Auction Highlights June 2017

NEW ZEALAND 1949 Unissued Royal Visit 3d

This fine example of New Zealand’s famous unissued 1949 Royal Visit 3d, which came up for sale at Mowbray, doubled the record price for the rarity.

The design, showing HMS Vanguard, was one of a set which had already been printed to mark a planned tour by King George VI, when it was cancelled due to ill-health.

The whole print run was ordered to be destroyed, but a few copies surfaced in the 1970s. Legend has it that they had been rescued from the flames as they protruded from the furnace door!

Just seven stamps are in private hands, and this is considered the finest.


CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1919 Unique overprint block

Czech auction house Burda offered a multiple regarded as the most sought-after in Czechoslovakian philately, but which had never been auctioned before!

It was a marginal block of nine of the ‘Posta Ceskoslovenska 1919’ overprint on the 20f brown ‘Magyar Posta’ Harvesters definitive of Hungary, the rarest of myriad stamps overprinted that year.

Following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, Austrian and Hungarian stamps were invalidated within the new state of Czechoslovakia, but the general public could exchange them for similar stamps overprinted with the new country name, paying a premium which was donated to charity.

Only one sheet of 100 of the ‘Magyar Posta’ version of the 20f is thought to have been overprinted. This marginal block of nine is the largest remaining multiple, and it includes all four main overprint types.


Prices quoted exclude buyer’s premiums

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