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Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
21/05/2018 11:53:34

How apropos on my birthday, a cover about My Favouritest Sport EVER! cakegift GO ENGLAND!

Edited By Carmen on 21/05/2018 11:53:52

03/05/2018 13:10:54

25000 images... that's wild!

So at this point do you have a cover for each day of the year or do you still have any missing dates?

Thread: A new method for self-adhesive stamp removal...
01/05/2018 12:07:44

Yup... definitely "your mileage may vary"!

Just curious - what country were the self adhesives from? Could it be some countries are using a nastier adhesive than others?

Thread: What do you collect?
22/04/2018 12:43:40

Welcome Bruno! As for your Wallet's Despair, WE HEAR YA!


Thread: A new method for self-adhesive stamp removal...
22/04/2018 12:41:36

Great Bruno! Let us know your results as well. As I say I did my first experiment with some current stamps so I didn't really care what the result was... and it was great!

Thread: New Issue Lists
22/04/2018 12:39:43

Yes... I think I read somewhere that the gentleman who used to do it has passed away and there is no one else to do it.

Thread: Phosphor Bands
16/04/2018 11:26:27

Indeed Trevor, there are some magnificent engraved stamps out there. I used to especially enjoy the stuff issued by the Soviet Union (and all the other Communist countries). Some of it was magnificent, even if it proved my point about Communist Hypocrisy: "We refute capitalism by issuing stamps with the sole purpose of getting rich off stamp collectors."


I remember showing some to a friend of ours who was born in Russia and came to Canada as a teen... she laughed and said "Nope! I don't think any of US ever saw or used those!"

Thread: American railway postal history
07/04/2018 22:22:26

Love that top one, Alex. A beautiful illustration of the progression of the sport, as it were.

Thread: Oh man, Carmen is PUMPED!
06/04/2018 12:46:00

Well folks, it REALLY don't take much to excite the children.

Here's what happens when you and the husband pay off the mortgage a few years earlier than expected:

uk - great britain 1 - purch 06 mar 18 - ez stamp pic.jpg

That's right people... you get to knock an item of your Philatelic Bucket list, in this case, by purchasing a beautiful 1840 GB #1 Penny Black, complete with certificate of authenticity, by spending the following mortgage payment that would have come out on it.


By the way, in order to remember the bottom plate letters (and I didn't pick 'em or anything) and since I'm a French Canadian, EH stands for "Eliminer l'Hypotheque"! ("Get rid of the mortgage!"

Now for the next item on my list... a Treskilling Yellow... LOL! wink

Actually no, my next item will be a Canada #1 Red Beaver stamp.

Thread: Subscription query
05/04/2018 17:48:28

I could be wrong but I was under the impression that was only available to people living in Great Britain...

Thread: Phosphor Bands
04/04/2018 12:21:36

Well cool Trevor, thanks! I do have a lot of them but I must admit it's not a particular interest of mine, although I never cease to be impressed by all the colours they come up with!

Thread: GB Illustrated Special Event Covers & Handstamp Postmarks
04/04/2018 12:19:15

Well thanks, Geoff... he certainly has helped your collection!

03/04/2018 12:35:40

Hey Geoff, another item of curiosity - I see many of these covers were sent to a Mr. F. Harwood - friend? Relative? No one you know?

Thread: Phosphor Bands
03/04/2018 12:27:32

Huh... I'm not a devotee of Machins: what's the "Machin bible"? Just curious! smiley

Thread: Future of Danish Swedish Engraved Stamps
02/04/2018 14:38:06

Sounds like the Way of the Future: stamps are dying as a means of getting information to people, why worry about quality?

Sigh. sad

Thread: Engraving to British Post, Size of the Dies
02/04/2018 14:36:38

My best recommendation to you, Mustafa, would be to contact Royal Mail directly.

Thread: A new method for self-adhesive stamp removal...
02/04/2018 14:33:35

Well I finally had a chance to try this method out last week, folks, and my results, after drying, were SUPERB. Not a lick of Sticky Goo on any stamp! I did accidentally tear a couple removing residue but since these were cheapy current stamps, no worries. Just a lesson to be careful.



1. Fill a 2-inch deep container (I used a pie plate!) with very hot water

2. Add a dash of soap, preferably Sunlight Lemon - swirl it around.

3. Add the stamps and let them soak for ten minutes or so

4. Remove them from their backing. They should come off quite easily

5. Rinse each stamp in a second dish of water, rubbing them *carefully* (if you don't want them to tear!) to remove any remaining sticky gunk

6. Dry as per usual (I personally use a stamp drying book).


Edited By Carmen on 02/04/2018 14:34:32

Thread: Self-adhesive retail booklet stamps
25/03/2018 12:51:46

I actually don't remove the stamps - If I receive a retail booklet stamp of any kind, which is unusual for me, I have always tended to store it as received, in an open way to show the stamps inside, using picture corners so that I can remove it if need be, to look at the other side of it.

That's just me though. Others may have different thoughts?

Edited By Carmen on 25/03/2018 12:52:00

Thread: My collection advice
22/03/2018 11:08:45

Yeah, who knows, Mark, maybe you own a Treskilling Yellow... in which case you're now My New Best Friend! laugh

I mean I doubt it, but one can always dream, can't one? It's why we collect stamps, after all!

Thread: How to number stamps from a Miniature Sheet?
20/03/2018 11:35:45

Just bumping this one back to the top... surely there is someone who can help? Unfortunately, it won't be me since I use the Scott catalog.

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