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Thread: Perfin ID please . Anyone still out there ?
08/12/2017 19:36:14

Hi Paul ,

Alas I feel you are right , what happened to Julian ? I enjoyed reading his witterings .

I don't have the stamp close by at the moment but all the EDVII stamps I acquired in one lot were from the Preston , Manchester areas tho some of the other perfins came FROM other REGIONS & were posted to Preston area. I ID'd a few JTS , JAS, M&K,JHM ,RT/&S ,L&S /Ld

There are no DK's at all . Has there been an updated Tomkins list since 2003 or is it ongoing each year ?



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08/12/2017 11:30:25

Hi there ,

I'm wondering if anyone can ID a perfin please on a EDVII stamp . A giant DK hole count 12,12- I can't find it in the Tomkins directory 2004 .

I found an excellent website called Grace's which list many old industrial companies - fascinating .



Thread: Nigeria stamp query
21/11/2017 17:30:20

Hi Billy ,

So I assume it's a " local post " stamp , but would this normally be valid for international postage or has it just slipped through ?


18/11/2017 08:49:03

img_3515.jpgHi ,

I wonder if anyone can help me identify this " stamp" & cancellation especially as it appears it was valid enough to be posted to the UK. The stamp is inscribed ADUNA KANO POST & the cancellation looks like KKP 27 VIII.



Thread: Bavaria old postcard curiosity
17/11/2017 18:43:51

Hi Billy , Yes it could be done like that . A bit like when people collected passport cancels as they moved about as a kind of souvenir of their trip . The Bayern stamp is 26th M** ? May ? March 1912 , GB stamp is 26th JU 1912 , Netherlands stamp is 24/7/12 , Germany 30/9/12 . Quite a nice idea , tho more difficult nowadays as the card has no address and isn't actually posted . I love these little curiosities like this . I might try that myself , although I can't see the post office staff agreeing to do that . Interesting though .



14/11/2017 20:02:09

img_3488.jpgHi to all ,

I thought I'd share this curiosity I recently found : A Bavaria postcard showing pictures of their stamps , but on the back stamps from different countries "tied " to the card by their countries cancellation - "how did they do that" , as they say !


Thread: Help identifying these stamps
14/11/2017 19:55:08

Hi Matt,

Hopefully some of your fathers will be in an album on pages for each country ? Most stamps have some thing on them which with a little practice you'll learn so you could sort them by country. Then probably you'd be best to borrow a world catalogue from the library ( now in 5 volumes and heavy !) or you could pick up a set on eBay a few years old tho postage might be a lot . Most collectors like upto date catalogues, so one 4-5 years old shouldn't be too much . Then you'll be able to put them in chronological order . And you'll have some idea of value tho condition is ALL important , whether they are used or mint ( unused ) & the catalogue "value" is only relative to other stamps and is probably 75% higher than any real resale price you might get , so don't get too excited about value .

Stamp tweezers are ideal for handling stamps .....

It's a big subject and you may find yourself in time being drawn to a particular aspect of stamp collecting and head down that avenue .

Enjoy your sorting !


14/11/2017 14:18:29

Hi Matt ,

These are all British stamps & fairly easy to find in a GB Stamp catalogue which you may find in a library or perhaps with a friend who collects . Probably not of great value although you would have to start looking at " plate numbers "  & watermarks , but an interesting place to start if you're  thinking of starting to collect ?


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Thread: Newbie with inherited collection
25/09/2017 21:19:48

Hi Robert ,

Well a familiar story as my grandfather also worked in a post office and tucked the odd block of GVI stamps away tho not in huge quantities .

And to your question; If the stamps are decimal i.e. In pounds & new pence I would say generally they're probably

worth face value or perhaps a little more depending on which ones they are . There are a few machin stamps that are a bit scarcer from booklets but not of huge value .

If the stamps are pre Decimal QE11 then mostly sadly they are worth a lot unless some of them have various error on them like missing colours , imperforate etc . Some of the early QEII high values 2/6 - £1 are worth a bit more . Probably best to get hols of a stamp catalogue from a friend or the library and cut the value at least by 1/2 or more . If your friend is very old and was alive in 1920's they might be more interesting !

Feel free to down load some to this site & someone will have something to say & help further .


Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 25/09/2017 21:20:19

Thread: CZECHSLOVAK 1980 - 1983 - 75 pages
13/09/2017 07:01:39

Hi , A nice lot of stamps - I collected them too, mostly because of the designs and the mini sheetlets are attractive . On the whole they're fairly cheap to buy especially used or M/m which was also a plus .

I also managed to buy at auction quite a few Fdc's which come with some lovely embossed covers . And the early sets 1918 are interesting for their many varieties .

Often a country not collected I think because of mass production , cto, and of very little value but I like them .

Nice to see some on the forum .


Thread: Stockbook without interleaves
10/09/2017 17:34:50

Mmmm s/hand stock books I've had several in auction lots and most I chuck out as they often start to have foxing .

Cheap PRC or eastern block in particular .

Yep Hagner pages are ok but are more expensive than nice black stock books & I also find double sided Hagners do tend to scratch the opposite side page. Though with Hagners it's easier to move pages around than in a stock book where I end up shunting everything along a page which time consuming .

Yes a stamp fair would be a good place to start if there's one near you this year !


10/09/2017 07:45:11

Hi Geoff .

I suppose the easy answer would be to buy a stock book with interleaves which vary in quality and price and easily available and then carefully cut/ tear out the interleaves ??

I'm not sure why you want to tho . I find they protect stamps rubbing against stamps in the opposite page especially noticeable if either of them has white areas . And if you are putting any of the newer self adhesive stamps in there is the off chance that they might stick to stamps on the opposite page ?

Though someone out there may know of some producing interleaf free stock books .


Thread: GB Error
04/09/2017 05:57:06

Hi there

Yes I see what you mean and it also affects the W in Windsor . The stamp on the right is a darker shade which leads me to think that it was running out of ink and so just didn't have enough to print it fully .

In contrast I have a £1.50 stamp of the same set which is over inked and has very untidy spidery ink bits coming out of the lettering & numbers .

I think it's just the randomness of the printing process . Interesting tho .


Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 04/09/2017 06:05:06

Thread: New to collecting and need advice
04/08/2017 18:53:55

Hi Alex , welcome to stamp collecting I shall attempt to answer some of your questions .

Stamps of that period in the U.K. ( which would also apply to France no doubt) Are plentiful on eBay and from other sources inc dealers. This period to the present day are " modern " and often sell at less than the face value especially auctions I've seen mint stamps ( unused with gum no hinge mark ) sell for 50% of face value . So I imagine it's easy to acquire stamps of this sort (esp as they are selling to an ever decreasing number of collectors . Older stamps are trickier to get which appeals to some people .

The " folders " of stamp are "presentation packs " are at a premium price from the PO & again easier & cheaper from eBay & auctions . Beware ,the resale value will likely to be less than you buy them from the PO .

Albums: there is a massive choice, you really need to see them first perhaps at a stamp fare before deciding which to buy . The tissue paper or interleaves stop the stamps rubbing against the opposite page . The plastic mounts ( hingless mounts ) can be bought separately and used on plain pages if you want . Albums with hingeless mount again raise the price of the album sometimes to the point where the album costs more than the stamps .

Albums can be bought with pre printed pages giving you a space for each stamp with info and date of issue for example . And then filling the gaps becomes quite addictive !

Adding hinges to unmounted mint stamps will "devalue "them , but if you prefer that way to mount them then that's fine , you will find what's best for you .

You will need tweezers to handle the stamps a magnifying glass , perhaps something to help detect watermarks and a catalogue of you choice .

Hope that helps a little , I'm sure others will add their twopenn'th .

Have fun and enjoy the hobby is the most important thing what ever you do .


Edited By Trevor Bishop 1 on 04/08/2017 18:56:01

Thread: Great rarity
29/07/2017 18:04:28

Hi Alex ,

My word that is a rare occurrence , I can't remember the last time I had a recent commem stamp on post . At least a year or more . I do get a few old commems from eBay sellers getting rid of excess stamps .I wonder where they all go ? Back to the PO for recycling ? Ha . A shame really , it would be nice see a few on Mail .


Thread: Foreign branch postmarks
26/07/2017 23:02:00

Many thanks Paul .

For your excellent & very helpful answers .


26/07/2017 21:33:26

Hi Julian ,

Indian stamps ? No GB 1887 Jubilee issue .


26/07/2017 21:30:19

Hi thank you ,

So - from your answers am I right in thinking they're used to cancel newspaper wrappers for sending abroad . But if they were used only in London , I wonder why they would use different designs and without a date ? I would've thought the use of hand cancels would've been more controlled in those years . Also how would their use be different from using an F.S cancel?


26/07/2017 13:47:06


Could someone tell me what the difference is between these two postmarks . Could it be the year or place they were used .



21/07/2017 06:52:52


Well , I am really NOT surprised and after several " discussions " with PO staff over using NVI stamps for overseas postage , I suppose this is what happens when you separate Royal Mail & the PO and issue various NVI stamps and don't inform the people who are selling them what /how/& to where they can be used or is it that it's only us dinasaurs that are still sticking stamps on Mail ? I still occasionally get a huff if I put pretty stamps on parcels and they have to add it up ( despite the fact I write clearly their value) . What was the outcome of putting £1 stamps from pre decimal issues on a parcel now ? I think I have a few original" postcard to Europe" stamps to try out .

All good fun , now where are my aerogrammes?


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