest philatelic rarities of Basel, the other two being locked away in the Swiss Museum for Communication.


MEXICO 1934 - National University Fund hoard

A highlight of Kelleher’s sale was an astonishing hoard of the 1934 National University Fund issue of Mexico, in pristine mint condition.

Sold as a single lot by the son of a man who bought the stamps direct from the post office in 1935, it comprised no fewer than 100 sets, either in complete sheets or large multiples; in the case of the 20p top value, remarkably, this represents more than 6% of the total print-run, which was just 1,500.

The series comprised 10 surface mail and eight airmail values, with different pictorial designs, all inscribed ‘Pro-Universidad’. The small-format centavo values were printed in sheets of 100 divided by a gutter, the small-format peso issues in sheets of 50, and the larger-format airmail issues in sheets of 30.


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