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Thread: German stamps query
21/02/2018 01:47:45


That's great thanks ... very interesting .

Sideways pictures , the original picture I take is vertical however when added to my photo album it turns my images sideways I'm not sure why . I tried taking them sideways & then some turn out upright & some upside down .

A quirk of the system ? I use an iPhone to take them which might be the reason.


20/02/2018 20:44:14

Hi again ,

Does anyone know if this is a stamp ? It has a value "3" but the expedition suggests a cinderella stamp. Does someone know please ?




Thread: Trev Bishop
16/02/2018 16:26:32

Thanks for the Link Alex .

I really like the engravings of some of their stamps and some of FDC envelopes have some lovely designs - I'll try & put some photos on the forum . Czech stamps used to be really cheap almost worthless and so I was able to buy some bulk auction lots , however I've recently noticed ( on eBay) that prices are creeping up especially the earlier items . Also SG's prices have gone up significantly .

I just remembered Pofis was the Czech catalogue ( in Czech ) but I'm not sure how recent is the newest edition .

The newly formed Czech Republic stamps seem difficult to find in quantity & certainly quite a bit more expensive than the old Czechoslovakia .

Anyway plenty to keep me busy .


16/02/2018 09:33:43

Sorry can some one change the Topic title to something appropriate please like "Michel catalogues for Czechoslovakia .


16/02/2018 09:20:03

Hi ,

I am looking for a good stamp catalogue for Czechoslovakia and wondering if anyone can recommend one .

I recently bought the NEW 2017 SG one which now doesn't include Poland & is only £1 cheaper than the previous one I bought - a nice little earner , but why leave out Poland and have a skinny catalogue for £28 . Apart from that it isn't much different from the previous one . Would Michel have more detail ? I expect there's a Czech one but although I could manage German at a pinch ,Czech would be  out of the question & sourcing one might be tricky . And without buying one it's hard to know what they're like .

Anyone got one ?


Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 16/02/2018 09:21:11

Thread: Dumb Cancellation
15/02/2018 20:20:53

Thanks Alex ,

It's nice to see some nice stamps with a Cancel . I saw one of those last year on a 2nd class blue & didn't know what It was and guessed it probably was a postman pocket Cancel . Usually the biro & NO Cancel are still more frequent . This year I had two packets with NO Cancel & one covered in lovely booklet panes & biro'd over each stamp - I nearly cried .

I'll keep track of the next few items and see if more if these dumb cancels are being used .


Thread: German stamps query
14/02/2018 19:48:29

Hi Alex ,

Thanks for that .

I see I think the confusion was that along the base of the stamp the wavy lines looked more like T 64 SG 352 etc where some stamps have "value omitted, "so I was thinking the 2md was actually an overprint indicated by the brackets (63) but I see now that with second colour of the 2md would mean the base of the stamps of T62 would have wavy lines .

Thanks again


14/02/2018 17:32:32

img_3858.jpgHi again

I need some help with another German stamp using SG numbers .

It appears this is T64 1923 with the value omitted . The overprint looks to be O63 in green , however I just can't place it in the catalogue & hence in my printed pages .

Can any one help please .



Thread: Perfin - how does it affect the value of the stamp
02/02/2018 15:58:50

Hi Paul ,

I've just tried the fluorescent paper trick - putting them in Hagner pages with a strip behind the stamp - excellent idea.

I was very impressed , now I need to find how to write a brief note about the company who issues them .

All good fun .



01/02/2018 20:10:18

Hi Billy ,

Thanks , I was just wondering as there WERE 3 lovely QV 10/- stamps for sale ( now snapped up by someone else ) for £30 each and I just wanted to be sure they weren't valued as fairly worthless if I ever had to sell them . Well clearly someone else thought they were worth it & so my question has been answered . I did read somewhere that someone had estimated the value as 10/% of CV .

I'll keep a look out for more & hopefully add them to my collection .

I have 100's or 1000's of perfins & having looked at the perfin website it is really difficult to value them , as it's what someone will pay for them . It also seems people prefer them on original covers showing the company for which they were made . Always good to know these things .

I've been trying to think of a way to display perfins , but upto now my ideas wander between different ideas . One day I'll get around to it .


30/01/2018 21:00:09

Hi ,

I am a collector of perfins in a small way & would also like to increase my QV GB collection some of which are way out of my price range and I have recently seen that some the HV QV stamps with perfins are at more reasonable price .

I was just wondering what perfins do to the value of a stamp ( presumably a defective/ damaged stamp ?)



Thread: German stamps query
17/01/2018 22:36:11

Hi Alex ,

Thanks for the info - I was thinking that because it was a new value that it would've been printed using the new plate , did they print the 4m with both plates ? Is it possible for it to have no watermark ?

And I see some of the other values e.g. 50,75,80pf are all rarer in plate 1 , So why not the 4M ? SG says that plate 1 was used for coil stamps , it seems odd that a 4M would be on a coil .( Perfins , yes , even the few I collected of GB & getting the Tomkins list showed how many GB have - interesting but a huge topic .  .

Well thanks again , I'll keep looking & learning


17/01/2018 13:12:52

img_3771.jpgHi ,

Please can anyone help with this stamp .

Firstly it seems to have no watermark - I've tried a detector & solvent and usually they are fairly easy to see it seems strange it's not visible . Secondly it appear to be type 1 i.e. Printed in two stages , frame & centre separately . However looking at the SG CAT there appears to be SG 152 of which I have several . I wonder if the date & perfin may help ? Or is it a forgery ?



Thread: game of thrones
17/01/2018 11:03:24

...... But on the plus side it's good to see a set of 1st class stamps , so we have some chance of receiving one on a Postal item - . Perhaps I'll keep a collection of "stamps received in the post 2018" - one page should be enough .

Could be an interesting exhibit ?


17/01/2018 10:52:58

Hi Julian , I hope you're feeling much better 😀Now .

Glad to see you're back , I missed your ramblings . Re Game of thrones : I had to wonder WHY the PO brought out a set for game of thrones, as the subject had very little interested to many people . But , call me cynical I was thinking that by bringing SO many sets , Post & go (good for income ) booklets & the many varieties of machins to try & rake in more income & probably put off stamp collectors they then came up with a cunning plan to tap more money from other non collectors like Star Wars, Dr Who ,lord if the rings & a like who will want to buy anything related to their obsession , sorry hobby .

Oh well if that's what they want to do - sadly I think they're slowly killing off modern stamp collecting in the UK , time will tell .


Thread: Wildings queries
02/01/2018 08:14:42

Hiya ,

Happy new year to all !

I'm have come across several different 2d brown wildings with various overprints e.g. Gas boards , electricity boards , corporations etc . I presume these do a similar job that perfins do in stopping employees using them for their own Postal uses.

I'm wondering is there a finite number of different ones & do many people collect them ? ( of course someone will collect them , there always is ) ?

Any info would be useful


Thread: Help with identification of Chilean Tax Stamp
01/01/2018 09:08:29

Hi ,

Well looking at these stamps without any knowledge of this set I would say the stamp's white border perf area on the left looks darker & perhaps kept in a bit so clean environment , also I wonder whether the red ink oxidises in less clean environment to a brown colour over time ? Whilst the stamp on the right is much brighter & fresh appearance . Have you got an original 2c stamp to compare the type of " brown "colour it is .

Interesting though - worth looking into.


Thread: Which engravers / engraved stamps do you most admire?
26/12/2017 11:26:51

Hi Adrian , thanks , nice stamps .

I'd like to get some of the previous mentioned Eagle stamps , were they issued in Sweden ? I can't seem to locate them to buy some .


Thread: Perfin ID please . Anyone still out there ?
08/12/2017 19:36:14

Hi Paul ,

Alas I feel you are right , what happened to Julian ? I enjoyed reading his witterings .

I don't have the stamp close by at the moment but all the EDVII stamps I acquired in one lot were from the Preston , Manchester areas tho some of the other perfins came FROM other REGIONS & were posted to Preston area. I ID'd a few JTS , JAS, M&K,JHM ,RT/&S ,L&S /Ld

There are no DK's at all . Has there been an updated Tomkins list since 2003 or is it ongoing each year ?



Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 08/12/2017 19:49:33

08/12/2017 11:30:25

Hi there ,

I'm wondering if anyone can ID a perfin please on a EDVII stamp . A giant DK hole count 12,12- I can't find it in the Tomkins directory 2004 .

I found an excellent website called Grace's which list many old industrial companies - fascinating .



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