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Thread: booklet
27/04/2017 00:18:05

Hi Paul, Yes I saw the layout of panes but did not think it would have bearing on this, other than being a PAIN

I looked around and played with searches also looked at a few stamp sites on the net but nothing much seemed to come up, so thought I'd ask in here?

I did have the sneaky suspicion reading SG that there was going to be a snag and by your last reply I missed out on reading about panes layout, I did try looking for the trick of reading either side because you never know when SG cross reference something, which I remember from my Guyana fiasco!!! The only thing I got from Gibbons was the date and I can make the feint part of the writing fit. As I say, C in Michel denotes booklet and I only linked that because of the numerals used so thought Michel being the obvious clue. I suppose it could be this persons own listing method and actually have nothing at all to do with anything about Cat's.

There is a funny thing I have a bunch of loose first and second class stamps and found some had no perfs on edges, I was full of expectation on a major error, it was stopped by reading about booklets and that this is where they come from, lol lol talk about burst your bubble!!!!!

26/04/2017 20:32:20

Lol hi Paul, well you might be right on that point as mine is a tad out of date but not that far out for a proper description to be in there. If it takes more than a decade to catch up that speaks volumes and I still have that nasty Guyana - Gibbons experience in my throat. Yes and I do accept I am still learningblush

But while we are on the subject is the "l" in reference to Labelquestion

I got to laugh, I only wanted to know what this guys writing meant but I suppose at least I know its not Gibbons related now!embarrassed

Thread: Huge catalog of postage stamps of Moldova
26/04/2017 15:00:25

Would you like to elucidate upon this post?

Thread: booklet
26/04/2017 14:52:44

So no joy with what whoever wrote those numbers as to what they mean, I have seen those numerals on European prices before the 1 being very distinctive, so I thought that may have been Micheal numbering?

Gibbons in their wisdom as usual put little information in the catalogue and the only thing it states is dates and panes but nothing about the panes, as what you have said? The initial date is 27.4 but 1664la is 17.4.01 so if i go by the person who wrote what they have that number must mean the latter and that Postcode would be the correction but that is one heck of a guess over an "s"

Emmm just been into the Michel glossary on the net and it seems C does mean booklet so these numbers do seem related to it but as Gibbons give no real indication like all their other rubbish they produce in descriptions looks like I shall have to wait and see if anyone out there does have a knowledge about such things!

If I take the really faint marking the H could be a 4 thus indicating 27.4 The C 1956 dI & not d1 as I thought because that is not a one on closer inspection its either an L or i but only the writer will know? Without having a Michel Cat I cannot do any searching.

Such is life

Thread: Postage Due & To Pay
26/04/2017 13:15:54

Ok now I think I know what this seller has done and its cost me, so you can imagine what I am thinking about them!

I did a deal with this person as I normally do but they have declared the original pricing and not the reduction on the customs form angry So if shipping is included on the £135 limit then yes because of this persons error I have had to pay tax on something I should not havecrying

Not sure whether its worth challenging because I cant really prove what has happened and I cannot really blame the seller because I suspect they did not know either about customs. But what makes it worse is that its their error just because they never put the truth on the customs declaration.

Thread: booklet
25/04/2017 21:39:26

I have a £1 booklet which has writing int the inside in pencil which I believe is Micheal because the numerals look foreign?

There are two versions of this In SG? I believe its year 2000 and it says FH44 contains (1664l) or 1664la (17.4.01)?



You can just make out on the above and above the labels the left hand side is feint but looks like27H or M / 1a02 the other side is clear C 1956 d1 The 1st class right of the 2nd has a white dash in it as well behind the Queens head about nose level.

SG talks about panes and the number is in the design?????

Thread: Postage Due & To Pay
25/04/2017 18:09:22

Hi Paul,

I obviously went on RM's website and it says anything over £15 is taxable, it does state that this has been lapse in the past and the issue I have is exchange rate but I cannot say until I have the parcel in my hands as surely there will be a reason given on it?

As I have said in here, geez knows how many times I have brought stamp collections and indeed my friend saving bits up and sending it altogether, I have never once had to pay customs and even the coin dealing I have done, IF anything I expect it on China and Hong Kong goods more than anything.

I can only imagine they declared the price I paid for these items and that's whats flagged up. Probably maybe also ticked a wrong box as well I suspect as commercial which they are not. So right now I am not quite sure whats going on £135 is about $190 and I never paid that but it was over $100 which does not equate to £135.

You mean even on stamps, in Switzerland you pay customs imports?

25/04/2017 16:54:16

Well I just had my first ever shock, purchased an item from the States and have been hit with a Customs Charge. Never had this before so I am not quite sure whats happening, obviously the seller has declared something on the customs declaration which is out the ordinary but I shall see tomorrow when delivered, I at the moment have no idea why this item should incur customs charge other than the price I paid for it. I do not quite see this as I have never had this before! ALSO an extortionate RM charge of £8, could pay for a stamp pack that onecrying

But quite aptly brings in to question these type stamps:

to pay.jpg

I also note there are older types "Postage Due" and I have never seen either, even as a boy I don't think I have ever seen these things.

Now the question is, are these stamps / labels / Or C's because they could, all three in title be the same thing, I think we can discount the C category as it has been made for a purpose even though technically not a stamp. A label seems more fitting as it is a request to pay or extra postage needed, I assume this would have been delivered by a different postman method, I cant see someone handing over £5 in those days to a posty, if I saw one today I would scribble over it and say "thats what its worth"devil.

And yet it is a stamp in design, although no queens head on it, is this significant to the answer one wondersquestion

Answers on a Post Card and as usual if it is the right answer and gets through properly cancelled, you get the bonus prize of the month

Thread: ex stamp collectors old stock
22/04/2017 23:52:05

Hi Rob,

Hope you have a good visit and weather, I somehow reckon you'll be chilly.

All your own auctions if you have time to list them, is best place I feel to sell, Ebay and the like.

This is sadly a question which is asked a lot in here and there's no real decent way of advising you.

I think most people in here would love to have it as inheritance but buying you need time to go through it all.

I think the reason your father may have said it needs to be sold in UK is because its UK stamps, thats not strictly true, people will still buy from Australia be it UK or not. However you do have shipping which hinders profit for a re seller, this will not hinder a collector is the difference.

The internet in your case will be far to time consuming for research and as already been said the stamps need to be seen and valued so again if your just thinking "Get Rid" an Australian auction house, saving you time and effort.

I live in the South of UK and of course there are local auction houses, would I advise you to go there, no I would not UNLESS you just want a quick bulk sale, most auction houses work in monthly sales so you could be waiting anyway just on that alone, I am assuming your going to be here longer than a month mind, coming all the way from Auss. The cost of bringing it here, does not really add up either! SO I would say spend a day in Auss with a Auction House ad go through it with them, I am sure they would be pleased to see you, as they will make money from your collection. And that really is the story, everyone will want there cut no matter where you go, even if selling from the sharks of Ebay but as a one off transaction, a 10 day listing with 12 pictures most buyers will get the idea and take a punt.

However my last comment is sentimental, if bringing to England is your fathers wish or advice, then that may lay with your feelings and at least you tried on his words, I think that maybe more important to you!

I hope your coming to see relatives though and they maybe at least they may able to point you to a local Auction house, most towns have one or 2.

Take care Rob and wish you well. I suspect your doing your best but stamps are unique to sell for so may reasons.

Thread: Covers with loads of stamps (German example)
13/04/2017 16:52:59

No worries went into your album and did it the hard way

13/04/2017 16:51:01

face 7 What about showing the rest of us the front of the cover?????

Alex, are you starting your own Forum????


Thread: German Stock Book
10/04/2017 19:16:17

I wish my house had a study, but then it would only be cluttered as my little ole house is and I mean its little.

I have two book shelves on the stair landing full, I have cabinets in living room full and even under the stairs I have boxes full, that is my overflow and trust me the one thing I learned about living alone, is not to be tidy.

I have got to go under stairs for a few reasons and its no fun having to get all those things out to update them. I will not tell you whats up in my loft, needless to say its full.

Thread: German Sheets
09/04/2017 16:07:26

Well you know me and Paul have discussed this and stamps on paper and indeed the gums used, so now you have also backed this up. I find this about stamps really fascinating to understand even though I will forget but it really makes for good study. Again with the 1935 sheet, I love the old numerals they used, I have no idea why but just as the regalia of the WW2 I think the Germans showed very artistic knowledge.

lol well keep watching because I might be making you an offer, I have a whole stack of German stamps which I tried to sell but no one seems to want. Most the old ones are spoiled in some way. If they dont sell your welcome to them because I cannot start another collection. Again these all come from stock books which is what I wanted, more than the stamps.

Thread: German Stock Book
09/04/2017 15:53:00

oh Alex you made me chuckle, well my coins in bulk are in plastic sorting trays which you put various nuts and bolts or screws in. My main collect are proof sets so they are in cases but in 2014 I think maybe before I stopped buying them because just like the RM and stamp packs just hiked the prices up way beyond the coins worth, they have done this with fancy casing to make it appear there is value which is just for the blind, I collection as best as can be year sets through the change we get and thats it now but I am thinking about handing over the £1 when they change, will be sad to do it but I have collected the 1988 £1 because of low mintage so they will become valuable. My Old notes are on the wall in frames, I enjoy looking at them takes me back to a child which was not that long ago wink

Do you know, I have stamps and FDC's all over the house and even my stamps are not in posh cases and I only recently learned the different between Glassine and they other type which I cant remember right now Argggggghhhhhhh, I only saw it about 3 days ago???????

If I saw a bargain bunch of used stamps I always brought them and in the end had to buy a album just for those.

This red one is for mint sets GB and as I say is what is being made up from mint GBs I have purchased, the ones in bulk I am sorting for errors and if non found the get used, the PO love seeing me as these are all 70 & 80's I have done pretty well making sets up.

I am a member of the RM info group and the stuff they keep asking about recently tells me main PO's are going to be a thing of the past soon, I saw a guy walking around in ours the other day measuring up and asking what rooms did what, so I reckon ours is being revalued for sale. I will be totally lost without our PO, I do not like little local ones as they are ALWAYS busy for pensioners.

And whilst yes its good you can do all this from home, people need to understand your saving the RM loads of money by doing so and thus creating or making things worse, of which they will regret.

Thread: German Sheets
08/04/2017 15:52:11

Here are some sheets, on or off paper from Germany

30 german 1.jpg

30 german 2.jpg

30 german 3.jpg

30 german 4.jpg

Thread: German Stock Book
08/04/2017 15:40:31

A stock book I have just acquired with a lovely gold emblem of the German Post horn, which I learned from Alex just a while ago.

There is No writing or anything inside to say maker but a beautiful bound stock book.


Thread: Political correspondence
04/04/2017 16:45:46

Well I must be the same age as you roughly because I remember being allowed to stay up and watch that on TV and well into the night I might add, of course being so young staying up was the bonus, not the event. I am more what you call a person who knows much about many subjects but little to back it up.

There is a very interesting view again with religion and the firmament above the firmament which sort of leads me with interest and space, my favourite classical piece is Holst The Planets and I am linked with it also through Astrology, always find it fascinating even with the conspiracy theories and indeed UFO's. In my late teens I was very into this thinking and with the concept of other life other than our own.

When I was small, I was given a huge picture child Bible for Christmas, I read that back to front, twice and the questions I had then, I have only just found the answers to myself sort of now. Probably what put me off reading books I might add....... I read online a piece about some Astronaut who had recently wrote a book, his perception was very thought provoking and indeed spiritual even if he did not know it but it was to do with viewing the Earth and the speed at which they traverse the planet. He described viewing one place on the Earth and within minutes could be around the other side, thus giving a very spiritual feeling to Spirit that is all around us, as there seems to be no boundaries!

I was going to write a book all about Genesis and the mis interpretation of the scriptures, which of course Jesus was trying to correct. And don't choke on your coffee, I also read the Qur'an RECENTLY which I found very very interesting, I would like to read The Torah as well but I sort of know the outcome already? I did however read a very interesting book about a Jewish Astrologer, who was exiled from his kin folk for his radical thinking, remind you of anything?????

If I remember rightly,isn't that why Germany is used for outposts for Army training is because of their dense woodlands?

03/04/2017 21:40:48

OMG HA HA HA HA I am not going to tell you what I thought that was, how bizarre!!!!! Seeing your picture yes I can see it now and yes I should have known better, geez like Paul and China???????

Trouble is with that subject Alex is, where all the different directions you can take but I see you have another signed gem there????? Would much rather that than the other one your proud of lol.

I think I need psychiatric help with the way my head works though, I wont get over that stamp in a hurry that's for sure......................

Thread: April Issue
03/04/2017 16:01:37

Emmm the famous putting your money on four and two legs.

Commemorative worth: It may not be based on a date commemoration but April is Grand National month, so I can see why they brought out this issue. If your going to pick then sitting on the FENCE will not do. 2/5

Quality of Design: Unfortunately I am not a Horse lover and I am not sure I agree with the Grand National as an event but who am I to say. I think the designs are good, have colour and interesting backgrounds, even if the blur of the race. 4/5 is a true reflection

Wow Factor: Emmmmm well if you just lost a packet there probably wont be a wow factor and if I got one through the door I would be happy with it. Maybe the bookies could give them away for loyalty to their accounts and betting. 4/5 I think they are nice

Thread: Political correspondence
03/04/2017 14:07:26

Here you go Alex you saying about JFK and the cold war era. A little gem from Central Africa and other than the obvious bit about Apollo 11, the rest of the stamp is pretty weird. I would love to know what the left hand side of this stamp is supposed to be depicting?

30 jfk.jpg

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