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Thread: Machines and stamp packs
11/11/2017 17:09:13

Hi Bill - welcome to the forum.

The packs shown in your link are Presentation Packs. Virtually all issues from Royal Mail come out in packs and some people still collect them. Of course the stamps are valid for postage so if you bought them you could still use the contents on the Christmas cards this year! They are sold from the Bureau or from some Post Offices.

Arnold Machin was the designer of the image of the Queen which first appeared in the 1960s and continues in use to this day, thus best seen on definitives.


Thread: Chinese Imperial?
10/11/2017 17:00:42

Yep - it was issued in Canada for 保皇會, the Chinese Empire Reform Association who wanted to return to the Empire. Details at **LINK** I have not seen this one before and it is not listed in Ed Bohannon's "Seals and Labels of China", CSS, 1985. Nice thing!


Thread: Major Collection
01/11/2017 17:16:02

Hi Gary

for something like that you need professional help! If you Google stamp auctioneers in Germany I would give one of them a call. Depends where the collection is but I have dealt with one of them & been happy with the result. Happy to PM details. The reason I suggest this is they will have a better market for German material and are used to dealing with large lots. Shipping it all to the UK would be expensive and give potential customs issues.

Alternatively turn over a floor of your house to stamps and join us collectors!


Thread: Switzerland 1910 stamp in colour I can't find listed
20/10/2017 17:56:31

Hi Tim,

I think you will find the cancel is 1925 rather than 1910. It is the 5th Tell series issued in 1924, according to Zumstein, #157. The colour is "grauviolet" or "violett-gris". 185 million printed, catalogued at CHF0.50


Thread: Stockbook without interleaves
10/09/2017 16:50:07

Greetings Geoff,

I guess the difference is between a stockbook, where one puts in the stamps so half of the stamp is held by the strip and half protrudes out above the strip of plastic above, and a Hagner type leaf where the stamp is fully behind the plastic strip. In the former case use an interleaf, in the latter, no need.

I have to add, Alex, that even the cheap PRC produced ones I have seen recently include an interleaf. Not high quality and may not stay there for long, but definitely there when new!

Many dealers have second hand stockbooks. I don't know the going rate in the UK, but at a fair I went to today they were CHF4 each for a 16 pager, A4 size.

Thread: Philatelic Congress, covers & Postmarks
07/09/2017 17:36:37

Cover similar to number 2 on e-bay £8.99 with a blue label. With no label but illustrated I would expect £10 +/- £5. However others may well disagree!

Thread: Cape of Good Hope triangles - largest blocks
05/09/2017 20:54:18

Great first post Bob. It's not my field, but I appreciate any research like this. Nothing in the "Big COGH" sales of more recent times? Hackmey, Maxwell- Joseph, Maximus etc? I have some of these auction cats in my cellar store. There is also the Corinphila edition d'or of the Hackmey collection with much useful info.

I look forward to more useful stuff!


Thread: Canada 5c
31/08/2017 16:17:05

Hi Julian,

I don't know the perfin and my catalogues are not currently available (now sitting in airport awaiting a flight). However take heart that perfins, with very few exceptions, are almost never forged. For many years they were regarded as worthless and destroyed. The high value stamps occasionally found are worth far less, so why spoil a "good-un" by perforating it. Some of the low value, cheap stamps might command a slight premium with a perfin, but not many. Four main exceptions come to mind:

GB Board of Trade with a crown & BT

​various countries with "specimen" or the local language equivalent - almost always a premium item

Various commonwealth countries where stamps were perfinned "OS" for "On Service" where there are some rarities

Finally, China where a certain dealer a few decades ago made bogus and fake perfins on some decent stamps. He charged a premium price, in one case over $1000 for something which would have been $20 before. There is a rare price-list he prepared, fortunately illustrating some of them. I reckon the price-list is worth more than the stamps!


Thread: George VI 1 1/2d flaw?
21/08/2017 21:07:24

Hi Keith -

took a look at my lone example of the 1 1/2d and decided I had it too! My 2013 Commonwealth shows a pretty poor illustration and when I searched the net, I found this site which makes this comment too and offers a couple of better illustrations. Another which was / is for sale is here showing a positional block.

Keep looking!


Thread: N.E.T.P.O
21/08/2017 16:57:27

Hi Sonia

North Eastern Travelling Post Office - Night Up (not Op)

So used on the railway.



Thread: Bermuda GeorgeVI High values
10/08/2017 17:07:13

Hi Keith

a nice couple of pages to find! There are a number on there with catalogue prices of several hundred £s each.

I think it would make a fine lot in a big auction. I note there are a few used as well as mint. I also suggest that you don't fold the marginal items. There are many varieties of these keyplates and if it happens that you have one, there is a premium for marginal examples. Worth getting an up-to-date SG 1840-1970 commonwealth & checking.

Of course a smaller auction may break the lot down a bit more for a bigger total (or a few unsolds - life's a gamble after all!)

If you are UK based there are many advertisers on this very site who may be interested.

Good luck!


Thread: Found my collection after 45 years
09/08/2017 19:58:30

Hi Gillian

shame you didn't keep the QSL cards and envelopes as they arrived. They can fetch good money from smaller. more obscure places!

A relative of my wife, many years ago, handed me a carrier bag full of British 1d reds, all badly torn from the covers - by her to help me! I could have cried!

Thread: To be or not to be?
08/08/2017 18:59:07

"C" category? If you mean Cinderella - very many were gummed.

Some postage stamps were issued without gum. The catalogue should tell you. If issued like that then fine, no reason for a refund. If gummed then M or UM (=MNH for the USA) would be an appropriate description. Stamps which don't have gum but should are definitely worth less. Depends what it is, but this is generally true.

One to look out for are some of the Commonwealth EVII / GV high values which were used for revenue purposes (so often cancelled with a pen stroke) where the cancel has been removed or bleached out giving the appearance of "mint no gum". Sometimes too these have been regummed. It may be possible to tell if the gum goes over the edge of the perorations and is visible on the perf tips or edges. Almost all stamps were gummed before being perforated!


Thread: Is this an unusual Postmark
30/07/2017 19:58:59

the bit at left of the crown is an E for Edward, R = Rex or King Edward (VII) - part of a machine cancel - so not unusual I'm afraid. DG by the way, seems to have been used by Diconto Gesellschaft, London. The perfin was produced by Sloper's company and delivered in 1902 according to Tompkin's catalogue.

Thread: Foreign branch postmarks
26/07/2017 22:09:50


- they cancelled newspaper wrappers and other non-standard things like "large flats" in the modern parlance. Undated like most printed matter / book post materials. To quote John Parmenter "This reduction in charges (in 1870) led to a great increase in the number of newspapers and circulars the Post Office handled. The increase in demand coupled with the tradition in the Post Office that there was no dispatch date stamp on these items, led to a proliferation of single obliterators. They were made of a soft material, wood, cork or felt, which facilitated the cancelling of rolled newspapers. The frequently wore out and the replacements were often of a different design".

(from J Parmenter, "Barred Numeral Cancellations of London", British Philatelic Trust, London, 1999. pages xxix - xxx.)

There are also precancels used by volume mailers such as WH Smiths and these are well worth finding.

FB = Foreign Branch, FS = Foreign Section - the name changed.

Hope that answers the outstanding questions!


26/07/2017 18:20:15

Hi Trev

FB = Foreign Branch in London. Mostly used on newspapers and the like.

Parmenter shows some also with numbers and some with letters. They used many different concurrently. Certainly a collectable area and better on something also struck with a datestamp on receipt which makes them worth double or thereabouts.


Thread: Landmark Buildings
25/07/2017 22:35:38

Welcome Sonia.

I agree, but then so does the building - quite accurate really!

25/07/2017 22:33:07

Hi Julian,

Customs is not the issue, providing you don't contravene any limits. The PO at the receiving should collect whatever the UK puts on the envelope. If nothing then nothing! I believe there is an exception in cases of obvious error, but given the confusion apparently suffered by RM on this it is hardly obvious! You may get more luck talking to someone from Revenue Protection than Customer Services. Problem is to get put through to someone in the right department.

You could always get one of the BBC consumer programmes to take a look at a privatised concern offering postage valid in perpetuity and not "delivering". Maybe they would have more luck?


Thread: Unknown stamps - Boss Level Challenge !
08/07/2017 21:02:06

OK - to tidy up the answers

1) South China. SG: CC201, 202 They get a CC number because SG list South China under Cental China.

2) Turkey. SG M164 (may be one of the remainder stock). I haven't seen this perforation variety though. May be worth checking further. They usually look like no 7.

3) Japanese documentary revenue.

4) White Russian as Alex says.

5) Central China. SG CC75

6) People's Republic from 1961. SG 1988

7) Turkey SG M165 (again maybe remainder)

8) China Hubei Province SG CC79

9) Japanese documentary revenue

10) Japanese Tobacco duty revenue.

I haven't added catalogue numbers for the Japanese revenues. I can if you tell me which catalogue you want to use! Barefoot in English or Shimomura in Japanese. They are, however, common. The Turkish stamps have a catalogue value of a couple of pounds each but the reprints or forgeries are less. Sadly the China are only 10p - 30p each...

Edited By Paul Davey 1 on 08/07/2017 21:02:42

Thread: Any information on this unknown stamp ?
05/07/2017 18:55:43

The goodly SG part 10 says, under a set issued Apr-June 1961, that the 6k value was issued in sheets with se-tenant labels in red and blue inscribed in Russian with part of Mr Krushchev's speech after the flight, SG2577A is the number. It is, sadly, detached from its stamp!

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