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Thread: Minxy Carmen Country
31/07/2017 13:35:33

Actually Julian, saw the article and read through it quick-like, but haven';t gone to go look and see what I have (if any of them!) in my own collection yet... will let you know!

Thread: Post here first! (Sandbox)
30/07/2017 12:42:50

Welcome to the Fora, Tracey! I'm sure someone will chime in with some suggestions for you... there some good folk in here with extensive experience. In the meantime, though, may I suggest looking around the fora as well because I know that others have asked the same question as you in the past? It can certainly be quite confusing, that's for sure, but will a little explanation, it is a fascinating hobby! I'm in Canada though so I'm not the best person to tell you where to get some assistance in Jolly Old England (which is where I assume you are...)

Come on kids, let's get some advice going! laugh

Thread: Shattered illusions and shattered lives
22/07/2017 15:08:15

Oh I don't know Julian, I think there's room for both? (i.e. even in this case the cemetery with crosses "row on row" and the life-saving Bible... but also showing us that war affected all people (and culture, literature etc.) as well, not just the soldiers themselves as important as it is to "center" them within the series for sure (I speak as former military myself and a military wife now)

Just my thought because I can't quite remember what other stamps have been issued in this series so far...


Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
15/07/2017 14:13:35

Welcome to the fora Steve! Enjoy the somewhat-wacky-but-always-knowledgeable crowd in here!

Thread: Mystery stamp from Minxy Carmen :-)
11/07/2017 12:41:35

Yes, thanks Alex! Sure enough, I hadn't searched far enough into the Philippines database.

10/07/2017 16:05:16

Thanks Alex, but the mystery continues, since my Scott catalog shows no stamps being issued in 1943. I also looked in the military stamp section for Japan but nothing there either, nor does the stamp have the usual Chrysanthemum motif... should I be looking around the Philippines?

10/07/2017 13:11:07

Was given this stamp yesterday... I assume it's from around WWII in the far East somewhere because of the Corregidor/Bataan/Manila references but no joy aside from that.

Anyone? Japan maybe (not that my database had any info).


mystery 1 - mb - 09jul17.jpg

Thread: New start looking for advice
10/07/2017 13:05:55

Hey Julian! Yes, been well (and lippy as usual), but busy! Always good to be back, even if it means I have to put up with your sauciness, mister! laugh

Thread: Commemorative collection
08/07/2017 13:31:17

Hey Alistair, one of the things we're told here is that you really need to check to see just how well your household insurance *will* cover your stamps. For that reason, since I'm a member of Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, they have member rates for specific stamp insurance, so I opted for that instead. Up to a certain value, they don't require an inventory or anything and in my case, that will more than cover the value of the stamps I own.

Thread: SG1
08/07/2017 13:26:16

"Number Ones" are actually a collecting interest of mine as well, Alistair, and yes, there would be quite a number in view of all the countries that no longer exist as well as those that currently exist. But the fact is that in my case anyway, there are some #1s I simply cannot afford to buy - even a Canada #1 in only Very Good condition is currently catalogued at about $845.00 (about 400 pounds), which is not small change. So I'm doing my best, knowing that it will always be an incomplete collection.

Thread: New start looking for advice
08/07/2017 13:15:59

Hey Ethan, welcome to the Fora!

I'm in a similar situation as you, having been given two old stamp albums by some friends, a Whitman Postage Stamp Album and a 29th Edition Gibbons "The Strand" Stamp Album, both dating back to the forties or fifties if I recall correctly.

I too was initially going to remove the stamps and then re-home them in my own albums but then I got to thinking, "nah, these are part of postal history! Why not keep them!" So I catalogued the stamps in them (I use fantastic software called EZStamp) and have decided that should I get some double stamps from the time period that would go into the album, I'll just throw those in there as well to add to them.

One of the things you'll want to do, though, is to ensure that no further damage can come to your albums through humidity or other factors - I buy refillable stuff here in Canada called DampChek that absorbs humidity. I keep some near my stamp collection shelves and in my office which is in our basement.

But like Julian said, anything goes when it comes to stamp collecting... whatever YOU want to do is just FINE (don't let the stamp snobs, of which there *aren't* any in this forum by the way!) tell you otherwise.

Thread: Canadian Stamp Collecting podcast...
15/04/2017 17:25:00

Well we certainly did Gillian... a good time was had by all!

Thread: GB Overseas stamp mystery
15/04/2017 17:22:45

Great, thanks Alex!

14/04/2017 13:27:08

Hi all! I'm looking for a Scott number or at least the right country reference for this stamp:

gb overseas.jpg

One website indicated it was British Postal Agencies in Eastern Arabia

SG number 65... unfortunately my Scott Catalog shows no such country reference, so I can't find the Scott number for it. I have an identical one with Qatar, but this one, as you can see, has no reference to Qatar on it...

Would anyone have any thoughts as to where I could find it in Scott?

Thanks kids! Sorry I haven't been around otherwise... been a busy time!

Thread: Machines and stamp packs
01/04/2017 16:36:39

Sorry for the late reply Julian, I haven't been around lately! EZStamp can be found out about here:


20/03/2017 11:06:27

Thanks Julian, you flatterer, you! Actually, I was just putting away some of the Haunted Canada stamps in my album the other day... I realized I had about 3 years of new issues (I temporarily keep them in stock books when they come out) that I had not cataloged so I go onto doing that to get caught up. I use the MOST excellent EZStamp software to do it. Best investment I ever made!

Thread: Canadian Stamp Collecting podcast...
17/03/2017 12:05:27

The Loyalist stamp was issued in 1984. And yes, the loyalists figure in my husband's family since a bunch of them indeed came here from the States. In fact, my sister in law (who is far more old-fashioned about these thing than we are), has been known to put UEL (which stands for United Empire Loyalist) at the end of her name, along with her degree, on formal paperwork.

As for being an O'Donnell by marriage, Happy St. Patricks Day to you all! My husband is descended from Red Hugh himself! Tonight we're going to a St. Patrick's Day Dinner at the Officer's Mess, which he and a colleague organised, complete with an Irish meal including Guinness Pie of course... and ending with a good old Irish Coffee! Woohoo!

Thread: Machines and stamp packs
17/03/2017 11:56:55

That's really interesting, guys. Yes, here in Canada, we can download Details Magazine by Canada Post which provides an update and background descriptions etc. for all upcoming stamp issues. A very well-produced, beautiful magazine, available free of charge on the Canada Post website (or even in paper copy!) Here is an example link:


By the way, Julian, if it's a Cheeky Carmen pic you're looking for, I'm free to oblige, from a hockey game my husband and I went to a couple of weeks ago:

mike and me - 2017 sens game.jpg

Thread: Emblem on stamp
17/03/2017 11:47:35

Ah, Norman Rockwell, I love that guy. Probably because I originally went into Law and that was because to this day I have a rather high view of humans and our universal rights, and I thought he really portrayed some of them well, like the man above, standing up to have his say. Now if only the idiots who are trying to take those rights away from people would remember them. And I don't mean just the States, I mean EVERYWHERE.

The ONE THING we don't have a "right" to, I'm sorry to inform most of the politically correct crowd today, is to "NOT be offended", ya know? Oy.

Thus endeth the rant.

As for my pic, dear Alex, no my husband was nowhere to be seen, dainties and all! It was kindly taken for us by a professional photographer at our Church who offered to take staff pics to thanks us for all our hard work, What a sweetie she is. Nor is that picture the most accurate anymore... I've lost 49 lbs since it was taken! laugh

Thread: Penny Red
17/03/2017 11:39:11

Very cool... I like how they incorporated the original maltese cross postmark into their postmark!

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