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Thread: Star wars
16/01/2018 17:19:12

How can you make that statement on commemorative worth which is the whole point of all RM's stamp packs??!

Commemorative Worth : Star wars was huge and still is with space fans and I know that the P.O sold out of this set just as quick as David Bowie set last year. I believe this should at least have 4/5

Quality of Design : Hard for anyone to say, I recognise them all and they seem ok but yes 3/5

Wow factor: It is a select subject matter and thus has to be a middle of road verdict 3/5 Lets be very honest Anything stamp wise is a wow factor these days just getting a real stamp is "WOW", especially if been cancelled correctly.

Thread: Christmas issue
16/01/2018 17:06:56

Er this is cheating seeing as I cant see all the stamps how can one make comment?!

Geez had to go on RM web site to do this.

Commemorative worth: I do not agree both designs are legitimate to the subject. 5/5

Quality of design: The Religious depictions are not very good I feel and baby Jesus with bright yellow hair is beyond thought? I am sure past depictions are far better than these. I would rather the childrens stamp come through the door depicting snowmen.

Wow Factor: exactly right I am sure they would 2 / 5

Thread: stamp pack releases
16/01/2018 16:53:39

now the verdict on this is the complete opposite and I am sure people who know the king of thrones will not be inspired by these stamps?!!

Commemorative worth: You have to agree with the score I think 5/5

Quality of design: I disagree the monochrome image is what you would expect of that era, they are factual pictures 5/5 if you like Royalty

Wow Factor: I am sure people alive of that era would have fond memories from looking at these and thus while to me not good and as mentioned in the commemorative comment, "it is the staple of British stamps" considering the queens head are on all stamps!!! 4/5

Thread: game of thrones
16/01/2018 16:44:29

There was me thinking they stopped the "verdict" article, this clearly goes to show how unwell I am lol.

I do agree with the verdict on this, even with criticism of commemorative meaning the show is on cable and in cinema but people who like this type of thing may argue their validity.

Commemorative worth:I agree 1/5

Quality of design: I do not agree with, even without knowing the show or film these look good and I am sure if you got one through the post you may start a conversation, I know I would. 4/5

Wow factor: I think thats an unfair score they good looking stamps while right someone who does not know the show would say that, it is unfair to say it. 4/5

Thread: Regiment stamps
16/01/2018 16:17:19

Hi John & Alex,

Are these not information labels which go along with coins. I seem to remember a collection of coins with regiments and you would get a paper insert with the emblems. Its hard to see but are the Perf would be a good sign to tell and as you say Alex are they gummed. I would still think it has a market value with the reverse print even if it is a information sheet. And while I am typing this, did the RM not bring out a set of regiment stamps, I could be wrong, a bit like minxy and her king and queens set that I remember??? It sort of reminds me of the old tea cards you could get or even older the silks but it does just look like a pictorial information sheet. .

16/01/2018 16:05:38

I just wanted to say as I promised, I eventually did use these labels on Christmas cards to USA and they all found there way to their destination. It does go to prove that the RM do not know what they are doing as you all know I never did get the reply to their validity, except of course their legitimate 40g use even though this does not exist now.

This is the type of thing that does bug me when you have something in your collection and you cannot find the correct purpose from RM to their value or use! We all know that a 1st and 2nd class stamp carries the up to date value with yearly increases but this was certainly a tricky one except from the obvious 40g value EVEN THOUGH IT DOES NOT EXIST!

I did tell my friends to make sure they keep the stamps but I don't think they will but a good Ebay item anyway should they keep them, especially if cancelled?

I have a whole bunch of these and I think this Christmas 2018 I will ask them to send back the envelopes because I would love to see what on Ebay a collector would pay for one?

Thread: R M Label
16/01/2018 15:53:44

Hi Michael,

Yes I try and keep up with the P.O on these labels if I can and its interesting chatting with the staff about there pros and cons of use, like with the now used white label which has caused many problems with their printers when adding price and so forth. Again to get one blank I think is a collectors dream, something again goes back to the childhood feeling you have something not many will have in their collections.

16/01/2018 15:47:38

Hi Friends,

Again apologies for not coming in as much as I have but I am struggling with health right now. The NHS is an eye opener for sure as to the state this country. I have spent so much time in hospital visits I may as well live there. Basically I have some sort of eating disorder and unaware to me, I have been suffering with this for years. However as I last wrote in here I am truly unwell. The good thing is I am losing weight, makes you laugh in itself but I am eating little and from my last post in here its taken 2 months to get a CT scan and it now looks 3 months in total to get the results, according to my Dr's anyway, March sometime.

I was going to emigrate USA and my trip last November was cancelled due to failing health and by the grace of luck I never went although you may say if i went I would be getting far better medical help than I am here, that is without doubt.

Anyway enough of that and to stamps we go. This is my latest win from the competitions on Stamp Magazine Classic Toys pack 10 x 1st..

classic toys.jpg

It really is not an inspiring set of stamps and I notice the SM has stopped its monthly article on stamp worth, I used to enjoy giving my own opinion. This set I know a few oft he actual makers and products probably because I am far to young (lol). The one thing that stand out about these the RM have used the British makers such as Sindy which was a flop but the Cindy sister fetches good money on Ebay.. Stickle Bricks, (Lego) another flop.

There are a few I just don't know or have a vague memory and 5 from my childhood. I personally would not have purchased this set of stamps the insert card is more interesting than the stamps and I could really go to town on the stamps images used it is a very poor set of stamps.

Thread: Can rebacked stamps be un-rebacked?
10/10/2017 19:26:46

Hi Bob I do not quite see why you would want to take it to its original state if the stamp has been authenticated as such re-backed?

i would have thought the glue used for re-backing would seep into the other paper as well. Are you trying to find the Watermark or something??

Each to their own though, I have never heard of this until reading this.

regards Julian

Thread: Machines and stamp packs
10/10/2017 18:59:03

Hi Alex thanks for thoughts I may even be emigrating myself!!!!!

Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
07/10/2017 17:45:25

My brother was into this when I was a kid and above his bed would be all these cards, it was my fathers line of work Electronics & Radio. He worked through most of the companies ending up in Cable & Wireless. I am pretty sure this is where his wheeling and dealing of his own company came in as well.

Of course CB came in and it pretty much destroyed all this, which is where my father always talked about cell phones way before they came about. Geez I would hate to think what he would be like with modern cell phones!!!!

Thread: Newbie with inherited collection
07/10/2017 17:35:13

Hi Robert sorry for late delay on my part but Trevor has pretty much covered it anyway.

Some people do seem to prefer blocks especially with identification numbers and letting and so forth on the borders, numbers obviously giving printing sheet information.

Anything else unless and specific standing out on them does not seem to create a interest, I have plenty of block pre decimals and they do not seem to stir bidding. It probably as with any thing stamps boils down to the individual but maybe if you was selling the whole collection it MAY incur interest being of blocks as it would indicate a source issue from RM as such.

I do however believe as with most stamp issues it is actually the stamp itself condition be it in block or not.

I see you have said Unused implying more value. Stanley Gibbons Cats give both used and unused values which maybe worth you seeing for yourself as a guide. These values though are a bone of contention because SG may think they are worth that but you try selling them for these figures??? I use SG cat values for insurance purposes guide only and I much prefer Ebay or auction sites as a guide to real value but even this is flawed in answer to the question of value. Watching to see bidding is an indication but sellers who list with Buy It Now means nothing.

A collection should always see more in value I believe simply because of quantity.

The older the stamps the more issues come into play as regard value and it just gets more complicated.

Good luck


Thread: Octagonal stamps
07/10/2017 16:42:28

Nice stamp I have to say and I wonder if the perf four corners intact makes the stamp worth more? I bet there were some error perfing of these, maybe a theme for RM to do a shape collectors pack, although I'm pretty sure around the globe shapes have been covered one way or another, I can remember triangles from I think Tanzania with animals on I believe and I am sure there are round stamps and of course with modern stamps you get all wonderful shaped stamps, recently with fruit and dinosaurs being bend and peel around the actual shape.

Thread: stamp magazine article
07/10/2017 16:27:30

Geez I am glad to say I was not even born then, queuing up behind my brothers I'm afraid. 1957 eh did not think it was that old.

Love the 2nd landscape stamp with the 3 legged / finned rocket, takes me back some years again, cant think of the super hero name, i can remember the rocket going up a piece of string though lol lol.

Thread: The Machin thread
07/10/2017 16:04:23

Hi again Stephen wow not sure at all with this stamp I see what your saying but it would I think depend upon how this appears with the naked eye because as I expand this picture myself it is very hard to say what that line is? The fact it is very fine I'm again not so sure you can call it a flaw and I think a flaw should stand out but we see stamps coming through here with the same claims. If I were you on this one I would not be as keen to claim it however still worth keeping just in case. IN my defense I'm going to say with this stamp you need it in front of you where as the other one is clear to see. I have become very wary of sellotape lifting and scratching however both yours indicate otherwise sellotape usually is around the edge of a stamp and not dead center but scratching?

There are so many reasons but of course on modern stamps does this type of interference make a stamp valuable to the degree of doing it?!! I suggest not. Would you buy a stamp that is not known with flaw error at a marked up price? I think this comes back to what you find yourself interesting, personally I would never throw it away. I do not collect error stamps for value but I do keep them for the fact it is one of a kind maybe. You know that old feeling "I got something no one else has"

But you got better eyesight than me with this stamp that's for sure.


Thread: The Machin thread
07/10/2017 15:46:24

Hi Stephen,

Its definitely a flaw you say and not a scratch as the post cancel runs with it is all I wonder??

Whilst I say that the fact it only runs across the neck does suggest a misprint. I have not seen this anywhere but I have little knowledge on Machines as was really only introduced to them from this site, I never took any notice of them until then which was only a few months back so I cannot say. I did take an interest in faults but its not well informed, so I cannot be of much help other than look at the stamp closely to make out if a scratch otherwise well worth keeping if a flaw.

These are the stamps I keep if received, just in case???


Thread: Ladybird books
07/10/2017 15:37:08

Wow when I saw this it threw me back to my primary school days, I can remember reading these books, taking them home and having mum read them with you. I think it also inspired my mum to buy me for Christmas once a HUGE picture Bible. I read that twice and had many questions my mum could not answer ha ha ha and it is ironic that I have indeed not so long ago asked vicars and religious people the same questions!!!!

I love the "oh well its God's plan" or "this is how it is supposed to be". I have found the answers out for myself since 2008 but that is not about stamps lol lol.

I wonder how many proffessional people will find things wrong with the content in these books and supposedly hidden meanings blah blah, you know like Andy Pandy and Magic Roundabout.....

However these were the days of innocence!!!!

Thread: Machines and stamp packs
07/10/2017 15:18:08


Hi all sorry not been in here but am suffering with my health, NOT EVEN Ebay!!!

I got my post this morning and was pleasently surprised to see I won another comp and I really chuffed with this set of the Machin.

Now if Stamp packs could be like this I would collect them.


machin 1.jpg

Again I have no reasoning why I like these but its probably the styles even though I have most in singles. I totally love the £1 gold stamp as this takes me back to my mistake in paying way over the odds for the Diana ones which I have many. (Staffa)

I also admire the 6 x old stamp designs, I do have an assortment of previous issues but not full sets unfortunately.

My heart goes out to the posties and their strike and I do understand their frustration with RM raiding and abusing Pension or rights. I said this a long time ago when they did this with a lot of pensions and raided the pots to leave the people with little in the pot. It is a crime without doubt but that was Conservatives for you.. Makes you laugh when they make commercials for pensions blah blah bah just for companies to raid them. The world is surely sick and immoral.

But well done RM a nice collectors pack indeed, just don't say you want them back.........................

Edited By Julian on 07/10/2017 15:20:44

Thread: Hoping for Info/Advice
06/09/2017 18:44:02

Hi Wraf,

Westminster Abbey was the funeral church place so that's odd?

You see these on Ebay every now and again but I cannot ever think of hearing about the St Pauls being replaced with Westminster Abbey?

The problem as to value is just how many of these are in circulation if it is an error, Westminster Abbey would be where they normally would have got wed so it maybe was a pre circular? If that is the case and not many were printed it could be worth a few Bob!

I would email Stanley Gibbons and ask them but I would imagine there will be many of these around, its not the sort of thing to be a one off, UNLESS it was a proof to publication.

That's where I would go anyway with that one.

Sorry cannot be of more help but it was not the sort of thing I collected.


Thread: GB Error
06/09/2017 18:20:32

Hi Alistair sorry for taking so long to get back to you but I have been through my Pierrons links and indeed some others and I have not been able to find this particular error, so it may well be a one off error but I am sure someone else made a post in here about the same type stamp and that the word print was off shift and it was then that searching the net i saved these Pierrons links for this particular issue of stamps. So I'm either mistaken on your particular error and thinking of a different error series or I have seen it elsewhere on auction sites.

So I cannot help on this occasion my friend, sorry.


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