The September issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from August 10, includes these great features:

Transatlantic flight

The daredevil pilots vying to be first to cross the Atlantic in 1919 prompted stamp overprints, loaded mailbags on board and eventually earned commemorative issues in their honour

Stamp designs of Trickett & Webb

This was a partnership that designed some of the stand-out British stamps of the late 20th century. We asked them how the creative process unfolded

Propaganda for Palestine

Most Arab countries, and a few others besides, have issued stamps and produced covers in support of Palestinian refugees and Palestinian statehood. They make a large and startling collection

Commonwealth Classics

Tasmania’s pictorial series of 1899 was widely admired, but its print quality could not be maintained 

Forgotten Countries

Local themes dominated the stamp designs of Ifni, during its quarter of a century in the limelight

GB Themes

We all know that gardening is a British preoccupation. Have the nation’s stamps reflected this?