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Thread: Sao Tome & Principe
22/03/2017 17:43:49

I now believe I know what these are to a degree, they are mount cards and you would put the corresponding stamp on each pictorial. I suspect these were issued on release of the proper stamps and no doubt also you could then also get them special cancelled at the time.

Thread: Honduras cover
22/03/2017 09:31:37

Oh O.K Alex Interesting, so the fish cancel is like a normal PO local cancel and then further cancelled with the round cancel with a date. which is why all 3 round cancels differ in dates, I do not understand why my head will not accept that the front and back should have the start date cancel of the 26th and then the rear having 27th added as well but the fish cancel is also the start point cancel so did not need another 26th is what your saying.

It is funny because I receive regular air mail with only my local cancel mark, nothing from where it came from.

Also as you say there are times when it will have multi cancels, you can understand why cancels are very significant feature to covers. So the guy who won this was probably going for the cancel error rather than the stamps.

21/03/2017 23:20:18

I won some Honduras stamp sheets and it took a month to get here, when from the US usually only takes 7 - 14 days?

I do agree with both of you that there is something odd because even if it had been sent snail mail, that's a long time but why would the back not have the front cancel date to start with. The suggestion however you look at it is the rear cancel or the front cancel is wrong I.E 26/27th Feb surely it suggest that the rear stamps were put on afterwards to get the 27th Feb otherwise they would have the same cancel as the front?

You would need to know costs at the time I suppose to see if the correct postage was put on the front and then the rear too afterwards? You could also assume that the March cancel was or should have been 08 March?

As I say it was the cancels that got my attention, I am a bit gutted now I let it go but I bid to the stamp values of the Diana stamps and I still have the feeling its the rear stamps that make the cover valuable! If I got time I will go to the Library and see what Gibbons says the rear set are worth.

Thanks for your input though guys.

21/03/2017 16:59:19

An interesting Cover I was bidding on which got to rich for me, at least way above what the Diana stamps were worth anyway, the main thing was a coil strip of 3 x L1,40.


honduras 1.jpg

The cancels made no sense to me as regard dates and how the back of the cover got dated in mid transit I don't know.

I suspect it was the over prints and revalues which were worth the money but again I was biddiing not so much for the stamps but post cancels, basically the front starts with 26 Feb and ends in 28 March at destination but when you turn it over to the rear and what I assume to be the senders address theres a post Cancel for 27th Feb, goes to show how I get side tracked, when I was a wee boy (still am) I used to fish a heck of a lot and I just love this post cancel for that fact, The Diana stamps were a bonus but the guy selling it got a good deal for sure. I tried cheating and I can only come up with the image and not stamp specifics of the rear sets.

Thread: Machines and stamp packs
21/03/2017 16:17:19

And what might the EZStamp be? Is this more code for "Ice Breaker" bars??? I use Word or if I want to be posh, Excel depends on how technical I feel. I only put images of the item onto it for reference and Insurance reasons. We are funny creatures, we collect all this stuff and often do we look at it, I open my folders only to put things in them most the time I use my software , although this is not fail safe by any means when you forget to update your software and then buy doubles he he he.

Such is life.angel

18/03/2017 11:16:59

Carmen I went to the link and saw the 2016 stamp press, being hit with that image of the Queen, I always said Margaret was prettier than her sister but wow not in that image. it shows Elizabeth as a young vibrant, vivacious woman, wow even I would marry her!!!!

Now I did not want to tell you this but I have admired Canadian stamps for some while and also again within that info is the Haunted Canada set, what a great set of stamps they are!!!!

Psst, I was also a fan of Due South and the relationship with Diefenbaker is very true, spirit work in the most fun ways. However the whole package made for one of the very best, if not the best TV cop programme EVER, that I have watched. As a kid I was enthralled with cop programmes, even the really tacky ones like CHIPS!!!

Thread: Advice About Stamp Mounts
18/03/2017 10:56:47

Your more than welcome Gillian, I'm a Virgo so my service is through humour! When I was in my mummies tummy "God" said to me, "I have only given you a small one, because the girls will love for your sense of humour" He was not wrong and that's why I am still single!!!!!broken heart

It also proves "God" is alive an wellangry

Thread: Emblem on stamp
18/03/2017 10:48:42

O.K I am now going to use my Psychic skills rather than my Astrology ones, I bet your a Capricorn, right?

I actually have the San Marino set and some others too!

That Norman Rockwell says a lot about me so I just LOVE it. I wonder if many, see the clues to its funny side?

Now I find it hilarious. Now when I was a child (I still am), I was very into when drawing producing that style in wording. My brother used to do really good art work and thus I could only produce this bold wording to make up for my lack of skill in drawing, again this hit me straight away with his stamp and took me back to that age, so in fact that stamp is personal to me.

NOW if we was reviewing that stamp as in RM stamp pack on that stamp alone and through bias it would be a strike with 5/5 on all criteria!!! Within that stamp is SOOOOOOOO much information its just crammed with information, its like a B&W movie, you have to listen to the words rather than the image to get the story. Meaning you can watch a B&W movie many times and find something new it every time.

Thread: Canadian Stamp Collecting podcast...
18/03/2017 10:34:44

Yes The Mountie stamp design was used a lot in American/Canada stamps I have seen many of them with that pattern behind or around the image. Would I be right in assuming this is Litho as well.

The American stamps is definitely that of the 60's when the policeman was to be trusted where as today its all about who you prove to be rather than who you suspect to be and judged by political fools such as the CPS, if not then the courts.

Our police force today is the filling for a sandwich which is quite fitting, as when they changed over to using the new design of orange and red strip down the center of the car and were called "Jam Sandwich" aweeee the days of the Panda car lol lol.

I like the Mountie because they portray old fashioned policing such as the use of a horse but considering their terrain a horse was more fitting as well.

Thread: Machines and stamp packs
17/03/2017 18:27:08

Aweeee CArmen you should be named Miss Canada SMILE of the Year, are you related to the Queen???

Still might be worth giving Bryan a ring, with a smile like that you could make money for advertising.

Lol the look on hubbies face, you obviously are infectious............

GJ both of you

17/03/2017 18:24:02

Awe yes but I did not know the Stamp Bug, thats why she joked how long I been collecting stamps???

However it is only from in here I have taken an interest through the posts. As I say I did post a comment about stamp packs and no one answered so bit the bullet and asked myself at Postie HQ. And indeed today a lady in front of me was asking about "David Bowie" stamps.

That's what she called this little booklet "Stamp Bug".

Now the thing is Alex do I stat collecting these issues, hmmmmmmmmm??

Thread: Emblem on stamp
17/03/2017 18:14:00

Well done Minxy for losing 49 Lbs in weight.

17/03/2017 18:12:26

That is a very Commendable job Alex, well done. You must be a Leo or Cancer star sign.

Yes sounds like a good person does Norman Rockwell.

Thread: Penny Red
17/03/2017 11:55:13

Are a good error stamp like it, like it, well worth 2 squid, I agree with Carmen and yet again the postmark for me is also worth 2 squid, making £4

Aweee the Maltese Cross now there is an emblem fit for a stamp, more than the Queens head in my book!!

Bring on the Christmas stamps........................... Woo hoooooooo

Thread: Emblem on stamp
17/03/2017 11:46:03

Your more than welcome Alex, its good to LOL.

So this guy on this stamp is to do with freedom of speech, as I cant see his name I cant google it.

Freedom of speech, I remember that, died about 1990 with the Nanny state here and John Major.

Political correctness in other words meaning pandering to the non majority for votes which then goes to far the other way. Remembering of course English words can mean different things.such as "I feel so gay to day"?

Or when someone says something and is challenged yet the person who is challenging can wear an offensive piece of clothing and gets away with it. If you understand the mechanism of whats happening around the world we can see the meaning of all this.

Everything is but an illusion?

16/03/2017 23:35:13

Hi Alex, yeah I read a few articles and pretty much the same rubbish, legends and myths and religion. I love the one about the boat race and a guy chops off his right hand and throws it to land so he could say he touched land first, lol lol. Don't get me wrong, I understand the modern take of Ulster but as I say to put it on a stamp, well it is, so it does not matter what I think.

As regard to America I should not have brought that up, this is not a political forum and thus will not elucidate further on my words, whether right or wrong.

Thread: Machines and stamp packs
16/03/2017 19:25:43



Thread: Canadian Stamp Collecting podcast...
16/03/2017 11:43:07

Thank you for that Alex enjoyed reading and seeing those stamps. Love the Canada Loyalist with the Brit flag!!

I can feel Minxy chomping at the bit with her Maple flag?

As regard the Police stamps do you not feel a difference between the two depictions, maybe I am viewing it with a prejudice mind of knowledge! ALL police forces no matter where they are around this sick world today has a tuff job, especially when the courts just rubbish their hard work in bringing them to trial, just to give them a slapped hand and which is how the system has become so corrupt with lawyers and the courts? Whilst people vote for clowns, it is then left to us, to clear up their mess, upon which we voted them in for, to make good!

I can think of Mr T Blair as a good example and of course Mr G.Bush, these two should be held for war crimes amongst other things?

But yes the American policeman stamp dates the release to era and can you tell us Alex when that stamp is dated? I am guessing pre 1970 and the Mountie stamp is harder to guess because the print of that stamp design is also used a lot so maybe even older than the USA one? In fact the values on the stamps tell a story.

Thread: Machines and stamp packs
16/03/2017 11:12:49

I made a remark in here about stamp packs such as David Bowie. I also had a question I was sort of embarrassed to ask.

Well one of the girls at the P.O who I get on well with I decided to ask and boy what a trip was the answer, she said at the end "How long you been collecting stamps?" with a Carmen cheeky smile as if to say "huh one up over you", you know what girls are likesmiley

She gave me this little booklet which you could probably get on line and she had a cute little name for it regarding future issues of stamp packs.

The answer to my Question was, each till or counter gets 50 of the stamp pack release in all values, but of course the 1st and 2nd go like hot cakes and it is only while they have these they will offer which design you would like, just as I was aware at Christmas so as she said those who know are their 1st when released which is a Tuesday of the month.

She said in her particular book she has loads of the higher values which people would not usually buy at the back of most previous issues!!!

As regard machines or pay to go as they are known their is just one roll of all the different stamps of that issue, so as I understand her words, it is pot luck which value gets printed on one design.

Now I saw on Ebay selling a strip of stamps as an error because the first stamp was not as seen in a RM stamp issue, well that is not an error in any way but there you go I have lived and learned something else. Just because a stamp pack may be sold all the same in sequence does not mean its an error if the sequence is out of place.

Now the post an go machine has a separate box for the set if you wished to buy them as a set. I was amazed at what I did not know (yet again) and we did have a good chuckle. I did not even know you can just buy pay an go stamps as they are let alone sets. I thought you had to go through the process of actually posting as well and now this all fits to another thing I was told about the scam with registered/signed for which the RM never anticipated with this set up and paid dearly for it.

So if I was a collector of stamp issues or packs, you would have to be first in the queue on a Tuesday to get the lesser values or the whole lot if you preferred, rather than paying out RMs Price however there is the fact with a stamps pack you get the extra info within it. Lol if it was me I would find a Minxy P.O girl and make a habit of getting one to save me a set every week they issued just in case I could not get there one Tues when they offer them on purpose as a choice like they do at Christmas.

She also told me ALL the stamp packs of David Bowie went like hot cakes, just goes to prove how right the RM was with producing that set.

It also goes to show what really keeps the P.O counters are kept open by.

When she was telling me this I had a very strange feeling of the things I have made in comment in here that RM do have a means to a purpose and unfortunately the stamp collector is part of it. Having said that, I wonder how many of those who purchased a pack were actually David Bowie fans rather than stamp collectors!!!!

It is with this fact in mind and after all that I have said about "C" and illegal stamps I can now see why stamp issues are the way to collect and indeed machines, so the thread about disillusion of collecting stamp packs now takes on a whole new meaning but I still understand the cost element etc etc and considering there is the extra in info and packaging I think the only way to make a stamp pack affordable to a collect is by not using the higher values and go the other way instead, use lesser values such as 1st, 2nd large and normal and two values of lesser which with combined make up the value of 1st large or normal or 2nd.

This is something that will only make RM change if something like the Stamp Magazine or collectors writing to RM can change! We can all sit here and moan but it is us that keep it alive.

Thread: Emblem on stamp
15/03/2017 18:24:55

MInxy, you know full well what my prioirties are with youheart If I can make you smile like your Avitar, IN fact looking closer at that picture, your hubby was not wearing Dainty fiscals was he when that taken??????? You sort of do look Queen like as well, I will phone my mate Bryan up and tell about a photo opportunity, hows thatquestion

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