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Advice About Stamp Mounts

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Gillian Hutchinson14/02/2017 12:01:49
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Thanks for the helpful replies. My stamps are mostly commemorative and all different shapes and sizes. I don't know if you can put different shapes and sizes in one strip of mounts, but I have a lot of stamps, which I just want to get displayed in albums and which I have no intention of selling. I also don't have the time to work with stamp mounts, but was thinking of using a stock album for the new, un-franked stamps and the self-adhesive ones that have a sticky residue even after soaking.

Thanks for your tip about Ziploc bags, Carmen. I am already doing that, having learned my lesson about damp hinges. Just wondering, do you often use picture corners or just for sheets of stamps? I am with you on the looking for something everywhere except in the place which should have been obvious. I wouldn't have thought to look there either as I am not that organized so have often been surprised to find I've put something where I should have put it.

By the way, this is the most active stamp forum I know of. I have joined several on Yahoo, but they mostly post about stamps they have for sale or exchange and there is zilch conversation.



Carmen14/02/2017 13:08:29
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Yeah, I will mostly use them with any kind of larger sheet.

There was another massive stamp forum I had joined, but I stopped using it because people were so NASTY. One time, a guy pretty much called another guy an idiot for asking the question he asked, so I just stepped in and said essentially, "hey folks... let 's be nice to people as they get started collecting!"

Believe or not, a Moderator sent ME an email saying that if I DID THAT AGAIN, I WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE FORA!

My jaw literally dropped. And that was that on THAT forum. I could NOT believe it.

NO SUCH FOLK HERE... this is a terrific place to ask all our questions, whether they're considered stupid or not! And, of course, that's because there are NO stupid questions, see?!

Thanks everyone! And Happy Valentine's Day too! heartkiss


Edited By Carmen on 14/02/2017 13:09:26

Julian14/02/2017 14:24:13
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Hi Gillian the sticky Adhesives they seem to advise either dusting with talcum powder or to re mount the stamp on I think Glassine but again I cannot remember exactly, there was one article that the guy was very interesting to watch and gave good advice. The link is below.


However as I have just learned with Paul there are good reasons why not to use such methods so again it really comes back to you as a collector?

Some of the things I have seen on Utube though are terrible and just make you cringe!

I have come to the conclusion though with stamps in any aspect, because of the nature of stamp material, it is hard keeping them in any form as one way or another paper degrades and is affected by so many issues.

So I don't think there is a clear winner overall and for me it boils down to space in my house.

Julian14/02/2017 14:32:43
626 forum posts
261 photos

Sorry Carmen I never saw your previous post but way to funny my dear.

I started this aging thing a tad before 50!!!! My memory is shot, so I know all about chuckling from both angles.

Julian14/02/2017 14:43:46
626 forum posts
261 photos

talking of memory I just realised my Avitar not been updated crying I thought I'd give Diana a rest huh. Katy sarcastic 2


Collectra19/02/2017 16:45:11
17 forum posts

I buy old packs of hinges on Ebay- the ones made 30-49 years ago before they stopped being peelable.

I mainly use mounts but since I have some inexpensive previously hinged stamps I hinge those.

Carmen23/02/2017 12:42:35
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Hey Craig, that's actually a really smart idea. I do recall those hinges were far more "removable" than the ones produced today, at least where the paper of the album is concerned, It inevitably leaves marks on mine, although not on the stamp itself, which is perhaps more important.

Gillian Hutchinson24/02/2017 19:31:27
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Carmen, people can be so unpleasant, can't they?

Julian, I heard that idea before, about the talcum powder. I did try it at the time and it appeared to work wonderfully, but I haven't come across any stamps recently that kept their stickiness even after soaking. I did also hear it wasn't such a good idea to use talcum powder.


Julian08/03/2017 20:23:46
626 forum posts
261 photos

Hi Gillian,

Anyway with regard talc it would have to be non perfumed I believe but even with all these different things as I have learned with Paul and a few other posts, these chemicals can all alter the state of the stamp and even water soaking too.

As the guy in that link says most adhesive stamps are of no or little value so it does not really matter and that using the chemical he uses (and I am not going to watch it again) it does leave the sticky back and then he remounts them. I personally would not go through this at all but he does it because it shows the perforation of the stamp, as I collect sheets and MNH stamps and I use the mounts you have purchased or just plastic sleeves. I am restricted by space to mounting is a big problem for me, stock books soon fill etc etc. And even using mounts soon fills out an album or folder. Lol I did this with Gibraltar as my stock book was overfilling, then I used mounts and transferred these to SG pages and all I succeeded in doing was filling up one folder to another but at least it created space in my mind but probably not in reality.

I am fast coming to an end with stamps, learning what I have and may well go back to FDC's even though I cringe at the thought because of space which is why I went to stamps but I do have to say I have more than enough proper stamps of Diana now and I think I can lay it to rest.

Its a shame but finding out what I have, has sort of gutted me and I now dread looking at my collection because I wonder just how much it is real let alone the "C" category.

But as you say this forum has been fun and I have learned lots, its been one heck of a ride but without coming here I would never have found out what I have, so I am pretty pleased really.

And I just had a thought, I may even go back to old postcards or the old sea side funny ones, they always appealed to my sense of humour.

Gillian Hutchinson08/03/2017 23:24:09
64 forum posts
2 photos

Three questions, Julian.

You say you're coming to and end with stamps. Does this mean you're leaving the forum? That would be a shame as I'm sure any advice you can give to any of us still on the stamp collecting journey would be helpful.

Secondly, forgive my ignorance, but what is the 'C' category? I read your other post about illegal stamps. That must have been disheartening, but it's probably best just to move on from that.

Thirdly, wouldn't postcard collecting also take up space? I have collected postcards over the years, but haven't put any in envelopes for a few years. Years ago I found an old scrap book, which I covered with green foil paper and cut out the words Post Card from a postcard and stuck them on the front of the album, then put any cards I received into the album. In more recent years my husband bought a proper postcard album and I put some post cards into that. I like doing genealogical research and have found some very useful information from old postcards.


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