The May issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from April 12, includes these great features:

British stamp issues of 1968

Fifty years ago, there was a strange blip in the steady development of Great Britain’s stamp programme, with fewer issues and apparently less diligence. We investigate why  

‘Van Acker’ issues of Belgium

Post-war austerity in the 1940s produced a series of definitives with an unusual surcharge which read ‘-10%’. Overprinting at the local level then created thousands of varieties 

Thematic guide to ghosts

From religion, mythology, folklore, literature and opera, stories of the undead have always haunted human consciousness. To what extent is this a collectable theme? 

Commonwealth Classics

Sierra Leone’s singleton first stamp covered all its postal needs for a remarkable 13 years

Great Engravers

Czech artist Bohumil Heinz created British Empire stamps while still barely known in his homeland   

GB Themes

How many of Great Britain’s 27 World Heritage Sites have been celebrated on stamps?

Eyewitness Accounts

A letter of 1783 gives a reaction to American independence, from a British colony in the firing line