The April issue of Stamp Magazine, on sale from March 9, includes these great features:

First issue of the Turks Islands

On the 150th anniversary of this small archipelago’s inaugural stamps, we investigate their complex production history and reveal the bizarre story of the runaway postmaster

Stamps of the 1971 postal strike

When postal workers withdraw their labour, you might expect there would be less postal history to collect. But where local posts spring up in their place, the reverse can be the case

Lowest values of the 19th century

The milésima values of Spain and its colonies, in use from 1867, included stamps worth fractions of a farthing. What were they for, and how low did they go?

Commonwealth Classics

Few stamps have exuded imperial splendour like India’s high-value definitives of 1913 

Forgotten Countries

The Saharan oasis of Ghadamès produced just one stamp issue, but many collectable varieties 

GB Themes

Illustrating landscapes on British stamps has had its successes and its failures