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Thread: Moderation of this forum- Is There any??
06/02/2018 11:38:28

Oops, I just posted a message in reply to a post from Julian. If he and Carmen have left it doesn't bode well for the forum, which when I joined was very active.


Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
06/02/2018 09:02:17

Julian, are you saying your brother is/was a radio ham? My husband got into it in his teens when he passed the Radio Amateur Exam, but couldn't get licensed at the time because a Morse test pass was required then and he didn't manage it due to having a lot of school work to do. He was eventually able to get a licence without the Morse test, but eventually passed the Morse test as well.


09/09/2017 16:32:48

Paul, my husband would never dream of selling any of those qsl cards, no matter how rare they were. Besides, a lot of those cards were for other radio hams, so that would be another reason for not selling them.


09/08/2017 16:01:45

That was too bad about your collection, Julian, especially as you found you could have sold them for more, but doesn't that often happen - you get less for something than it's valued at. When I was collecting stamps as a child, my brother had a Stanley Gibbons catalogue and showed me how to check the value of each stamp. I remember checking out any stamps I had in my album, just for curiosity's sake, but it didn't occur to me at any time that I could or should sell them.

Currently most of the stamps in my collection come from the envelopes that ham radio QSL cards come in, but back then, when you could easily buy stamps for collecting, those little packets were popular for children to give to their older siblings as Christmas or birthday presents. My younger sister bought me a packet one Christmas but the package was so small it disappeared inside the Christmas tree. Maybe she should have packaged a la Amazon today lol.


21/07/2017 15:02:45

Yes, welcome indeed, Steve. So glad you're not getting rid of your first stamp album. Did you get a decent price for yours, Julian?

Steve, this is a good forum, where you'll get plenty of advice and encouragement. It's just a bit quiet at times.


Edited By Gillian Hutchinson on 21/07/2017 15:03:42

Thread: New start looking for advice
21/07/2017 14:50:37

Julian, I am also married.


10/07/2017 23:19:36

Welcome to the stamp forums, Ethan. Julian and Carmen have given you good advice, with which I would agree. Just don't do anything silly like using glue to put the stamps in an album or leaving hinges - if you decide to use them - in a humid environment where they will end up like one massive piece of plastic which can't be prised apart. Have fun with your new-found hobby!

Welcome back, Carmen.

Julian, I don't come here often, but glad you missed me.


Thread: A Query about Cinderellas
22/06/2017 20:26:36

Don't know how you figure that out, Julian.


09/06/2017 23:11:38

Thank you for the reply. Very interesting, but I don't think I'll be keeping it.


23/05/2017 13:42:02

This is the stamp to which I was referring.



04/05/2017 13:49:37

I have a 'stamp' which has Hellas printed on it but has no perforated edges. Could this be a Cinderella? I was going to post a photo, but couldn't remember how and couldn't find out how. Nothing happens when I click on 'Add a photo'.


Thread: Canadian Stamp Collecting podcast...
13/04/2017 09:00:40

I listened to a couple of these podcasts - thanks for the link, Carmen - they were very interesting - and posted a reply to the thread, but whatever I did or didn't do, it didn't show up.

Speaking of Canadian stamps, I bought a book about Canadian stamps when I was in Toronto with hubby in 1983. It has some very nice stamps included with it and facsimiles of the same.

That's some claim to fame, Carmen, being able to trace your roots to Red Hugh! I hope you and your family had a good night out on St Patrick's night.


Thread: Advice About Stamp Mounts
17/03/2017 19:39:01

Julian, I'm so glad you're not giving up on the forum.


08/03/2017 23:24:09

Three questions, Julian.

You say you're coming to and end with stamps. Does this mean you're leaving the forum? That would be a shame as I'm sure any advice you can give to any of us still on the stamp collecting journey would be helpful.

Secondly, forgive my ignorance, but what is the 'C' category? I read your other post about illegal stamps. That must have been disheartening, but it's probably best just to move on from that.

Thirdly, wouldn't postcard collecting also take up space? I have collected postcards over the years, but haven't put any in envelopes for a few years. Years ago I found an old scrap book, which I covered with green foil paper and cut out the words Post Card from a postcard and stuck them on the front of the album, then put any cards I received into the album. In more recent years my husband bought a proper postcard album and I put some post cards into that. I like doing genealogical research and have found some very useful information from old postcards.


24/02/2017 19:31:27

Carmen, people can be so unpleasant, can't they?

Julian, I heard that idea before, about the talcum powder. I did try it at the time and it appeared to work wonderfully, but I haven't come across any stamps recently that kept their stickiness even after soaking. I did also hear it wasn't such a good idea to use talcum powder.


14/02/2017 12:01:49

Thanks for the helpful replies. My stamps are mostly commemorative and all different shapes and sizes. I don't know if you can put different shapes and sizes in one strip of mounts, but I have a lot of stamps, which I just want to get displayed in albums and which I have no intention of selling. I also don't have the time to work with stamp mounts, but was thinking of using a stock album for the new, un-franked stamps and the self-adhesive ones that have a sticky residue even after soaking.

Thanks for your tip about Ziploc bags, Carmen. I am already doing that, having learned my lesson about damp hinges. Just wondering, do you often use picture corners or just for sheets of stamps? I am with you on the looking for something everywhere except in the place which should have been obvious. I wouldn't have thought to look there either as I am not that organized so have often been surprised to find I've put something where I should have put it.

By the way, this is the most active stamp forum I know of. I have joined several on Yahoo, but they mostly post about stamps they have for sale or exchange and there is zilch conversation.



Thread: More Hinges Ruined
02/01/2017 11:48:51

I work on my stamps in my bedroom - I alternate the activity with reading. It's damp in there and there were some hinges in a paper bag, which consequently got glued together with no possibility of peeling them apart. It looks like Ziploc bags are the solution for hinges in damp bedrooms. The hinges I had in an envelope in the kitchen were fine.

I haven't heard of Damp Chek and am among the underprivileged when it comes to 'stamp shelves'.


30/11/2016 15:15:24

The stamp hinges I bought recently got ruined, but I think I am to blame myself this time as they were in the bedroom and probably stuck together as a result.

Note to self - be careful where and how you store stamp hinges!


Thread: More Hinges Ruined
30/11/2016 15:15:23

The stamp hinges I bought recently got ruined, but I think I am to blame myself this time as they were in the bedroom and probably stuck together as a result.

Note to self - be careful where and how you store stamp hinges!


Thread: Major Disappointment
11/11/2016 15:54:38

Well, my faith has been restored in Stanley Gibbons and I am very happy with the service I have received from Dauwalders. I rang up the latter and, having expected to hear a list of options to press, I was pleasantly surprised to be answered immediately by a pleasant lady, who apologised when I told her about the hinges, and then said that replacements would be sent to me. Sure enough, the replacement hinges arrived just a couple of days later and are much better than the other ones I received.

Now to catch up with putting my stamps in albums.


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