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Thread: Help with a French stamp...
26/02/2017 13:01:48

Sighs, I can see Paul tapping his fingers, its one of the frustrations of the internet Carmen, a play on words is key to getting results out of a search engine. A simple change of a word can make a huge difference. But then forgetting to bookmark a site which is very interesting and then cannot find it again , even when you search through the history tab?

Are you sure your French and not Australian? I am aware the Aussies have this problem with their stamps being upside down cheeky

Thread: What do you collect?
26/02/2017 12:43:54

LOL Steve I love the "sometimes fake stamps are collectible" well I got introduced to this in a big way with the "C" word, you know stamps, which are not stamps..... I cannot bring myself to say the word as its my new years resolution, so yes, I have done this inadvertently which burst my bubble in a big way about stamps.

But yes, you have got me looking at stamps more carefully than I normally would with your posts, the only problem I am finding is, the amount of stamps I have to check. The real funny thing is about what you have got me doing is, where I just had all these in their respective values, ready to use for posting use, I am now also sorting them out into sets and keeping a set for myself ha ha ha like a true stamp collector.......

I am so laughing because all these stamps are Mint obviously and before I saw your posts that's all they meant to me, was their value for use, which is why the girls at the post office like seeing me because they see all these old stamps probably they never knew existed. I find this so Ironic in thought.

NOW here is a question that I have been meaning to ask and the other day I was glad I never did asked it.

Why when we go to buy stamps, are we not given the option to buy stamps released in stamp packs?

The answer I have in my head is, stamp packs have actual values rather than just 1st and 2nd which can be used regardless of increase in values after are purchase!

I.E the Fire of London pack has 2 x 1st, 2 x £1.05 and 2 x £1.52 so if you buy the actual values £1.05 or £1.52 these will devalue over time where as the 2 x 1st will not. These will keep up with any further postal charge increase? Not only that, when are you liable to buy a stamp for use @ £1.52 or £1.05 unless for there intended use?

The only time I am made aware of any difference of stamps is at Christmas, when some of the staff will ask you "do you want the Christmas editions rather than the normal machines?"!

But I still may ask the question to make a point, if not to have a laugh. Because I would like to know if the RM do actually sell these stamp pack stamps in this regard or are they just for stamp packs only?

Thread: Central African Republique
26/02/2017 11:57:56

HA HA HA way to funny, you just made my day Minxy!!!!!!!!

But I am thankful you explained that, so with this set of stamps Alex is probably right. When these stamps were put into production the person setting them up for print did not know this fact and spelled it as I would.

All I got to do now is find out where I read this in the first place because it obviously must be a known error.

OR is it, that some fool was producing a fake and really did make one by not understanding FRENCH and being CAR this is more possible than a legitimate error. Oh how so funny stamps can be...................

Thread: Diana events of 2000 Guinee
26/02/2017 11:45:29

Well in truth Carmen I think this sort of boils down to printing a sheet of stamps and edging your bets or increasing them, to who they will appeal to, to buy. I am biased because of Diana but looking at these sheets as I have done showing them on here, you ask yourself simple questions and the thing you have just said is the answer. If we think of subjects and who they best appeal to, is more the point than what is actually more important in history. And you know something I have read many comments regarding royalty stamps and its just rubbish money making subject and more so to do with Diana than any other subject and even I admit myself this is true, if you think of the amount of people who love royalty out side of stamps then just keep pumping out that subject matter this will be the view formed, the same as what RM keep producing in year sets as themes.

Its the same principle but what we are doing or most certainly the people who produce this stuff are actually only doing is one thing, making stamps a money making exercise rather than a meaningful reason to print something. In the same breathe, I can now see why machines become attractive to collect as a subject matter? It is very very very odd how I through others have become aware that FDC have probably influenced stamp production more than the stamps themselves and I am sure this would be a really good subject to debate? For instance, does the RM making "Smiler stamps" and the fact you can up load your own pictures and have them printed as a label to the actual stamp, a gimmick yes but then, what is producing set after set after set of different sets of stamps every year!!

Thread: What do you collect?
26/02/2017 10:48:40

I think with errors you need to be pretty clear in your mind what your going for. I have just had my eyes opened to error stamps beyond where I thought they lay. As I have learned a lot in my first year in here I think its an area you have to be sure about in collecting.

My first Error collecting started with CLEAR ERROR such as things COMPLETELY missing, miis- spelled.

Personally I feel Phosphor errors are a bit like watermarks, for some reason this does not grab my attention but I have only just been introduced to this through this forum. I was also disillusioned by another certain subject which opened my eyes to actual fake errors by certain countries, one area in particular.

However the thing for me was, having a stamp which will be limited in production but not its worth and I can still honestly say I do not collect stamps for their worth. I like to buy stamps cheap and that is about the best buzz I get from it. I have also said in here EVEN at my late age now, finding a TRUE error stamp gives me that school boy feeling of having something special in my collection, for this then brings us onto another subject about who is going to inherit your collection and will they aspire to our own collecting habits.

I do want to say this as a last piece with error collecting and this is something Steve has said about buying a stamp on purpose with an error. The Cat value was £18.500 it sold for £155 and I love the "(if its genuine)" comment. I think hand on heart colour missing is a total skeptical area simply because of the many known reasons that colours alter anyway, let alone through tampering, however before I make myself sound a bigot, I really do not know enough about how colours can be altered chemically. So some colour missing errors I think you can weigh up as being true or not but for me its pure guess work and even then as has been said you then have to get it verified as "Genuine", I most certainly would not pay anything like £155 on a chance but I would far rather find it in a bunch of stamps and be happy, even if not real?

I suspect this says a lot about me as a collector, for even when I type those words, I hear "Amateur". And trust me I have been made very aware of just how little I know but also just how vast stamp knowledge has to be, even with cheating on the "internet" you still need a good library!!

I am glad I joined this forum because it has given highs and lows, I just wish I had of learned more as a kid to the subject. For what I learn now, goes in memory and then I am struggling to remember what it was in the first place, so not ideal for me!!!

I think our experiences make the hobby and indeed the forum and even if it makes us feel like "Rodney's" its always best to share the information for others to learn by.

Have fun and keep up the posts.

Thread: Help with a French stamp...
23/02/2017 19:51:08

Well done Mssr Sherlock Alex, looking closely I can even now see the hinge closely hidden and a tuft above the top.

At least you changed the stamp round right way up.

Duh to me too, never thought of a hinge, oh I do love this stamps malarky.

Carmen you Minxy, you have given me a crook neck.......................

23/02/2017 15:31:22

Emmm Interesting the one thing you can say for it is, at least its old.

There is something not quite right about this stamp I am afraid. However I am going by what I can see which is a sort of perf which is in brown dots, whilst only 7 have been actually perforated making C.N. ?

If I remember rightly and again that's not good to rely upon, Perfins reduce the value of a stamp but as where I read that, in the same breath, there are collectors of these type stamps. If the stamps is worth a lot un perfin then you could still have something, so all is not lost.

The worrying thing for me is the C N is not perforated only the bottom line of dots are, so this to me says somethings not right when the other holes have not be punctured. In fact I find it hard to believe but what I would say is that the punctured holes have been done after the fact. I am not aware of the process of perfins in any way but if they were done by hand fair enough. I understood it to be a machine?

I think you need to see the back of the stamp because the dots are brown which if was made by an imperfect strike would not stress the paper to go brown. So I think someone started to puncture the holes afterwards!

Thread: Central African Republique
21/02/2017 21:01:39

Hi Alex, well I ask you, this is why the French stir up so much troublewink how can you put a T in front of Chadquestion

Got to be careful because that minxy Frech speaking, Carmen will have her radar going.heart

21/02/2017 14:17:55

As no one has given an answer to the post of spot the difference, here is the answer.

The very obvious thing is missing text from both sets of stamps.

The second is very hard to see as its a spelling error. Centrafricaine was actually spelled Central Africaine. I cannot find anywhere on the internet of this error but I remember reading that the mis spelled version was the first print and then later added the text and the proper spelling?

Now of course I am saying this with intrepidation and reservation because they could be like most the stamps from this part of the world fictional.

I have just emailed someone in the hope they might know the truth one way or the other but these are very commonly sold, so if error issue, a huge amount was released into the public domain!

This is the same sort of thing about Tuvalu Olympic issues again which has come into my possession but at least these are actually issues which were just not released formally but did get into the public domain but were treated as fake.

This also brings me to ask, WHY is CentrAfricaine spelled this way, again I have tried playing with words, to find a solution to this spelling, I am going to assume that it is a dialect thing.

Thread: Diana events of 2000 Guinee
21/02/2017 13:18:33

Oh not good, sorry its not printed the way I had it set out but its still there

21/02/2017 13:15:47

Ok will give you the events and I am learning while doing this myself?

Top sheet Guinee: Bottom sheet Tchad

TL Diana Death 1997 TL Diana Death 1997

TM John H Glenn 1998 TM D'Enzo Ferrari death 1988

TR Tiger Wood 1997 TR Akira, Bande Dessine Japonaise 1990

ML David Doullet 1995 Judo Champion ML Argentine championship 1986 (Maradona hand of God)

MM Hikaru Utada "Time will tell" 1998 MM B Lara record cricket 1994

MR B Lara 1996 MR France world cup 1998

BL 30eme anniv Concorde (no year) BL 1986 Explosion Challenger / 1980 Anniv Saturn

BM Sinatra death 1998 BM Pope II Rencontre Lech Walesa 1983

BR Death Ayton Senna 1994 BR Death Sinatra 98 / Mercury 1991

Makes you feel old thinking back on all these events

Thread: Facsimile stamp
21/02/2017 12:41:01

Well Alex, as usual I have nothing to add except your knowledge is wonderful.

Without having even the slightest understanding of these stamps, when I first saw it I thought "Your Kidding", right. But it does beggar the question how stamps were produced back then!

If its a stamp gap filler why would you go to the trouble of applying a gum?

However your suggestions are all feasible if you wanted something but could not get it, for what ever reason.

I am not even sure I would go to this extent for personal wants. It does however go back to the "C" word and that even back then, people were creating such things.

Thread: Listed errors and variations
19/02/2017 21:18:32

This is amazing stuff you know, on one of my stamps I am looking through, I found the Queens head was embossed into the paper!!! Isn't it typical I just got rid of my UV scanner. I used to use it for security etching mainly.

It is very hard to see the mark on this stamp as the front is white but on the horn brown you can clearly see the band in the center but trying to see the edge I have tried with different lights and angles and I can't see them, they definitely not on the gum side, which interestingly enough you can see how the gum in those days was pretty thick.

Thread: Diana events of 2000 Guinee
19/02/2017 20:38:47

Here's another Carmen This one from Tchadtchad millenium events 1999.jpg

Do you begin to see the pattern?

Thread: WWII German last ditch mail.
19/02/2017 17:25:30

There is something about German cancel marks and document marks that attract me. As a child I was always drawn to the Iron Cross and Swastika. Of course the Eagle is used widely and I noted with the German marches how very much their regalia resembled that of the Roman Empire. The Eagle though does seem to carry and air of command, even with the USA version.

Thread: Hercule Poirot, Stamp Collector
19/02/2017 17:14:16

He could have been talking about perforations???

Thread: Listed errors and variations
19/02/2017 17:10:42

This is so funny, O.K how is the best way to detect phosphor bands? I used to have an ultra violet scanner but got rid of it unfortunately.

I have a BBC 5p stamp 1972, there is nothing on the back for sure so its not that error, on the front there is a shiny middle band with two outer dull bands, which I assume is the phosphor bands as illustrated viz the rear?

I would have thought the band would have been the shiny strip, I can see me getting hooked on this........

19/02/2017 15:35:58

Hi Steve, just out of interest, do these cats give any explanations to why the errors occur? I mean with regard to colour errors. Well of course colours are all made up from other colours so I would imagine chemicals may react to different colours in different ways?

Well all I can say is Steve, you have an avid reader to your posts because I do like these type things. I think had I not got this thing for Diana, this area would have been what I would collect. I find imperfections like these better than inverts and so forth, which sort of suggest trickery at the print press. But omissions and Errors being done through mistakes, honest or otherwise do attract me.

I used to study coins for these type things as well.

19/02/2017 11:46:39

Katy are you being a minx? How the heck can my Avitar change this often but which ever picture it lands on its STAYING THAT WAY ha ha ha as long as its not Mr Black. Mind you it does have a nice effect, you never know what your going to be, which is why I liked changing the Avitar in the first place.

Thread: Listed errors and variations
19/02/2017 11:38:16

Oh Wow I am a Lancaster????? I should be a magician in Avitars???????????

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