The February issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from January 11, includes these great features:

GB designs by Andrew Davidson

The natural successor to David Gentleman talks us through his finest work, from wood engravings to gouache paintings and from Sherlock Holmes to travelling post offices

Gustav Klimt’s art on stamps

The Viennese rebel who rewrote the rules of painting was often vilified in his lifetime, but his work has since adorned many eye-catching stamps from Austria and elsewhere

New Zealand first day covers

Illustrated covers from the 1935-70 period are attractive and extremely collectable, and reveal the underlying obsessions of a still-emerging nation

Commonwealth Classics

Inspiration for Gibraltar’s first pictorial definitive issue in 1931 came very firmly and confidently from the Rock itself 

Great Engravers

An unheralded artist working for the Soviet Union’s state printer, Lydia Mayorova may be the finest engraver you’ve never heard of  

GB Themes

Butterflies and bees dominate the theme of insects on British stamps, and in most cases they are beautifully illustrated