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Thread: Postal Stationery Labels
25/06/2017 16:34:21

Hi Trev,

Very interestingly, many years ago when I started buying Diana stuff, I used to buy bulk items with loads of other things mixed in. One such item was a huge amount of American souvenir labels which because of their nature I thought was worth money. Anyway I eventually sold them but uncannily enough when looking for these that you have posted, I came across an American Stamp forum article and low and behold, there was a guy on there who had a whole stack of these sheets and they were discussing the using of them and the amount of people in fact that do?!!!!

The piece I posted above was also from an American article so their interpretation of the sheet and Postcards maybe a little skew whiff, I think what he meant was you could stick the label on a card or indeed a piece of card and use it that way, as you have just said, you can stick them to anything!

And as Paul has said, you could probably commission anything for an event easily when we were all innocent people.

As regard your GVI there is an interesting piece on this site **LINK**

Thread: SG1
24/06/2017 18:47:37

Hi Alistair,

This is the 1988 set, not strictly ours as such as its for bicentenary of Australia but still our stamp and flag.

gb flag.jpg

or you can have the post n go type


Again though as you say Flags may not be the 100% answer and its not as if you can use currency either as the subject as Cent is used on many countries as well.

Thread: Postal Stationery Labels
24/06/2017 18:27:52

Also just found this as well Trev.


so I reckon your right they must be created for various exhibitions or events. As I say I still have seen this type logo on other envelopes/labels?

24/06/2017 18:16:42

Hi Trev,

I have seen those labels before and not just that event, as to where you get them I have again no idea I would assume your right at stamp exhibitions or other promotional events. Never seen them from a P.O but then when would you ask for one is the question?

Is the Airmail letter not the same blue postage icon as well? Or is it just Queens head I cannot remember.

ALL I do know is I have seen that blue postage icon before.but I just found this on the net and one in GREEN

These are souvenirs sheets, these were printed by the Post Office, sponsored by a British Stamp Dealer Rushstamps. They bore embossed stamps and so were postally valid, they could be used as postcards. Three different designs were used and two values, 6½p for second class mail and 8½p for 1st class. The 8½p has two phosphor lines. There were a limited number of sheets printed and each one issued bore a serial number printed in black on the back.

Thread: A Query about Cinderellas
23/06/2017 01:18:31

Are that's a gift trust me??????!!!!!

But Remember me when you do as I told you, If you already are well off then I would have to tell you something else lol lol.

Thread: SG1
23/06/2017 00:35:11

In that case Alistair with what Trev has just said your going to have to do some compromising??

I think your idea for a school is brilliant, I thought you was talking about keeping at home.

So maybe as this is an educational piece, rather than task yourself to SG1, do it by theme, say leaders of each country or associated industry or produce, flags or emblems? From a kids prospective just the visual extension from world map to any stamp from a country would suffice surely?

Thread: What do you collect?
22/06/2017 20:16:57

Hi Craig well I almost certainly have joined your club because I too very rarely now even search for Diana stuff but I have been thinking about other areas.

It sounds like you have enough to keep you busy anyway. Keep popping in anyway always nice to see a new comment.

Edited By Julian on 22/06/2017 20:17:31

Thread: SG1
22/06/2017 20:13:04

A brilliant idea in the day but when you consider in this day an age everything is techno, I cant see it taking off. Maybe if I had a spare wall I might but I cant see it. I would just do it in word and add pictures of the stamps!

However You might win some art award for doing it so keep the thought going, I cannot see it costing much either. There cannot be that many SG1 around to worry about.

Good luck anyway

Thread: Commemorative collection
21/06/2017 23:35:08

just another thing your Library should have Stanley Gibbons Catalogues but you could also go to Amazon or Ebay and pick up a Stanley Gibbons Concise Gt Britain Cat, sometimes on Amazon you can get them as cheap as chips.

You could even ask the Library to get the latest edition and I am sure they would have access to one somewhere, I asked my Library to acquire a special Catalogue for me and they do this service if its liable to be used a lot and stamp Cats generally are.


21/06/2017 23:25:04

I have just typed in to a search engine "stamp insurance valuations" and there are many, you could also add your specific area to find one near you, from what I see, its charge for valuation is around £25 or a percentage of the whole value of the collection?

So I think that tells me, my own valuation using Catalogues or internet is just as good, simply because your stamps are straight forward sets.


21/06/2017 23:15:45

Hi, Insuring them is fairly easy you would do this on your household insurance, I insure my collections by looking at a Stanaley Gibbons Catalogue and just take the Mint not used price and you can look around the internet and see what dealers are asking and make your own valuation.

I however would not know how to get a proper wrote Insurance valuation but I am sure someone will know that. in here.

Actually your task is not to bad, the problem would arise however if it was a mixed collection of varied stamps because of the stamps nature there are many factors which determine value, then you would have to find a stamp insurer to give you that written clarification.

So my collection is first of all photo backed up using a simple word document.

Then I have searched Catalogues and internet to get the stamp values.

Then I add all that up and there is your valuation.

I do not feel your collections will be vastly valuable to warrant getting a proper wrote insurance quote but others may say differently, as you may feel the same way.

Hope that helps you feel easier anyway but see what someone says about a proper wrote insurance document.


Thread: 100 Years of The Monarchy
21/06/2017 08:06:39

Hi Howard,well I been collecting stamps "Diana" for some years but have only seriously started to understand the subject since joining this forum. You are in the right place for knowledge is all I can say but the internet if you have time to search, will give much needed help.

In my particular theme of collecting which I have slowed right down upon in collecting, simply because there is so much fake stamps out there. I find with catalogues that even the information in these at times are limited.

Basically now, anything from the African continent I treat as suspect, Somalia being one of them but I still like the images on the stamps, so as long as I don't pay much for them I don't actually mind.

What is your theme or area of collecting Howard?

Thread: German cover 1950 with unusual stamp ?
19/06/2017 21:59:10

Hi Trev,

I see what you mean now about cutting with scissors, yes that is rather bad ha ha ha well down "Blue Peter" skills but never fooled the post???

Thread: 100 Years of The Monarchy
18/06/2017 21:15:14

Hi Howard probably not I have learned that there is a lot of forgery of this kind or illegal so you know better than me????

Thread: German cover 1950 with unusual stamp ?
16/06/2017 18:47:09

I don't know about your organization of material I just wish I could remember all this stuff, instead of having vague ideas in memory ha ha ha.......

On a funny side Trev, if someone has take scissors to it and tried to make it look like a perf, how wonderful and inventive the person was, makes Blue Peter look good with their creativity?????

All I do know is I have seen that before and I am sure in a post in here and I am sure it was Feldpost but Alex has deleted all his images and I think that's where I seen it, sadly memory is poop so I cannot say for sure.

Thread: Sweden stamp unusual colour
16/06/2017 18:36:36

I think in that case Trev you could be right about printing in the first place place not being quite right but I would have thought that this would have been a sheet error and known, I suppose also it would depend on your description of brown in the first place but you can see some form of deterioration of yellowing around the chin, I have seen this often with old stamps. To me the colour around that area is then brown as also can be seen in the rose red and to the whole left of face.

Ha ha ha I am of no help really other than seeing what you do and guessing, as you know this subject has come up before and there are many ways colours can alter, whether I would like to stipulate a fact on these is a different matter but I will say I have seen that discolouration on modern stamps and paper and which does appear to be through the print process so you really could well be right.

Thread: Norway stamp 1858
15/06/2017 17:42:04

Hi Trev, geez you get margin shifts still today, so its not surprising back then it happened. I have just used two such stamps, one worse than the other with margin 25p.

15/06/2017 01:49:11

I would concur with Paul on that and that's just guessing. As you say you'd expect to see that as I found out recently through a booklet but not that old you won't. So it has to be a corner of a sheet!

Thread: Sweden stamp unusual colour
15/06/2017 01:42:53

Well the Rose Red and the Brown to me, both show signs of fade however the Violet seems O.K and normal.

The Brown has turned into a more purple if your picture is a good reflection of what you see?

Don't take my word for it though, as you know colours are a problem in normal circumstances let alone with age.

Thread: German cover 1950 with unusual stamp ?
14/06/2017 19:43:40

I just remember Alex saying that the Bear indicated Russia on the that side before it became the DDR. As with our side there were much forgeries going on, so I am unfortunately using a dead brain in thinking that occupied East Berlin from Russia, may in the earlier occupation issued their own stamps but that would be indicated in the Cat, I am sure if true.

Other than that, forgery then has to be the answer, possibly a cut out? You can tell the difference from the other stamps on the letter that it is on much thicker paper.

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