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Thread: Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?
25/11/2015 08:35:42
Posted by canadian NorthAmerican on 24/11/2015 21:16:45:

Ian/Adrian: I was unable to see the article; please can you post link to it; thanks.


Check your messages on this site, I've just sent you one.


24/11/2015 19:20:19

Here is one of those 1964 Spanish Navy stamps in all its full glory: the 40c depicting the Santa Maria, engraved by German Martin Orbe.


Posted by Ian Greenwood on 21/11/2015 10:33:47:

As for the procedures themselves, those we saw were illuminating, but surely not the whole story. There is an article in the current issue of Another Magazine which attempts clarification, not entirely successfully in the view of this reader.

I only had a chance to read it today. I actually thought it was quite thorough and clear. Must admit I had to reread it a couple of times but then, it's quite technical anyway and that's not my strong point, but I do feel that I now have a better idea of what goes on when the engraver produces his artwork.

23/11/2015 19:08:07

Never trust Spanish anchors!

But yet another fantastic set you've managed to find the all-important info for. You're doing very well, Sir! Feels like Christmas having come early.

23/11/2015 10:57:03

That's great information, cNA! I only had the 5p air on my list from this gorgeous set so I'm very glad to be able to link so many of the others. And learn that German is a Christrian name as well!

18/11/2015 19:13:11

Intriguing! I seem to recognise the 1998 Ancient Greek writers set, which may well be engraved but is printed in lithography. The items on the lower right hand side could be anything. Any more clues?

Here, by the way, is one of those 2011 Hermes stamps in all its full glory:


15/11/2015 15:34:57

Go right ahead, I'm not bidding on any of these. My stamp budget for the foreseeable future is tied up in upcoming lots at the Corinphila auction. Which is a good thing, I think.

15/11/2015 13:58:54

Very nice indeed. You're turning into a great link finder!

I bumped into a fantastic auction, coming up this November 17, of USA essays and proofs only. A whole catalogue full of wonderful items. It can be downloaded for free:

** LINK **

13/10/2015 09:58:03

Correction - Ah, but you are and you've just shown it!

Glad you knew who he was. I actually had him on my list, but didn't know his first name yet, so Alfonso didn't yield any search results.

By the way: I only wish the proof was mine! It's actually for sale in Auktionshaus Gärtner's October issue, see here:


12/10/2015 20:57:41

I try!

Anyway, seeing that you're quite the expert on Spanish matters as well, would you have any idea who Alfonso S T might be? Here's a die proof signed by him from a Spanish airmail stamp of 1953:


11/10/2015 14:07:05

It's quite something waking up every morning and finding ever more beautiful images posted by cNA.

Here is the finished result of that gorgeous owl banknote, which is from the 1981 series issued in New Zealand, not Australia! Took me a while to find it!


21/09/2015 12:44:37

Fascinating how much detail is still known about how the background was made!

17/09/2015 08:03:31

Yes, that's very clear, thanks cNA. I thought standalone in this context was meant as 'without the castle and frame bits'.

Looking forward to any future instalments!


16/09/2015 19:34:42

cNA, once again you manage to start a series which makes our (well, mine at least) hearts beat a little faster.

I was reading 'The Die Proofs of Waterlow & Sons' today, on my veranda in the sun, as one does, and suddenly came across this, and I immediately remembered the quote in one of your images, about no die proofs of the standalone portrait being known. Even the die number is the same, so clearly there are known die proofs, or am I mixing things up here?

(PS: skip the first sentence, it's still dealing with a KG6 issue)

bard proof.jpg

07/09/2015 19:03:30

Yes, I second that, great to hear from you again, Michael! And thanks for your very kind words re my blog.


Oh and cNA: don't you dare!

16/08/2015 19:18:41

Here is the Brunei banknote in question, from the 1989-1995 issue:


16/08/2015 14:30:14

Gorgeous! It is used on the banknote issue of 1980 and is cropped in various ways on various denominations. The 200 shillings shows most of the engraving:


13/08/2015 09:03:35

cNA (sorry to interrupt you, Som), hold your horses!

I've just been told that the Darwin line could have been a scanner defect so I checked the actual stamp and indeed, no dividing line to be found. So that mystery has been solved now. Sorry to have got you all excited!


Thread: Do you have an SG Part 10 Russia catalogue?
12/08/2015 20:49:22

Thanks Billy, but they show each and every Nagorno stamp including loads of Europa stamps which as far as I know have never been .officially recognised. What I'm trying to find out is if SG still lists NK stamps and if not, when did they stop.

SG did list the issues of the first 5 or so years, so obviously regarded those as proper stamps, but I'm wondering whether their position has since changed.

12/08/2015 10:44:25

I'm working on a column on Nagorno-Karabakh but unfortunately both my SG Part 10 Russia and my SG Stamps of the World catalogues end at the end of the last century.

I'm hoping to find out if there are any entries in the SG catalogues for Nagorno-Karabakh after 1998, after SG17.

If any of you happen to have a more recent SG catalogue than me, could you please check?


Thread: Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?
11/08/2015 20:43:05


I see myself more as your humble pupil who tries ever so hard to follow in his master's illustrious footsteps!

I don't think I have any further Heras queries at the moment though I do wonder which Spanish engraver engraved that stamp from the 2014 Belgium Antwerp Market sheet...


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