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RM prices

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Julian21/07/2017 12:09:07
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@ Trev sorry I missed your post.

I used a Pre Decimal £1 stamp on an Item to the USA and never had a problem, if I could remember the buyer I would ask them to send the envelope back to me, because that would really be worth something!!! But I wonder what the chances are of it being post cancelled anyway!!!!

I am aware sorting offices do not cancel envelopes with old style stamps like my 15,5p etc stamps, they either get scribbled over or not at all.

Also using stamps from stamp packs even modern usually slip through un-cancelled.

The girls at my P.O do stamp/cancel them there and then when I post at counter and get Proof of Posting slips.

I also know that there are times when the sorting office ask the P.O to do this as well because every now and again you see them all doing it at counter.

Curiosity will get the better of me and I no doubt will phone them, just got to work out whether cheaper by mobile or by landline, my sever is damned expensive landline connection and per min charges.

I got some things on Ebay at the moment and will see if I can get one of the girls and see what they say, I might even be able to persuade one to find out for me through their side and they might call for me on their phones lol lol lol.

Julian25/07/2017 15:20:44
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Well an update for you!

Since replying to RM's email I have now had a further 2 emails passing me from one department to another to another? Now if I was on the phone doing this I would have been probably on it waiting and listening to music and getting no where fast and I guess 20 to 30 mins.

Whilst all this has been going on, I have had a brainwave. If I think about this logically and yes I know in todays world, this is an extremely dangerous to do, as the post an go label is done on weight and not cost or price, the fact RM have increased the weight limit to 20 - 60gm from 20 - 40gm the label itself is still valid up to 40gm minimum.

The area of risk, should you want to try it, is to push your luck and go for 60gm limit which from what I am experiencing in communication with RM you could probably get away with but the problem will be customs the other end of the process and should they contest it!!!

Paul Davey 125/07/2017 22:33:07
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Hi Julian,

Customs is not the issue, providing you don't contravene any limits. The PO at the receiving should collect whatever the UK puts on the envelope. If nothing then nothing! I believe there is an exception in cases of obvious error, but given the confusion apparently suffered by RM on this it is hardly obvious! You may get more luck talking to someone from Revenue Protection than Customer Services. Problem is to get put through to someone in the right department.

You could always get one of the BBC consumer programmes to take a look at a privatised concern offering postage valid in perpetuity and not "delivering". Maybe they would have more luck?


Julian26/07/2017 17:20:39
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Hi Paul, I wrote to the Editor of the mag and he did not know either. Ha ha ha the BBC eh.

Emmm yes I am still recovering from my customs experience , so wrong people your right. However i would love to know if at customs they have a postal dept on hand as they are not allowed to open mail without them present to do so?

Mia Stampuser04/08/2017 16:56:05
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I was offline for a while so didn't see this until now. I am a regular user of first class plus extra stamps for overseas mail. I too have received comments from post office counter staff about "not being allowed to use 1st on international mail" but that stance is absolute poppycock. This should also go for post from other countries as well - I enjoy seeing the various US forevers plus additional postage.

Royal Mail on Twitter have said "can absolutely use 1st class stamps on international mail, but need to make sure you have enough to cover the postage." (I searched Twitter with "1st on international mail"

Complaining to or asking Royal Mail questions on Twitter seems to yield faster results.

I have put up on my wall the postage prices - for letters, the weight bands are 10g, 20, and then jumps to 100g.

Julian05/08/2017 08:30:33
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Hi Mia,

I am not a lover of media portholes such as FaceBook or Twitter but I suspect your probably right as for getting a response from RM. Something that puts them in the public gaze should always provoke a response. Unfortunately its the way of the world that humanity has to behave in such a way, we are slowly being forced to sign up to all sorts of media, just for our information to be hacked or abused in some way?!

However, as predicted, RM have pushed me around from dept to dept and still no answer to the question! I would dread to think how much this would have cost me in a phone call and probably with the same outcome. The is Britain though and I expect little else from such a useless country and attitude of people or business, it is no wonder they keep increasing the retirement age, they are the only people who seem to have brains and respect?

Julian07/08/2017 20:21:54
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Well just had email back today from RM and guess what????

Thanks for contacting Royal Mail.
I’m sorry I’m unable to provide assistance with your enquiry as it relates to Post Office®. All enquiries and complaints relating to their services are handled by them. I have provided their contact details below so you can contact them directly:
Julian16/01/2018 16:05:38
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I just wanted to say as I promised, I eventually did use these labels on Christmas cards to USA and they all found there way to their destination. It does go to prove that the RM do not know what they are doing as you all know I never did get the reply to their validity, except of course their legitimate 40g use even though this does not exist now.

This is the type of thing that does bug me when you have something in your collection and you cannot find the correct purpose from RM to their value or use! We all know that a 1st and 2nd class stamp carries the up to date value with yearly increases but this was certainly a tricky one except from the obvious 40g value EVEN THOUGH IT DOES NOT EXIST!

I did tell my friends to make sure they keep the stamps but I don't think they will but a good Ebay item anyway should they keep them, especially if cancelled?

I have a whole bunch of these and I think this Christmas 2018 I will ask them to send back the envelopes because I would love to see what on Ebay a collector would pay for one?

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