The March issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from February 9, includes these great features:

Errors of the 1967 EFTA set

Ambitious design and complex printing made for one of the most memorable British stamp issues of the 1960s: embarrassing for the authorities but equally engrossing for collectors 

Argentina’s 1888 definitive series

South America’s fastest growing economy was ripe for its first locally printed high-quality stamp issue, but relied on European expertise to bring it to reality

The mysterious case of Jonas Lek

Was the wealthy Dutch diamond merchant’s worldwide stamp collection one of the greatest put together in the 1920s? Or was it nothing more than the figment of an over-ripe imagination?

Commonwealth Classics

How Jamaica’s first pictorial issue of 1900-01 was transformed by two-colour printing  

Forgotten Countries

The exclave of Azerbaijan which is in the stamp catalogue with just two stamps 

GB Themes

Stamps on the theme of British films and film actors started slowly but have come on strong